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More Insight

The information I am going to present to you builds on the information in the previous chapter.

In that chapter, I stated that we have often been fed information which was based on a universal truth, but was also corrupted in some instances. That means that a lot of information we’ve believed in, while being based on truth, was modified just enough to allow the dark to operate right under our noses without us knowing it.

One of the keys to success by the dark has been their successful manipulation of our attitudes and beliefs by manipulating and controlling the media. The fact is, the dark has discovered just how easy it is to manipulate our beliefs. They understand that if something is said often enough, it will be believed by a large number of people, regardless of the facts! Knowing this brings up some other important questions which need to be addressed and I will attempt to do that.

I have talked about duality and our free will mandate earlier in this book. The question I needed to have answered is how are we to live in a world of duality, which allows for the existence of negative energies which have been useful in learning life lessons, and understanding how the negative energies have been so successful in controlling our very existence.

More specifically, how do we find a suitable balance of duality without having the dark forces completely manipulate our existence? Duality has been a critical part of this planet’s evolution. It is what was designed to give each of us the opportunity to be challenged, learn and ultimately grow.

While it is true that the third dimension here on Earth is a totally new experience, we also know that there have been certain universal rules to live by. As has been said before, they include our right of non-interference in our free will, what I will call the law of duality, and more recently, the prohibition against any further nuclear explosions. I always assumed that living within duality, there were some kind of limits to it. Therefore, I couldn’t understand how the dark has been so able to dominate our existence to the extent that it has.

The short answer is that they have done so by being very good at what they do and by never giving up any ground. And they apparently push the universal rules to their limits. What I was told is that this environment was created to be one of many available alternatives and challenges. We live in a world of so many possibilities. Each one of us comes in with various strengths and tools to cope with life. It’s a bit like participating in the Olympics.

Before being incarnated, we prepare for the current lifetime, just as an athlete gets ready and trains for qualifying to participate in the Olympics. Ultimately, the Olympian travels to the Olympic site, just as we ultimately incarnate. Different Olympians will have prepared to face different challenges in their careers, just as different souls have prepared to face unique challenges in their incarnations. For a specific period of time, the Olympian competes and learns from his or her success or failures. We come into our lifetimes and do the same thing.

Being able to live within a world with duality allows each of us to face challenges and deal with them. Basically, we learn from our complex interactions with other people, specifically friends and relatives who present us with challenges.

So, again, duality is an important component which is made available for our growth and development as individual souls. How we function within that environment enables us to learn from our experiences. As an aside, those people who choose to live their lives as secluded monks may learn things through contemplation, but they will often fail to grow in important areas because they choose to limit their options for learning by isolating themselves.

I have come to understand how duality is a necessary thing for growth. It was created primarily for us to deal with issues between individual beings. Where things have gone wrong is that the dark beings came to understand the human condition well enough to know how to manipulate and control people. And, as I have said before, they have done this throughout history. The existence of a dualistic environment is what enabled the dark forces to function within it and to use it to their advantage.

While it is possible to learn from what the dark forces do to us, I submit that that is not primarily what we are here for. The main lesson we can learn from the operations of the dark forces is how people can be manipulated and controlled, and that is not a beneficial thing for us.

Today, we see that many business leaders in the corporate world do exactly that and the results have not been all that good. When certain business or political leaders exercise excessive amounts of power in negative ways, we can not function in a level playing field. True duality is designed for all of us to have the opportunity to challenge each other with equality, and to learn from those interactions.

How we might go about correcting the dualistic inequalities which exist today is something I can not answer. But, I do know that this is being addressed by our celestial forces. It is critical that this issue be resolved so as to ensure that life here on this planet in the third dimension will offer the promise of existence in duality as it was intended. Then, we can really let the games begin.

End of Chapter 33

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