chapter 35Chapter 35

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Some Questions Of Interest 

Below are some questions I presented to my celestial contacts, followed by their answers.

How will we enter into the higher dimensions? What will we experience?

When the ascension occurs, it will be in waves. What this means is that different people will be opened or ‘activated’ in different waves. The first wave will include the ascended masters and celestials who chose to come here at this time and participate in the ascension process. They will come to teach people how to work towards their own ascensions. Not all people will ascend to the same levels or have the same options presented to them. Initially, some people will insist that there is no change occurring.

Options? Are you saying that it won’t be the same for all of us?

Yes. For example, one person might be presented the options of either remaining here in the modified third dimension or ascending to the fifth or a higher dimension. Some light beings will choose to assist the Earth heal by working on the other side. Others may choose to work here in various capacities, depending on their desires and abilities and what they chose to do before they came here.

Some beings will not be yet ready for full ascension, but will be given additional abilities such as becoming telepathic and so on. It will all depend on how far advanced they have become and what they choose from the available options presented to them.

Keep I mind that some people will not be advanced enough to understand all the available options. They will be presented with options which match their current energy.

Some of the ascended masters will choose to spend time on the other side, visiting Earth as needed to assist people in learning and adjusting to their new environment. Others may elect to reside here, but they will also have access to the other side, as they will be working with the planetary leadership.

Will people be changing prior to ascension?

Currently, as you know, the planet is undergoing a shift to the higher vibration of energy, as are many of its inhabitants. In this process, many individuals who resist changing will become ill from time to time, and may experience mood and energy swings. The body does not like radical energy changes and reacts to some. These illnesses, or feelings of discomfort, do pass.

What help will we be receiving after the ascension begins?

Teachers will come forth to assist and guide. People will be looking for answers to what has happened and how they might proceed. Different types of teachers will be available to better connect with people of varied backgrounds and belief systems who will need to be guided differently.

What might be learned or studied?

Most important is to have direct knowledge of our connection to God. Once this is gained and felt it can never be lost. Since many humans will be experiencing additional new abilities, they will be taught how to best best use them.

At some point, choices will be presented, depending on what the being is drawn to in its service to the planet. Initially, certain beings will be taught about making an easy transition between the dimensions, as well as how to swiftly transport between locations in either dimension. The student will learn how to heal itself when needed. It will learn how to manage its presentation of its age and features in either dimension.

What else?

Some people will choose to become healers. Others will be teachers about various subjects, working with different groups. Many will do multiple things. The task will be to help and to educate many people how best to deal with the coming changes, and then how they also may progress into the higher dimensions.

Many people will question or express doubts. They will be shown by example what is possible. When a light being begins doing extraordinary healings, which would be termed miracles or is able to manifest teleportation, that will naturally get many people’s attention.

Will the so-called teachers or ascended masters have any issues to deal with?

The teachers will be faced with dealing with many, many requests and demands on their time, so that must be addressed. It is suggested, for some, that steps be taken to protect one’s true identity, so that when necessary, one can slip away and function in a more ‘normal’ way for a time and restore their energies.

There will be much information to be relayed and presentations will have to be made to many people. Then, the word will naturally spread.

The light beings will have to be careful not to be thought of as gurus or as anything other than what they are; the first wave of humans to achieve a vibration which enables them to accomplish that for which they volunteered to do before coming into this lifetime.

There will be much to teach. Different lessons will resonate to different people. The emphasis must be kept on the information, not the teacher. The teachers and the healers should remember that they have come here to be of service, so as to remain not too impressed with their own new found knowledge.

What about people who do not wish to remain here?

As more people learn how to clear themselves and listen to the lessons being given, they too will be able to raise their frequencies and transition into the higher dimensions, when they choose to. This transition will not involve the death of the third dimension body unless that is what is chosen.

When such a death is desired, the spirit will simply choose to transition out of the body with no pain or discomfort. There will indeed be some people who will choose to remain as they are. That decision will be honored. Those people will eventually experience a normal Earthly death, although their lives will likely be extended.

Can you provide some useful information about when this all is to begin happening?

Yes. In the past, we have spoken to some groups via channeling about these things, but the time was not yet ready for too much information to be given. That time is now soon to be upon us. (And we restate that time as you understand it does not exist for us.)

Many have long been involved in the planning for this event. Many others are watching with great interest how the plan will unfold. You are never alone in these events. There are many who will be actively assisting with the transition. Information is now being released ‘on a need to know’ basis.

Many of you are already being trained while you sleep. At some point you will be ‘activated and will know what you need to know to take the next steps. That knowledge will be extensive and will serve you well.

First, it takes time to get the first wave of people ready for the activation. Then, we wish to have enough people who have been activated so that many can step forward somewhat in unison. The reason for this is to protect the people in the first wave from being individually attacked by the skeptics. As you have heard before, there is power in numbers.

It will be helpful to these individuals to try to come into contact with one another, so that each can be a part of a support group for others. Initially, there will be little support from the public. Many of them will see this first wave as being either kooks, insane, dangerous, or worse, as agents of the devil. Spend not your valuable time with the negative individuals. There will be those who are ready to hear what you have to say. Focus on working with them.

We have not fully answered your question as to the timing of such events, but the time draws near. More information will be forthcoming, as we head into the final stretch.

Can you elaborate on the various catastrophes that we’ve been told we must face?

Yes. Again, to remind you, we do not experience time on this side, so sometimes when we say that such and such will happen soon, it could mean that it may happen in two hundred years in your time.

You have correctly been told that the planet will be experiencing more earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, flooding and Earth shifts. Some events will be of a very serious nature.

However, if all these things happened in a very short time (in your time), there would be a very high level of loss of life. Those who remained alive would experience a great deal of suffering and therefore create a lot of negative energy.

So, yes, such a catastrophic series of events all happening together would have the effect of essentially removing many of the dark beings who inhabit bodies, but that would not provide the relief that is needed. Those of the dark would simply reincarnate and continue to operate as they always have.

Certainly, there will be significant weather changes to deal with. Because of the planet’s warming, you will experience melting of the existing polar ice caps, which will cause the oceans levels to raise. These events are indeed part of the cleansing that is needed for the planet.

They should, however, be taking place over a somewhat longer period of time than many of you have been worried might be the case. In the meantime, we must all focus on bringing in more light and grounding the new energy to the planet to help heal it.

Do not forget, and this is most important, each of you has the power to create. You have personally experienced this seeming miracle of being able to prove that creating actually does work.

This message must get out to all of the light beings. When faced with what seems to be a difficult challenge in life, it is possible to create that which you want or need. You need not join the suffering.

Just remember, as you have proven before, you are not always able to control the ‘when’ that something will manifest. Just know that God does provide and will provide whatever you need and ask for. If you don’t ask, then you very likely will not receive what you want. So, it is necessary to ask and to be specific to the extent possible.

We have been told a lot about how the ascension will likely occur; that it will be in phases and so on. What about when it’s done? Will there still be a need for the (upgraded) third dimension?

The short answer is yes. There will be some who will choose to incarnate into the more dense third dimension. This is where they will be able to more fully experience learning how to create here, living in linear time and experiencing the heightened emotions that come with living in a third dimension body.

Living in the third dimension will always be more of a challenge than living in the higher dimensions. The third dimension here has always been one of the attractions to many of those who come from other galaxies because it is totally unique. It will continue to have duality, although at a reduced level than is now the case.

So, I’m still somewhat confused. If the Earth itself ascends and changes, then how is that different from what we now know as the ‘other side’ or the fifth dimension?

Let us explain it this way. The fifth dimension, like all dimensions has many different sectors, or you might say ‘rooms’ within it. Technically, it is not really correct to define each dimension as we do. We do this because there really is no other way to explain these things.

So, yes, the Earth will transition, but the ‘other side’ will still exist, it will just be closer to the Earth in vibration at that point. Remember, you have been told many times that when a soul passes over it goes to a place (on the other side) which matches the soul’s vibration and it’s level of awareness. Therefore, different souls may initially pass over to different areas and join like-minded groups who reside there.

How do ETs fit into this? We have been told that they will be part of the Earth’s ascension process.

This is correct. Most ETs currently live mostly in the fifth and sixth dimensions. Some have the ability to transition into the third dimension, and do so, even though they may not be visible to you. They currently participate in the Galactic Federation which is a governing body that regulates how they live and work together. They are anxiously awaiting the day when you of the Earth can join them as equal partners. They will be participating in assisting the Earth’s inhabitants go through the ascension process in a variety of ways. They will also be sharing advanced technologies with the Earth. There is much to be gained from interaction with them.

What will happen to the dark beings after the ascension begins?

They will be offered the opportunity to graduate into the light or they will be removed. Those who are removed will have to return to the place they came from or to some place that appropriately matches their energy signature.

Remember, most of you who chose to come here at this time did so to participate in this wonderful evolution. It is this evolution which will help to raise the planet’s energy, so as to eliminate the effects of those dark entities which have for so long plagued mankind. (And, indeed, other planets as well.)

Also, keep in mind that this process has been discussed and planned by those at the more advanced levels for eons. Your participation in this process is greatly appreciated, as it is so very important.

Lastly, many of the specifics of the future remain undecided. This is because it is you who must decide, with our help, exactly what you want the future to look like. The future is ours to create responsibly together. This ascension and cleansing of our Earth is going to happen. It has been decreed by God, our Creator, who is now playing an active role in monitoring what will be coming to pass.

Below are some more difficult complex questions which so far remain unanswered to my satisfaction. First, I present some important background.

I know, when we read a book which is supposed to have answers, it may not seem right to close with more questions which have not been sufficiently addressed, but I am compelled to do so in the interest of learning. I will present you with some of the larger issues I have questioned and the information I’ve been given. But, until more is known, I can not yet provide the detailed answers we all might wish to know. The learning process must continue.

As I have said before, we as humans like to receive quick simple answers to our questions. However, this is not always possible because, as I have been told repeatedly, so many of these issues are highly complex and are not always third dimension issues. So, how can we who live here in the third dimension fully understand a sixth dimension answer, to put it crudely?

We all have been told many times that this planet residing in the third dimension, having full free will and populated by free thinking humans who themselves are highly complex creatures, is an important experiment for what is yet to come as the new universes are created.

We have been told many times that beings are lined up waiting to be incarnated here in order to experience life in the third dimension. Those who don’t come to live here are watching us to see how we evolve because there is so much interest in our activities. Apparently this is the place to be, if one is strong enough to deal with living here.

As an aside, we all are able to observe people who are new to life here, who do not do well at all. They are all around us. This is not a place for those who are not fully prepared to meet the challenges they will face.

The many complex difficulties presented to beings living on the Earth no doubt contribute to the wide use of drugs, emotional problems and suicides we see. Added to all this are the difficulties many experience through the mind control and propaganda which is constantly imprinted on us via the many forms of the media. I refer to propaganda which explicitly is designed to affect our beliefs, attitudes and choices, so as to have us respond according to the wishes of the illuminati which has manipulated society for so long.

I have already referenced how, if we look back at our recorded history, there is ample proof of man’s inhumanity to man over the ages. Human cruelty has abounded. As stated earlier, this planet apparently is the first to be given total free will coupled with full duality. This is what has enabled the dark forces to function so successfully here.

As much as we might like it, it is not possible at this time to prohibit those dark forces from functioning with free will. This summarizes where we find ourselves today.

We are told above how the coming changes will affect us and this planet through the new energy that is coming to us. Not really addressed so far is how the illuminati will be fully dealt with, and more importantly, how we humans are to overcome the programmed negative responses that most of us have.

But, the question which remains unanswered for me is this; although we have repeatedly been told that this is the place to come and to learn, and thereby achieve growth, why does everyone want to even come here in the first place when living here is often so painful?

There seems to be little evidence that, as souls, we have learned much, since we keep coming back and repeating the same negative traits. For many people, life here on Earth is just plain difficult with few rewards. As noted earlier, back in the so-called dark ages, daily life was almost unbearable for everyone, except for a select few at the topmost positions of power. Any responsible historical research will easily validate this.

Yet, with all of the pain to be experienced during those so-called dark ages, people not only wanted to be here, but they continued to reincarnate! This is what I still do not understand.

It is certainly correct to say that living here today is a far better experience that it was back then. But, we are still being manipulated and controlled as a civilization.

Objectively looking at how our societies function today will clearly show that people as individuals have not really changed that much. Yes, we are more civilized today and we have laws to protect us, but many people still mistreat other people, lie at will and cheat others without any sign of remorse. The daily news is full of stories about random senseless and brutal killings.

So, clearly, humanity has not changed all that much. What has changed is that our society as a whole has evolved and laws have been enacted which help to mitigate the actions of some people, who would otherwise carry their conduct to the extremes of the past.

I see examples on TV daily where highly placed politicians and others in positions of power easily ignore the truth and constantly verbalize lies without the least bit of concern. The smarter ones may not lie outright, but will still significantly modify the message so as to distort it to suit their purpose.

Another important question, therefore, is what is it that resides within humans which makes (enables?) them to behave in the negative ways that they do? How is it that light beings who have been created in love, who incarnate here, then go on to conduct their lives in such negative ways? I ask why is that? How is that possible? In their natural state on the ‘other side’ those same light beings are, for the most part, very loving and considerate. Yet, when incarnated as humans, these same beings often fall into the negative activities which plague this planet. Something must account for this. 

Here is a partial answer. We have been told how when humans were first created, certain ETs came here and introduced some of their DNA into the human bodies to enhance those humans. While much is still to be learned about the human DNA, it would be generally agreed that the introduction of the DNA has had beneficial effects, overall.

I submit that within the as yet unknown part of this DNA, there resides certain memory aspects which we do not yet understand. I have known this for many years. Part of this DNA ‘memory’ includes such things as inherited physical characteristics, inherited immunity to selective diseases, and some family history information.

I have also confirmed that this portion of our DNA holds certain keys to our behavior. It contributes to our personality, along with our life experiences. What hasn’t been known is that certain behavioral characteristics were also implanted which made it much easier to manipulate and control humans.

It could be said that this objective was not revealed when the DNA was implanted. Who did this and how it was devised remains unknown. The result is that many humans often have inappropriate responses to certain challenges that life presents to them. Such responses are programmed into these people!

Certainly, free will still allows them to respond differently, but that may not always be easy to do. These people also are programmed to respond in specific ways to certain manipulative activities (in the media, etc.).

One thing is clear. One characteristic we see evidenced is what we call a crowd mentality. This makes it easier to manipulate those members of a group into acting in unison when they resort to violence and rage. Clearly such out of control demonstrators have often resorted to primitive behavior, which is not congruent with the advanced society we believe ourselves to be. We seem to be quick to invoke our hatred and become unwilling to have respect for another person’s beliefs when they differ from our beliefs.

Many people who have overreacted to a life challenge and then committed an act of violence are later at a loss to explain why they reacted so violently. This is the reason why. They have been programmed to do so in some instances. It is the inherited combination of these DNA characteristics which can so profoundly affect some people. Fortunately not all DNA characteristics are necessarily inherited. To have done so would have interfered with the law of free will.

Therefore it is easy to conclude that our DNA has been manipulated in such a way as to substantially affect our reactions to certain stimulus. The big question is how can this be undone? I have no answer to that yet. The only answer I have received to this question is ‘it’s coming’. Maybe the energy that will be coming in will have a beneficial effect in this area. I’m told ‘it will’. I did tell you that these issues were complex ones.

In the meantime, we should conduct ourselves in the best way that we can and remember to respect the beliefs of other people who think differently than we do. (That is not the same thing as agreeing with them.) This one thing will go a long way in making things much better here.

I fully understand that I have said some controversial things, but I also understand that some of the negative characteristics I have discussed do not apply to everyone. I sincerely hope that this book will have been helpful to you in understanding the things to come and why things here on Earth have been so difficult for so long. We came here to experience and to learn. Like it or not, that is what we have done.

End of Chapter 35

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