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Phase 1, 2, 3

What do I mean by the terms Phase 1, 2 & 3? To better understand our past, present and future, I refer to them as phase 1, phase 2 and phase 3.

In phase 1, our past, we can see where our study of past events clearly shows that the dark side has been very involved in manipulating world events on a continuous basis. Many excellent books have been researched and written by scholars who reported how humankind was subjugated throughout history, such as in the middle ages. This explains the fact that this planet has had so many wars, plagues and other disasters for so long. They were by design.

In this universe there are certain rules we have been told to live by, but because of the overriding rule of honoring free will those of the dark have been allowed to ignore most other rules which we continue to live by.

Looking back at the Vietnam war clearly illustrates how it was managed by the dark. On one side were the North Vietnamese, who were encouraged and supported by the Communist Chinese government, which had its own share of evil leaders. The other side was the corrupt South Vietnamese government.

It was an unwinnable war for the U.S. government. Our soldiers were not equipped or trained to fight this war. The enemy was elusive. Many of our soldiers became addicted to heroin while in Vietnam. Others died or became disabled, both physically and mentally with P.T.S.D., which was not understood then.

Soldiers who were drafted and may not even have agreed with the war were badly mistreated when returning home. They had nothing to do with starting that war. Riots at home fueled more dissention. That war divided families.

Were the negative aspects of that war well managed by the dark forces? Clearly they were! Since then we have had some kind of war, uprising or ethnic cleansing happening throughout the world on a continuing basis. We have come to accept that these things are to be expected as the norm. That is not acceptable!

That the dark forces exist is a fact. That they are effective and very good at what they do is a fact. That things must and will change is also a fact. Gradually things are going to improve. Change has already begun. It is important to remember that during these times of change, there will be difficulties and pain. People will resist letting go of the old familiar ways.

That said, the question remained as to how to deal with the run away negative energy and the problems it caused, when evolving the new universes. A number of things have been set in motion in preparation for the new universes.

I will address these events, but first I need to digress a bit to explain how our universes are created and managed. Some of you may have read The Urantia Book, also called The Urantia Papers, which was channeled (the people associated with the book do not use that term for their work) early in the 20th century and published in the 1950’s. This book is not an easy read, but it spells out one story of how this planet was created and provides an overview of the celestial organizations which manage it and our universe. The Urantia Book is available for download on the internet and may be obtained in several formats from the following web site: or purchased as a printed book. 

This book offers one version of how our universe was created. While the book does contain some inaccuracies and has some important omissions, I have been advised that The Urantia Book is generally accurate. As a reader, one should keep in mind that there are areas where the complete truth has been withheld.

One major example is reincarnation, which the book says does not exist. When I asked why this was said, I was told it was because, at the time the book was channeled the subject was deemed to be too controversial for the public to accept and the book’s creators did not want the important information The Urantia Papers contained to be rejected by the people who needed to read the truth of how other things are. The Urantia Book presents a lot of information, which corrects many of the inaccuracies of the Bible and other religious publications, so it is controversial if only for that reason.

Unfortunately, there has evolved a large number of people who take it 100% literally, as many Bible believers also do with the Bible, and therefore they are totally closed to any ideas that are not specifically disclosed in the book. This is one of the failings of human nature.

The Beginning

Briefly stated our Supreme Creator, as many call It, created a number lesser Gods. They in term, acting under the overall direction of the Supreme Creator, created their own universes and populated them with various beings. I am told that these Gods did not know the secret of creating unique light beings. Our God observed the other Gods, and then determined how to do some important things differently in the process of creating new souls.

Our planet was to be the first one with complete free will and enhanced duality. It would be populated by light beings who incarnated into highly complex third dimension human bodies. Thus, were then created all the many angels, archangels and light beings who were to populate and manage this unique planet. This would be the ‘grand experiment’, which was to become the ultimate blueprint for future universes yet to be created.

I will digress here to mention a publication, The Urantia Book, which provides a useful, but different version of the the history of this universe from a different perspective. It can be downloaded free on the internet. You may choose to read it or not. By no means is it essential for your growth, but it does offer a different perspective on our history. It uses unique titles for many universe positions.

According to The Urantia Book: at some point in the evolution of each universe, one of the Supreme Creator’s creations, called a Creator Son in The Urantia Book, is given control of a universe. A seven step process is described wherein the process of assuming full control is undertaken and when it is completed, the Creator Son is awarded the title of a Michael.

Our Universe is said to be managed and overseen by Michael of Nebadon, Nebadon being the celestial name they use for our universe, as reported in The Urantia Book. (This being is not to be confused with Archangel Michael.) All this is spelled out in great detail in the Book, so I will not go into any detail here.

I recommend that you do not fall into the trap of many followers of The Urantia Book, in that they literally build it into a religion. The main value in reading this book is in the overview of the universe it provides from a different perspective. I would not take it all literally.

As I have said before, I have found it very useful to look at these things from different perspectives, so I could develop an overview that took in a number of perspectives.

Lastly, keep in mind that the process discussed in this book has also been discussed in a number of other documents which use different names and presentations. I do not suggest that The Urantia Book is in any way the absolute best reference document. It is simply one of many available documents which can give a good overview of how things are from an overall perspective and it may be one you have not yet been exposed to.

Phase 2

We are now in phase 2, the current time. We are being told that with the new energies coming in, things are to begin changing, and they are. However, this doesn’t mean that every thing is suddenly going to change.

Clearly, things are still not good on our planet at this time. Dark beings remain entrenched in positions of power, where they are able to control many of the major events of our society. Current events clearly illustrate this. At this point, on the surface, nothing seems to have changed very much.

The biggest challenge we face in phase 2 is learning to accept and adapt to the changes we will be presented with. As we know, people do not readily adjust to changes, or accept them easily. None-the-less, the changes which are coming have been mandated and are being managed behind the scenes by the celestial forces.

As we move ahead in Phase 2, I will discuss what is to happen and why. In Phase 3, I will reveal new information about what the ultimate future is to be and how it can affect each one of us.

Most of us have heard about predictions of some kind of coming changes. And there is some element of truth in many of the predictions. Also, more than a few distortions. How do we know what to believe? I will try to address this question.

First, is there to be a change of some sort? The short answer is yes. When can we expect the change to occur? Soon, but the exact date has not been revealed. How will the change(s) manifest and how will people be affected? This is a little bit more complex in its answer. I have addressed some of this in the questions and answers chapter. Clearly, changes have already begun to manifest in our society.

A lot of information exists out there in the public realm. Many people want to believe that things can and will get better. (And they will.) We have had psychics and channels ‘revealing’ information about the coming events for a long time now. Unfortunately, a lot of this information has been somewhat distorted either because it has been incomplete for a variety of reasons, or the message has been distorted by the dark beings. And, of course, further distortion occurs when the client interprets the information they receive based on their own pre-existing beliefs.

Looking at the bigger picture, an event many of us call The Ascension is predicted to occur. In summary, what this means is that those light beings who are ‘clear’ enough to ascend, can and will, if they choose to. Some will not do so, initially because of their current limiting religious beliefs which will hold them back. Some will not be ready, because they still carry too much negative energy and would will not be offered the opportunity initially. I will come back to them a bit later.

What, in general terms, is this ascension? It is an event of major proportions, which has been planned for thousands of years and which has been in the works for eons. It is designed to rid the planet of the negative influence of the darker energies, along with those entities who practice and manage the dark energies to our detriment.

Duality will not go away. I would say that it will be better managed. The Earth, as we know it, will also ‘ascend’ to a higher energy vibration. People will then be able to create whatever they desire. Some will decide initially to live in the 3rd dimension and move on later. Others will ascend into even higher dimensions, if their energy is compatible.

As to those who are unable to ascend because they are too locked into the negative energies of power and control, they will be taken to a separate 3rd dimensional existence, where they will have the opportunity to learn and grow spiritually.

These people will have most of their memories erased, but their basic personalities will still remain intact. This will have the effect of making them all somewhat equal. It’s necessary to erase their memories, because those memories would get in the way of letting go of who and what they have been. They will have to learn how to live cooperatively with other people, working together.

You could say that they must change from being a “service to self” person to being a ‘service to others’ person. Appropriate mentors and avatars will be available to assist these people with their spiritual growth. No changes will ever be forced upon them. I have been shown what this place will be like. It won’t be a place of punishment, but life there will be challenging.

What about those beings who came from other dark energy origins? (A different dark energy universe.) Very simply, they will not be allowed to remain here, unless they too can change. Their time here is coming to an end. Where they go and what they do is another story.

It’s important to understand that moving on will not be the same for everyone. That’s because different people will be creating their own different new realities. Some may intersect. Certainly people will be able to visit each other any time they wish even if they exist in different realities.

The so-called big picture will be revealed to everyone, but each person’s understanding of it may be different. The Akashic Records contain an accurate, truthful recording of our full and complete past. They will be available to everyone. There will be no more secrets. The good, the bad and the ugly will be revealed. The governments, churches, political and other organizations which have been so cleverly controlled by the dark ones will be shown for what they are. Many people will be faced with changing many of their long held beliefs. People will also have access to their own past life information.

We will enter into a period of learning and rebuilding. Some souls will choose to move on to other solar systems. Phase 3 will become a period of learning, experience and of growth. Living in the higher dimensions will be far more complex than we in the third dimension can imagine, but we will be equipped for it. There will be plenty of avatars and angels sent to assist all of us with the transition. It will be a time of great joy.

Now for a question that some of you may have anticipated. That is, how were the dark ones created and where did they come from? If our Creator God created light beings, then who created those other guys?

We have a Creator God who created this universe with its angelic beings and light beings. There are other Creator Gods who have their own universes. They, however, were not endowed with the knowledge of creating light beings as such. Some of those dark souls came from some of the other universes to inhabit ours and to experience true duality with full free will. They didn’t just happen to stumble upon this planet located in this universe. They came knowing what they would find and determined to experience life here. It did not go well from our perspective. Now, they can go home or elsewhere. They will leave.

All this will be managed by celestial entities and organizations we mostly do not know much about. They exist and are in place, ready to swing into action. Today, there are thousands of angelic beings incarnated here on Earth. They have lived many lifetimes here in bodies getting ready for the event. This too has not been known.

You ask, why was it necessary for angels to incarnate? The simple answer is – to gain experience. Humans are a very complex group. Mix free will with human experience, emotion, ego and karma and you have a very challenging group of people to deal with. It’s a bit like trying to herd cats.

Although our angel friends have been observing us for eons, it still is not the same as really knowing what makes us tick, understanding our motivations and subtleties. With the ascension, our incarnated angelic friends will be awakened and they will be the subject matter experts where humans are concerned. Yes, I said they will be awakened. Being locked in third dimension bodies, they too have forgotten who they are for the most part.

I know of some very senior level angels who have been incarnated. They too are subjected to many negative situations and temptations. But, most have resistance to those things. Furthermore, they are guided and protected by a plethora of archangels. Most are helped to live good lives, but not obtain too much money or power so as to avoid being tempted or corrupted. (Yes, power can and does corrupt very easily.)

I know of cases where these individuals have been saved from certain death or serious injury by their angelic guardians. They have been protected and kept out of the limelight so as to ensure that they would not be ‘discovered’ by the dark forces.

If they were known, they would most certainly be attacked, whatever that might involve. Attacks have happened and do happen, both on a physical and a psychic energy level. These attacks are often very effective in disrupting the lives of those who are under attack.

It was arranged thousands of years ago for these angels to be here at this time. Incidentally, most of them are very tired of it all and would like to be elsewhere. Some of these angels have had their origins revealed to them. Not all at once, though. They were given information and insights over time, so they could accept the reality.

They are still limited by their human limitations and, therefore, still do not have any full insights into their past lives or origins. It is interesting to note that they have had no feelings of ‘look how important and great I am’. Rather, their responses have been more along the line of ‘what can all this mean?’, and a strong sense of responsibility for what is to come. They have been informed that when they are ascended they will then know all that they need to know.

So, the teams are in place to facilitate ascension and what is to follow. The truth of things will be revealed. The dark evil ones will no longer be able to remain here. And we have been told repeatedly that when the change occurs, there will be one big party.

In the meantime, we will experience a period of revelations. What is beginning to happen is twofold. First, we will see new leaders step forward who are not of the old mold. Because they are different, they will be, in many cases, controversial. We will see their humanness and the mistakes they make. (Remember, being human, they will make mistakes. But, they will be independent and will be guided by the higher forces to a degree. Remember, free will must be honored.)

The second thing is that we will be seeing many people and organizations exposed for what they truly are. This has already begun. Some people who have previously enjoyed power and prestige will be sent to jail. It will be amazing to watch the unique ways that the revelations unfold.

Phase 3

Phase 3 concerns the new future that most of us will live in. Much of what I am about to share will be new revelations for some of you. This is the story of what is expected to take place after our planet goes through its initial phase of ascension and what that means for the rest of our universe.

It’s possible that these revelations may be difficult for some people to accept. In any case, this is what I have been told. As with all revelations, they are subject to change as events unfold.

As I said earlier, and as has been said in other places, this planet and this universe has been a center of learning and experience. Learning what would happen under expanded free will and having an open universe for others to come to and observe or incarnate into.

In the beginning, there was no way to fully understand how this all would play out, although there were expected (hoped for?) outcomes. Subsequently, there were many surprises and the learning curve was steep. And yet, the rule remained ‘hands off’ with a few exceptions.

Even though the celestial light beings did not like or agree with how events were evolving, they were instructed not to actively interfere. That is, until now. The one exception to the rule of non-interference was mandated by Creator. It was that no further nuclear explosions were to be permitted!

As I noted earlier, this process being new, we were watched with great interest by all that is. It was known that what happens here would have far reaching effects throughout the cosmos. The big question is – why is that?

The answer is because the process of creating new universes was determined to evolve and change. Here-to-fore, universes were often created and managed with differences in their life forms and how they could evolve. However, even though free will was in existence, it never existed to the extent that it has on Earth. Then, add in duality with dark energy. Lastly, the other universes were often not populated by highly complex light beings as ours is. What was occurring here was, and likely will be, the template for further universe development.

Back to the revelations. As I mentioned earlier, at this time, there are a number of very advanced celestial beings (often called archangels) incarnated on this planet. Some have had thousands of lifetimes on Earth.

The two obvious questions are why are they incarnated and why have so many lifetimes been necessary. It is because they are sort of a secret ‘army’ which will be activated when ascension occurs. These special angelic beings have all volunteered for this duty thousands of years ago. They have agreed to be here at this time in order to be able to help humanity in a variety of ways when they are called forth. As to the reason they have lived so many lifetimes, it is so that they will be equipped to understand fully and completely all aspects of any human personality.

Humans are, as I have said, are very complex individuals. Managing and motivating free-willed humans as we move forward is going to be a difficult and complex job in the energy of duality. Incarnated humans must be understood in all their nuances so they may be best served.

The angelic beings currently living in bodies have been assisted as needed and protected from serious harm. They have mostly been kept away from public view with a low profile. The reason for this is because the dark forces have manifested real power and would attack these angelic humans if they knew who they are, and such attacks do occur.

Many of the really dark entities are truly dangerous! They do not want ascension to happen, since it is a direct threat to them. One reason the incarnated angelic beings have not been told much, if anything, about who they are and what they will be called on to do is because there is genuine concern that such communications could be monitored by the dark forces. Therefore that risk will not be taken.

For those who have been informed of their origins, it is frustrating to be unable to be told much because of the need for secrecy at this critical time. Furthermore, they must wait, knowing that their participation in the ascension process will be vitally important, even though they don’t know exactly what they will be called on to do.

As you can imagine, there is a lot of frustration in all this. After all, they are still living in human bodies and are therefore still subject to human emotions, but this is what they signed up for long ago. The waiting is especially difficult for these beings because they are often different enough from other people to cause them to feel  alone or isolated. Many of these beings are very ‘tired’ of it all and would like to be gone.

Some of these angelic beings were in the group (they use the word ‘family’) that created our universe, so they have a personal stake in the outcome of ascension. The remainder of this group is comprised of archangels who are not incarnated, but who are monitoring and helping to manage events from the other side. Many of them have names you have heard of.

I suggest that we owe a debt of gratitude to these angelic beings who have volunteered to live down here in the third dimension trenches, so to speak. It can’t have been easy, compared to existing in their normal environments as full blown angelic beings.

As incarnated humans, many of these angelic beings typically will experience many emotions and experiences just as you or I would. This is necessary so that they will be better prepared to actively work with and guide humans through the coming times.

The Coming Times

The expected changes will begin when the central sun sends out a big wave of energy which will cause the changes. As near as I can determine, the process of change we are to experience will occur over time here in the third dimension. Slowly, people will begin to learn and to change.

Initially, many of them will experience an enhanced ability to ‘see the truth’. This will make it easier for the emergent leaders to explain what is happening and train those humans who are receptive. I say this because some humans will, initially at least, not be receptive to change. They will continue to cling to old, past beliefs, refusing to accept that a new era is upon us. This is why time will be needed to eventually reach everyone and get them to understand what is occurring.

In the past, we have been told about what is likely to occur in various revelations. Some of them have been very difficult to interpret, such as the predictions of Nostradamus. We have read about the coming of the so-called Anti-Christ. What does that mean?

Here is what I have come to understand. It has not been commonly known, but there has been a long standing battle between the forces of the light and the dark. Yes, I know, there are those who simply say that there isn’t really evil as such. It is merely duality. Well, that is what those of the dark want you to believe! It is, and has been, a battle for dominance and control. And it is real. It will continue to be fought in the third dimension as well as some of the higher dimensions for some time.

What I predict will happen is this. As ascension begins to unfold, leaders of the light will come forward to guide us. In effect, these are the messengers of God who will have been sent here specifically to help us evolve. But, it is we who must create the coming changes.

However, there will also be those who profess to be the ‘true leaders of humanity’, but they will be from the dark, disguised as leaders of the light. They, too, will speak enough truth to sound like true leaders, but their objectives are to maintain/regain control.

Make no mistake, these beings are very good at what they do. Many people will believe them and follow them. There will evolve two groups who each say ‘follow me’, those of the light and those of the dark. This is where discernment is needed to determine who really is of the light. Discerning the difference will be no easy task. One way to evaluate them is to recognize when someone tells you what to do, rather than suggesting, or tells you to pledge your allegiance to them.

Many people will be given the gift of discernment. That means that they will be able to look within, so to speak, and will know the truth of something (or someone). However, and this is important to know, when a person remains locked into their old beliefs, they will find that it interferes with the ability to discern the truth.

People must learn objectivity. Therefore, for some people, evolving and moving ahead will be difficult since they will not have the ability to determine what is actually true when presented with so many new options and much new information which may contradict what they have always believed. This is why we will have those celestial teachers among us who will be available to provide guidance when asked.

Who might these celestial teachers be? We can not know precisely who they will be, but it seems accurate to say that there will be a significant number of angelic beings amongst us as discussed above. They will be ‘activated’ and be in direct communication with their angelic families on the other side, who are not in bodies.

Working together, they will have the ability to see what is occurring from the larger perspective and act accordingly. They will be assisted by returning ascended masters, plus specifically selected beings from other planets, those we refer to as ETs.

The ascension process is a complex one to describe, especially since it can be very different for different people. The key to understand is that choices will be offered and decisions will be made. It matters not what another person decides. It is what each individual decides that will create their reality in the coming new world.

What is going to happen is a new beginning. The old way of being and living will end for most of us. Some people will be surprised to learn what they are capable of doing. Some others will change very little initially. The changes will take longer for these people, but they will come.

As to what happens for many people after these changes manifest, the answer is complex. This whole process is an experience in evolving. As light beings, we have no limitations on what we can achieve. Experience will build on experience. Some beings may eventually move on to help create the new universes which are planned. Others may be of service to humanity. The options which will be available are endless. The one thing which will be universally true for all of us is that we will change.

End of Chapter 34

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