chapter 32Chapter 32

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A New Insight

I wish now to share something with you which has just been revealed to me. I am certain that this information will be new information for you, which you very likely have not considered. But it is true. And this information may drastically change the way you might think about certain things.

First, let me lay out a couple of scenarios which we have been led to accept as fact. Each scenario is often presented in varying ways through various channels, but the overall message is basically the same. Therefore, I will summarize them.

In scenario one, we are led to believe that at the end of each lifetime, our past life is reviewed with the help of very loving counselors. They do not judge us, but rather, they assist us in evaluating our lifetime and what lessons were learned. So far, so good. No problem here.

Then, later, as we begin thinking about reincarnating, we are again assisted by a group of wise counselors and guides who help us to create a list of lifetime objectives, pick our parents and the environment we will live in. Each lifetime will generally build on the experiences of our prior lifetimes. Thus, we learn and grow. Still, no problem here.

But, let’s look at the reality. For some people, the so-called primary life experience decided on to be experienced may have devastating results for others who are living here on Earth.

I am talking here about those who become mass murderers. Those cruel murders affect many other people directly. Yes, I know that we are always told that everyone who is involved in these scenarios are supposedly always there by agreement. That, however is not always the case! Just saying so does not make it true.

I would ask why do we automatically accept that explanation? I suggest that it is because it sounds good and because there is some truth in it. But, that is only part of it.

Some of these beings who commit mass murders have been channeled after they died and, when asked, they explain their actions as follows. One such individual said that their objective in doing a mass murder was to show other people how they must learn to deal with such events. Then he expressed satisfaction at having accomplished his life objective! When asked whether he felt any emotions about the ruthless murder of so many people, he explained that such emotions are for humans who are incarnated, that such emotions do not exist in the higher dimensions. So, no, he felt no remorse. We are left with an explanation which is supposed to address such actions, but feels totally unsatisfactory. And it is, as you will see.

As an aside, I must comment that over the thousands of years of recorded history, we have had ample examples of killing and cruelty to have adequately learned what must be learned by us. Yet, some continue to incarnate with such so-called lofty objectives. As an aside, Hitler taught us that mass killings of innocent people must be stopped. Yet, not only have we not learned this, but there are now many people who insist that the mass killings never happened!

In the second scenario, we have learned that in some of the higher dimensions immediately above ours, there are beings which are what we would call negative energy beings. We know for a fact that they continually work to affect the actions of humans who live here in the third dimension. And they are often successful when they select a human who is very angry or upset, or who is highly intoxicated on drugs or alcohol. Then it is a fairly simple matter to match their negative energy and suggest ideas to act on. We often hear via the news media how a person who has committed a crime later says they were ‘told’ to do it by a voice inside their head. Yet, we continue to fail to understand what is occurring in these circumstances, when it is very clear what has happened!

We have also been told how there have been cosmic battles in the past between the light and the dark. Although no battles currently occur, those beings of the dark still exist. (As explained earlier, they were created in dark energy universes.) Isn’t it time that we acknowledged that in the so-called higher dimensions, all is not as heavenly as we have been told so many times?

This is yet another story we have been told which is based on truth, but which is not fully truthful. On the other side, some entities do live which we would not wish to associate with. What happens is that over there, a type of segregation occurs, so we would not be interacting with such beings. People seem to conveniently forget that when a soul crosses over, they are essentially unchanged from what they were when in a body. Therefore, logic tells us that such people as mass killers are not the kind of beings we would enjoy interacting with. None of this is complex logic, yet people need to stop for a moment to give these things some thought and not automatically believe all the channeled messages we have been fed which are either incomplete or contain untruths. We have not been told the whole story.

Now, to the new information which has been hidden from us for so long. In some instances, when an individual is planning their next incarnation and they are being ‘guided’ by those so-called wise counselors, the entities who are counseling them are not what they have been purported to be. Some are actually those dark entities who present themselves as beings of the light.

When this happens, their objective is to cause the reincarnated individuals to engage in certain activities which cause grief, harm and negative energy. If you don’t believe me, then stop and think about this; we already know that there are negative energy entities who live in the lower dimensions above the third dimension. We know that they actively work to influence people here in the third dimension.

Apparently they are successful, given the bizarre crimes that many people commit without really knowing any reason for doing them. We see the corruption that the dark is able to introduce to some channeled material.

As I have mentioned, history adequately illustrates their successful negative influences on humankind. So, it is not a stretch to conclude that they would also attempt to negatively influence susceptible beings who are about to reincarnate. They certainly have the ability to do so. And the way I look at such issues is to ask myself, if I were one of them, what would I do? I would certainly do that! I should also add that there are not a large number of beings doing these things, but there some, and some of them are very good at it.

The problem we face is this; living in the third dimension has been purported to be a challenge, and it certainly can be. Unfortunately, we have come to accept the hateful behavior of those who have for so long committed atrocities against other humans. We need to no longer accept that.

A somewhat more difficult problem to address is that in the higher dimensions, where we’ve been told that there are only positive energies. However, those negative deceitful beings do exist. And they also do what they do with success. The difference in the higher realms is that it is much easier to avoid dealing with the negative energy beings – when they are identified.

Unfortunately, it would appear that they have found ways to disguise their intentions, because we are always told that on the other side it is not possible to fool anyone. That would be great if it were not for the fact that some of them obviously are able to do so. How else do we account for the beings there who exert negative influence over certain humans?

Just as humans are allowed to exercise free will, so are the entities who reside on the lower dimensions on the other side. These are beings who enjoy what they do and like where they are. They have no desire to evolve and migrate to the higher dimensions. I do not know the solution to this problem, so I guess that it will have to be dealt with on the other side by the celestial leaders who reside there.

End of Chapter 32

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