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When Angels Heal

There are a number of spiritual healing techniques in use today which are helping people overcome illness. Although it has always been practiced, spiritual healing is becoming known to more and more people these days.

Spiritual healing can be experienced in a number of ways. Sometimes it heals emotional scars. Sometimes it results in physical healing. Spiritual healing may be done by another person with the help of healing guides, ascended masters or with the help of Angels. Naturally, spiritual healing may also be facilitated through prayer without the direct assistance of another being.

There are those people who say that we heal ourselves, that it is not done by an outside source. That is not entirely correct. We do heal ourselves, but many times we can not do it solely by ourselves. That is when we need some help.

One of the most powerful forms of healing is when it is done by Angels, who are after all, God’s agents sent to help and support us. I believe that angelic healing is most powerful when it is channeled through another human being and is directed to an afflicted person who is physically present. (Yes, I know that it is certainly possible to also do healings remotely.)

What are the dynamics of this process? First, unfortunately not everyone can channel an Angel to do healings. This is because of the Angels higher energy vibrations, even when reduced to function on the Earth plane. Some bodies do not yet vibrate at a high enough frequency to allow the Angels to work through them without causing damage to the body.

To do healings in today’s new energy, Angels must first work with a chosen human (who has usually volunteered to do this work before being born into this lifetime) in order to raise that person’s energy to an appropriate vibratory level.

For someone who is not an indigo or a crystal person, this requires a major shift in energy. That process can often be very uncomfortable and even quite painful. The body doesn’t like changes, you know. In order to accomplish the energy shift, the future healer’s energy field must be purged of past negative energies. This is a process that can take some time as it often can not be done immediately. If all these changes were made immediately, the person’s nervous system could be burned out in the process.

The process is facilitated when communication is done with the Angels and meditation is used to help locate and then clear out the negative energies. Remember, we can carry negative energies from this lifetime as well as from prior incarnations.

When the appropriate changes have been made, the Angels are able to enter the healer’s body (permission has been given for that) and apply universal healing energies to the person who is afflicted. The healer should never use his or her own energies for this process. Now that the new energies are coming into the Earth, this kind of healing can provide truly profound results and angelic healings can become available to a lot more people.

You might ask how these kinds of healings will be accomplished. First, we must remember that before an illness manifests in the physical it begins when the person’s energy field is disrupted or affected by negative energies that get ‘stuck’ somewhere. To begin, the healer should ask for as much information as possible about the afflicted person’s condition.

Next, the healer will ‘tune in’ to the other person’s energy field and should be able to begin ‘seeing’ or receiving information about the cause of the affliction. This would be information about the negative energies.

As I’ve said, some psychics refer to these energies as pictures. They could be caused by some traumatic event earlier in this lifetime or even a prior lifetime. The point is that the picture, or energy, needs to be released. When it is, then universal healing energies are brought into the body to begin the healing process.

An important part of this process is that the afflicted person should be shown the ‘picture’ to be released so that they can acknowledge it and then give permission for it to be released.

It is important to remember that Angels don’t do anything without permission. If the healing were to take place without permission, the condition being healed would very likely return later on. During the healing process, the healer may feel either the afflicted person’s physical or emotional pain, or both. Healers will have to learn and use methods of protecting themselves from taking on any of the energy being released.

I want to stress some important points. Healings, as we have always known them can, and will, still be possible. Angelic healings can be far more comprehensive and can have incredible results. These are not miracles, although they may certainly seem so. The Angels use the natural laws of the universe that God has created for us to use. They are now able to empower us in ways that were here-to-fore unavailable to us prior to the arrival of the new energy.

Lastly, it really needs to be understood that some healings may not be instantaneous. When the negative energy has been removed and has been replaced with the universal healing energy channeled by the Angels, some cells in the body may be so damaged that they will not instantly be rejuvenated. Instead, it may be that those cells will have to create new, healthy cells for the final healing to occur. The person being healed will, however, instantly feel the difference spiritually and emotionally. This is especially important when the condition to be worked on is emotionally or mentally based.

For very advanced degenerative physical conditions, it must be remembered that a complete healing may not be possible for a particular body, but there can always be some improvement and the progression of the disease may be stopped. Please keep in mind that each person is unique and, therefore, their results will also be unique to them.

The Angels are here to work with us. They bring their love for us to their work. They want us to call on them for any good purpose. Angelic healing is just one way they have chosen to serve us.

End of Chapter 8

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