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What About Black Magic?

How does the subject of black magic fit into a book about ascension?

Well, those who engage in the negative use of black magic, satanic practices and other negative manipulations of energy may not be in a position to ascend, unless they are able to make significant changes in their personal energy fields.

You have heard the term ‘everything is energy’, and that is true. The question is how will we manipulate the energy? For good, or for our own selfish gain?

One notable positive use of energy is how some beings such as the ascended masters use it. We have heard about how ascended masters have been able to manifest special abilities. Others who are not known to be ascended masters may also display certain abilities, although not necessarily all of them.

One powerful ability is certainly the ability to create. As you know, we all have that ability. It’s just a matter of learning how to use it. Of course, it has to be used responsibly, meaning not used in any way which can interfere with anyone else’s free will or to cause harm to another person.

The question arises, what is the deal with those people who are practitioners of black magic? What powers do they have? Is their power more or less than the powers of those who are light beings? And will they eventually be allowed to ascend? All good questions.

The answer is that the universe does not discriminate. Anyone, of the dark or the light, can use the natural laws of the universe to create, even if for evil purposes. Put simply, certain practices of black magic can produce results. While it is true that those who do so, causing harm to others, will build up a karmic debt which must dealt with, that does little good for those who have been harmed. That is why it is a good idea to stay as far away as possible from anyone who practices black magic or satanic rituals. Getting involved with them can allow a person to be affected energetically in a negative way. Then, they will have to go through a process of energy ‘cleansing’ or healing in order to be restored.

A brief review of these types of negative practices shows that they all have one strong component working for them, and that is intention. The more skilled practitioners know that the rituals they practice do indeed affect energy. Worse yet, some are even able to communicate and work with dark energy spirits from other dimensions.

I knew one person who used to say that the only power in black magic was if you let them have power over you by believing in their powers. I’m sorry to say that, while there is some truth in that, it is not entirely correct. People who are skilled in the practice of black magic or satanic rituals can be very dangerous to be involved with, so just stay away from them.

You may ask, what happens to those people who are involved in such practices and abuse the use of energy? Well, it all depends on whether their intent is evil, meaning to harm others. And it depends on how much harm or control they intended to inflict on others.

There are certainly some practitioners who merely use such practices to bring power or wealth to themselves. They do not intend to harm others, therefore, less karmic debt is created.

Those who enjoy having the power to harm or control others are another case, however. They, like others who are mostly evil will be dealt with. I do not know precisely how this will be done, except to say that for some people it will not be pleasant. This is what I was told by Archangel Metatron, so I accept that as factual.

Ultimately the very worst cases will be reabsorbed into Creator and ‘cleansed’, and will cease to exist as they now do. These spirits are those who have spent many, many lifetimes engaged in evil, self-serving pursuits and who have harmed many people in the process. They do exist in this world and they will ultimately be dealt with. Others will be sent to another third dimension planet established for those beings which need to learn and evolve.

There are two general types of what I will call ‘dark’ beings or spirits. They are the corrupted dark and the neutral dark.

The neutral dark are those beings who still have some of the Creator’s light within them. They may do a lot of bad things, but still have some ability to have a conscience and can express some level of love, even if only selectively. In other words, they are still able to be salvaged if they make the decision to return to the light.

Incidentally, it’s not as simple as just making that decision. They also have to work to release all of the negative energy and emotions which have become a part of them.

The Christian religions teach that instant salvation is possible through forgiveness. That is not really correct. The difference is that it is not God who has to forgive, but we must be able to acknowledge what we have done and forgive ourselves, and that is not always so easy when we see what we have done to harm and hurt others.

To accomplish that process means that we must also change from what we have become to what we should be. Put another way, the change must be from ‘service to self’ to ‘service to others’. Just as that is no easy task in the physical, it is no easy task in the spiritual realm. In fact, it is harder to do there than it is to do here in the third dimension.

What about the so-called corrupted dark beings? They are the ones who likely will not want to change. They have enjoyed having immense power for many, many lifetimes. They know how to use it and enjoy doing so. Their chief purpose in life is self-gratification, be it through power or some other means.

Please understand that these people are not usually people who you automatically see as evil or whatever. They can be very charming and likable. They often are in positions of influence and power. They are likely to be widely admired.

So, what’s so bad about them? It’s what they are doing that you don’t know about. In any case, dealing with them is not our responsibility. Just be aware that these beings are very good at what they do and they have no intention of letting go of any of their wealth or power voluntarily. I’ll bet that it never occurred to you that someone who may be well known and powerful such as this would be practicing the use of black ceremonies and such to manipulate their lives along with the lives of others in order to obtain what they want. It does happen and there are many who do it.

The time is approaching when these people will have to make their choice between continuing their ways or changing and accepting the light. Some have already made the choice to change. Their motivation is due to the fact that they are being presented with hard alternatives. Many of the dark are beginning to now see that their war against the light is doomed to fail and they are in a panic. Some are choosing to turn to the light. Others continue to resist the ultimate end that is ordained.

What will happen to these souls who refuse to change? The plan is for them to be forced ‘out’. Some will go off to incarnate elsewhere in less desirable places. The very worst ones will be ‘dealt with’, as I said above. These are the beings who have influenced our planet in so many negative ways for so long. They have worked to cause wars, famine, genocide and so many other bad things in ways that benefit them. They have often held positions of influence or leadership in governments, churches and in business where they have been able to manifest a great deal of influence over things.

Let me be very clear about one thing. I am not suggesting that everyone who is in such positions of influence or power is one of these corrupted dark beings. However, many otherwise neutral dark beings or light beings may have been influenced by the corrupted dark ones. They are masters at working behind the scenes and using the powers we would associate with practitioners of black magic or satanic ritual, except that they are far more sophisticated in their activities than the practitioners you may have read about.

Another thing, if you come into contact with someone whom you suspect of being one of the dark beings, please don’t feel it is your place to ‘save them’. You will be in way over your head, as the saying goes. It is up to them to change themselves.

As we come closer to ascension, which is fast approaching, they will be given every opportunity to come to the light. Everyone will be told what is coming. Teachers will be available to help anyone who requests their help. It will be up to each one of us individually to determine what we need to change in ourselves and then to do it.

End of Chapter 30

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