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Some Information About Angels

It is interesting to me that, with all the influence that angels can have over our lives, so little has been written or known about them. Is it because few people have asked the questions? I don’t know.

Today, I will share what my celestial team has revealed to me about these wonderful beings. This information may be quite different from what you have heard in the past, though.

First, there seems to be a great deal of outright misinformation about the angelic realms. One very successful writer has built her career on writing about angels and much of the information she has shared is incorrect. She has written how the angels are grouped into specific groups of a specific number, how they appear and look to us, that each group has different colors on the tips of their wings, that they do not experience emotions and how they do not have free will.

It is certainly possible that she sees angels a certain way, but in truth they are energy beings and do not have wings. (They do occasionally appear to some people that way.) They do have free will. What else would explain Lucifer’s actions?

The existence of angels is far more complex than we can ever understand, but there are some things we can know. Most of them made a choice when they were created as to what they wished to be involved in. They grow and learn, just as we light beings do.

Most have never been incarnate. What? Did I just suggest that some angels have inhabited actual bodies? Yes, I did. Most, however, do not ever do so. And why would an angel incarnate? Because, no matter how much they may study humans, they can not fully understand what it is like to live in a human body and survive the experiences we do, particularly when living in the third dimension.

They too experience emotions, just not as intense as ours. They do have individual personalities, although they mostly tend to function within groups of other angels who share similar energies.

There are groups of angels who may never come into contact with us. They have other responsibilities.

There are those people who suggest that light beings eventually become angels. This is not entirely correct. Angels have been created differently, although we can approach being somewhat like them with experience.

Incidentally, it is only over the past few years that the information about angels incarnating to Earth has been revealed, and then only in bits and pieces, for the most part.

As for incarnating into bodies, there is a very special group of several thousand angels who have incarnated and are here on the planet at this time. It is also true that some angelic beings have been here since the beginning. Most of these people do not yet know who they really are. They will come to know, though. They will be deeply involved in the coming times when they are needed to come forward.

Why must they be here? Because, as I said, they need to fully understand the humans in all of their complexities and nuisances. We are very complex beings with our egos, emotions, DNA memory, hormones and history. Dealing with us humans in future times may be somewhat like herding cats, as the saying goes. To be properly dealt with and assisted, will require help from these angels who have been well trained in the human condition by living it.We owe a lot of gratitude for these angels who gave up their angelic freedom to come here and experience our pain and frustrations.

I should also add that when angels do incarnate here, the human body’s energy can not possibly contain all of the angelic being’s energy. Only a portion of it’s being is able to inhabit a human body, much as is the case with our higher selves.

In their natural state, angels do have individual energetic signatures, but they mostly function in groups who share an overall energy signature, just as we will when we return to home.

Angels can be a great help to us, but they are normally not to interfere with anyone’s free will. In order to help us, we must ask to be helped. Then their assistance can be profound, even to the point of stepping in to physically save our lives! This happens more than we realize because often they may ‘redirect’ us by placing the thought to do something differently. Whether we do so is up to us, since we have free will. We may respond to that thought and never realize that we avoided an event which could have caused our death or serious injury.

Angels can and will communicate with us. Developing the ability to communicate with them will often take practice for most of us, but the angels want to help us direct our lives. They will never tell you what to do, although they may strongly suggest or recommend that you do something now rather than later. It is fair to say that angels have been a mostly unused group of helpers. Let’s change that and begin working with our angels. They stand ready to help us.

How do the angels do it all?

The real question is do we even know what all the angels do for us as a group? And how many are there to do the work? Do they have choices in deciding what to do or who to work with?

When we begin to get some idea of the magnitude of the things that archangels and angels do for us it is staggering. The amazing thing is that, for the most part, they only work behind the scenes, yet they accomplish so much. Very seldom does an angel take direct action to affect the outcome of some situation. That’s because the rule is that they are not supposed to interfere with our free will. There are certainly situations where they have stepped in and saved someone’s life, but only when doing so meets certain requirements.

As to how many angels there are, I have been told that there are more than we can count. Not all of them, however, are directly involved with us here on Earth. They work together in cooperation to accomplish shared goals.

It’s important to understand that angels are thinking beings and they do make decisions about things. For example, they will decide who they will work with here on the Earth and who they won’t work with, although everyone does have their guardian angels who stay with them. In that regard they are much like us. They will tell you that they like to work with people who share their goals, who want to work for the betterment of humanity and who are what you might call reasonable and cooperative people rather than difficult, negative people.

This does not mean that difficult, negative people don’t have their own guardian angels who look out for their welfare and who try to nudge them in the right direction. In fact, we all have our own guardian angels who are always there for us. Asking an angel for help is not an imposition of any sort. They want to help us. It’s what they were created for.

For all the assistance angels provide to us, I have often wondered how often most of us ever take the time to thank them for everything they do? Not too often, I’ll bet.

I do not profess to know everything the angels do for us. There are some things we do know, however. We know of many cases when they have interceded and saved someone from death or injury by some miraculous action. I have had such an experience. They work with us in our dreams. They can be teachers as well as guardians. Some angels work with us humans. Others work with the Earth and it plants and animals. Some are keepers of the Akashic records. Angels are available to work with us between lives to help us make the right choices for the next lifetime. The list goes on and on.

More importantly, in more recent times, the angels, and especially the archangels, have become more directly involved in matters which affect the outcome of the ascension process. This is something which is new for them. Given the magnitude of what this involves and that we are in ‘uncharted waters’, so to speak, it has been a learning process for them as well as for us, although they do have the ability to see probable outcomes far better than we can.

You will come to see that the ascension must be treated as a collaborative effort by us. We can not possibly complete this process by ourselves and the archangels can’t do it alone for us. I have said elsewhere that as we enter the ascension we will be writing the script for it to a large degree. Many of the old universal rules no longer apply and we will be writing the new ones, with the help of our archangels.

All futures have existed as probabilities. That has not changed. Now the archangels must become actively involved in helping the right probabilities to manifest, but ultimately it will be up to humanity what does happen.

When I consider that certain archangels such as Metatron, Michael, Azrael and Raphael (along with many, many others) are directly working with countless humans at the same time in order to facilitate the changes which must be made, it is mind boggling to me.

Yet, at the same time, each person gets their personal, seemingly undivided attention. They are available to train for ascension via channeling, speak to us individually and to watch over us and help us with our personal lives.

When they speak to us it is just like they are another one of our friends or mentors, not like they are some high, holy ascended being. Is that not incredibly wonderful? All I can say is, how do the angels do it all?

End of Chapter 4

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