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Light vs. Dark Energy

In the prior chapter, I discussed the battle being waged against the dark entities. In this chapter, I will explain in more detail the differences between those of the light and those of the dark and what it all means, as I understand it.

For some people, it is simply a case of saying that those of the light are good and those of the dark are bad. Well, that is not really the case. As with most things, this subject is far more complex than that. 

Since we are more concerned with the future than the past, I will not go into the specific history of each group here, except to point out that some members of both groups have migrated to the Earth from other solar systems and dimensions. Our planet exists at the edge of this solar system and was, for the most part, initially unknown to the beings throughout the vast existence of other places of origin.

As has been stated numerous times, Earth was something new and different. It was something of an experiment. It existed as a more dense planet in the third dimension than many of the places that the migratory beings came from. And, specifically, Earth was a place where intense emotions existed and this made available a new learning experience. That, coupled with free will and the ability to actively create within the more dense third dimension, created a whole new set of learning opportunities for those who came here to incarnate in bodies.

Over time, our third dimension has become more dense than it was originally, due to the input of the dark energies. Our planet still remains unique in the universe. What happens here is being watched with great interest throughout all that is.

So, who lives here? Three varied groups. Two of those are beings of the light and those of the dark energies. Most of our planet is populated by misled beings who are what we will call grey. They have lost the clarity of what they wish to become and have been easily manipulated by those of the dark. Over time, due to many reasons, those of the light often became less bright. Some individuals became various shades of grey. Others became addicted to the opportunities for negative self expression and they became quite dark over time.

Some even forgot that they came from the light, yet that core of light, however dim, still exists within them, as it always will. Just because an entity came from the light does not mean that they will always somehow be pure and uncorrupted. There are many New Age adherents who profess to be of the light and yet they are very negative and somewhat corrupted, based on their actions.

The same is equally true for many who claim to be good members of a religion. Some of the meanest people I have seen have expressed their meanness in a church setting. You could say that some of them have lost their way to the light because they fail to see themselves as they really are, and unless we can do that, we can not change.

There are some who came from the light who have fully embraced the dark ways. That is their choice. However, accountability will still apply to them at some point. As a side note, many of the New Agers are now saying that the laws of karma no longer exist. That would mean – no accountability. This is what the dark wants to believe.

Our job is to help those of the light who have lost their way reclaim their heritage. This is not an easy task because we can not appear to be critical, yet we should not be seen as accepting their destructive behavior either. We have to work with those we know, who trust us, in a loving way that varies with each individual. Incidentally, do not judge yourself if your efforts seem to fail. Remember, it’s their choice.

Those of the dark are equally complex, possibly more so. Just because a being is associated with the dark does not automatically mean that they are evil. It means that they came from a dark universe. Some who live in our lower realms, are not evil at all. They simply prefer to live where they do because it is a very erotic and seductive environment and it matches their nature. They may not involve themselves in our lives or interfere at all. They are usually not the problem since they are very passive. Our problems are caused by dark and grey entities who actively involve themselves in our lives at all levels. Some living mostly in the lower realms interfere using energy and by communicating with or working through others up here.

Incidentally, some of the more powerful dark beings actually reside in the 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions. Others incarnate into our third dimension, as they have for many lifetimes. They actively involve themselves and affect what happens here. As I have stated elsewhere, our known history easily illustrates the results of their involvement. Their control extends to all levels of any organization which can affect our lives. 

Much of the evil that has been done over time has been done by those we call the grey entities. They are beings who are actually from the light, but who have gone over to the dark, so to speak. They still have the light within themselves, but may not be aware of it any longer. At the time of ascension, they will be given the opportunity to return to the light. Some will and no doubt some will choose not to.

I understand that some readers may feel that this information is overly negative. It’s not, really. It’s just that the truth needs to be told for once. To be informed is to be empowered. The dark has been allowed to manipulate us for too long. That must now change and it is going to change.

How do those of the dark influence us?

Certainly there are many ways they can affect us, but the most common way is to come into our space when we are under stress or are in a negative mood for some reason. If they are aware of us being in this down state emotionally, it’s easy for them to place negative thoughts for us to respond to.

If we do respond, then they continue trying to influence us. This is how they begin their process of controlling a person. Most of us merely get over what is bothering us and aren’t affected. Some, however, get into a black funk and it builds and things look worse and worse. That starts the downward spiral which may ultimately result in a person being actively manipulated, or even insanity in rare cases. Then a person is really ‘hooked’. Fortunately, this seldom happens.

This is not to suggest that these people can’t be saved. They can. It may require a lot of work, however. And the affected person needs to realize what is happening and want to be healed. Once a person reaches bottom, so to speak, they experience a great deal of emotional pain. It is a very sad situation. The best protection you have is to maintain a positive disposition. Then a dark entity can not match your energy and can not affect you. This is an important fact to remember.

You may be assured that the planet’s coming ascension will ultimately cause the dark ones to change or leave this planet. They will not be able to remain here because their energy vibration will be too low to exist in the higher vibration of the Earth.

In conclusion

We need to take back control of our lives which has been given over to the dark for too long. Understanding how they operate gives us the power to overcome their influence.

End of Chapter 7

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