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The Real Story Of Lucifer

You might reasonably ask, why do I feel compelled to discuss Lucifer in a book on ascension?

I do so because the story of Lucifer (or should I say stories?) has been with us for a very long time and it has had an effect on all of us in many ways.

Much has been written about Lucifer, the ‘fallen angel’ over the years and much of it is wrong, or at the least, it is incomplete. For years, I have felt that what has been presented is not the true story. In addition, a lot that has been channeled, written or presented simply has not made sense to me.

The prevailing stories are generally something like ‘Lucifer was jealous of God’, or something like that. However, never has anyone offered a logical explanation for Lucifer’s supposed jealousy or his decision to rebel. We are told that he was created to be one of God’s brightest angels. He was God’s ‘go-to’ angel and had a special relationship with God. This, I agree with.

While I am pointing out some problems with what has been reported, I would also like to address some specifics for your consideration while we are on the subject of angels, which Lucifer is one of. Many channels, including one very successful author of many books about angels, have said that angels were created without free will, or at least they were created with a lesser amount of free will. Please stop for a moment and think about this. If this were so, then how could any of the angels rebel against God, their Creator? You can’t have it both ways! This simply did not pass my logic test.

We can not fully understand how our angels really are, including Lucifer, but I will provide a glimpse of this for you, based on what I have been told. Angels do have individual personalities, but they also operate and function in what I will call groups, for lack of a better word. These groups may evolve and change.

Each group is comprised of angelic beings who bring together a like-minded purpose and energy. The common energy is what unites them. The group functions as ‘one’, while also retaining the individuality of each. I will expand a bit on this.

We humans have been told that we are all ‘one’ and that we should love each other because of that. This is correct, even though it may not seem to be so. This is because we, living in the third dimension, are largely unaware of our energy and spiritual connections to other humans. From time to time, there are clues and we can partly feel such a connection.

So, we, as light beings, were created by God and are a very small part of God, even if we sometimes can not feel that connection. When we pass over, this can become more apparent to us. So, yes, we are part of the whole while retaining our individuality. So it is with the angels. The main difference is that they are more aware of their ‘connections’ than we are able to be.

Lucifer and the rest of the so-called fallen angels knew full well that they were part of God’s ‘whole’. It could not be otherwise!

What follows is the corrected story as it has been presented to me by my celestial team. I completely trust in what they reveal to me, since they have helped and guided me many times over my lifetime with love and accuracy. I have come to know that their information to me is uncorrupted, unlike a lot of information being disseminated at this time. I am sorry to have to say that, but it is none-the-less true.

When we evaluate certain information which we have been fed, it becomes clear that there is often a conflict with other information, or it doesn’t pass the test of logic. It’s just that many of us seldom question or evaluate the information we get. If we do not, then how can we determine what information is correct when there is an apparent conflict?

So, what really did happen? First, let’s go back to a new beginning. We have been taught that God is connected to each of us and experiences through us. This is correct. (And God seldom interferes with our lives. Those who keep proclaiming, “It’s God’s will”, are generally wrong and are not being responsible for their own decisions and actions. It’s called free will and is one of God’s laws which governs His beings.)

God also experiences through his angelic minions. They were created to do for God. Different orders have different functions. Yes, they were created to be of a certain nature, but they too, just like us, do experience, grow and evolve. As they evolve, they exercise their choice as to what ‘assignments’ to accept. Every being in God’s creation is evolutionary. Why would it be otherwise?

Lucifer, being very unique in many respects, was one of God’s ‘go-to’ angels. When this universe and planet were created, they were to be a unique school of sorts for learning to live in duality, that is, both light and dark energy, coupled with full free will.

Beings of the dark were allowed to come here. We, as humans, were, and are, to learn how to exist and to grow in the soup of the third dimension. The precise outcome of all this was unknown.

I know, there those who will state that God knows everything. Here is the illogic of that belief. If that were so, why then would God have any interest in experiencing through us? What would be the point of creating this universe? Certainly, God knows more than we can ever imagine, but perhaps God also loves to create and then to see how something evolves and turns out. That would be far more interesting, wouldn’t it?

So, the universe of duality was created with this planet at the center of things. At some point Lucifer was offered, and accepted the job of ‘promoting’ duality so this grand experiment could evolve.

It was not a job that would be popular. Few others were as capable of doing what Lucifer did. He was not overtly promoting evil as such. He was promoting an awareness of duality and it was to be up to us to decide how to respond.

Lucifer did his job well. It was a necessary task that someone had to take on. The stories about the so-called Lucifer rebellion are just that – stories with no basis in fact. Lucifer is not, and has never been, responsible for our actions. We are.

His job was to act as a catalyst and he did it well. He did ‘show’ many beings of the dark what they could be. That was his job. We should keep in mind that there is a difference between that and actively promoting evil.

I asked “Where is Lucifer now?” I have been advised that he, having completed his initial task, has now moved on to another new task. He has taken on another energy signature/name so that what he has done will not interfere with what he is doing. He remains available for consultations on the evolution of duality since he has learned so much in his prior assignment.

It has been so easy for humanity to blame our problems on Lucifer or some external source. The fact is, we have been the problem. However, the solution to that is a subject of some complexity.

End of Chapter 31

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