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When Angels Speak To You

In recent times, there have been some books which discuss about how to communicate with your angels and I applaud this. The more we communicate with our guides or with angels, the better it is for us. They can help us to understand how to fulfill our commitment for this lifetime. I definitely encourage anyone to develop a communications link with their angels.

If you happen to be like I am, however, you may have found that communicating (or attempting to) with angels is not at all like the books said it would be. Then, you may think you have failed or that you are not good enough for the angels to talk with you. This is simply not true. The fact is that angels come to people in different ways.

Some books I’ve read say that when you experience communication with an angel you will see a certain color and feel a loving presence, etc. I am assuming here that you have not been fortunate enough to have actually seen an angel, since most of us don’t.

I don’t doubt that the authors who have described their angelic meetings in such reverent and glowing terms actually had such an experience. My point is that it simply is not always like that. Believe it or not, most people I know who have communicated with their angels report a completely different experience.

The angels talk with them just like a person would. They have a sense of humor. Some more so than others. They each have their own personalities, which do come through to you in subtle ways. They will tell you what concerns them about the state of the world. They admit that they can’t control certain things. As has been said many times, they can not interfere in a person’s right to choose, even if it’s the wrong choice. They will try to warn the person who is making a bad choice, but they normally can not interfere directly. And they normally only get involved when they are asked to.

Certain angels and archangels are charged with working with the earth in various ways. You might say that they are the specialists in those areas. They typically work together in groups. Naturally, angels can be in many places at once, working with many people, but you will never have a sense of that. You will only have the feeling that the angel you are communicating with is only in touch with you at the time.

Now, you will no doubt ask, “How do I really know if an angel is speaking to me?” First, know that if you call on them, they will come to you. If you have never communicated with an angel before you may not know what to expect. When you ask a question the answer may come back in your mind and may sound to you like it’s your own imagination creating the answer. I had this same experience when I first began communicating directly with angels.

I received the following answer during a session we had in our home with a local group which met to receive information from angels being channeled through a local psychic. Metatron, the archangel she normally channels, told us that you can tell it’s them responding when you get the answer to a question even before you finish asking the question. I have found that to be the case since then.

I was surprised to learn during the first channeling session we went to that Metatron and the other archangels being channeled spoke to us just like regular people would. If you didn’t know it was an angel, you might think you were conversing with another person. The difference, which has been proven to me many times, is that the angels know things that the channeler could never know about us. Individual communication with an angel through meditation is really no different.

It has been my experience that angels tend to be very direct in their communication. I will share the following short story to illustrate the point.

Recently, I had been expressing some frustration about the slowness of one of the abilities I have been wanting to develop, and which I had been told was going to manifest in the near future.

Finally, I just said that I was no longer going to worry about it – if it happened, then fine. If not, then fine. A day later, when I was riding in the car as a passenger and thinking about nothing in particular, I heard this voice call, “Hello, Ron.” It sounded just like an actual person speaking.

For some reason, my first impulse was to think that’s just how an angel would call me if they were calling me. Then, I abruptly realized that the message didn’t come from me. It was directed to me. From Metatron.

So, I responded and was told to ‘hang in there’. I understood that the message was in response to what I’d been feeling, although that issue was not even on my mind at the moment I was ‘called’. I instantly knew that I had been heard. I knew what the answer meant to me. It was short and to the point. No waving flags or bands playing. Just the message to hang in there, to which I said ok, I would and then thanked Metatron for coming to me.

You may find that your angelic communications are altogether different. My point is to share my experience, and the experience of others I know, and to let you know that you shouldn’t be disappointed if your experience is somewhat different than what has been reported in the media in the past.

I have some other news for you. In some instances angels may actually mislead you. Now, I realize that you may not believe this since angels are supposed to only tell the truth all the time. Metatron has explained that they may occasionally mislead someone when it is for their own best good and as long as it doesn’t interfere with free will. They don’t like to mislead us, but sometimes it’s necessary. That is the best I can explain it.

Also, in the areas of personal growth and development, if you ask them for help they may often push you to the limit. Cleaning out past karmic issues can sometimes be very hard, difficult work. Your angels can help you with this, but it is you that has to do the actual work. They will point you to emotionally painful areas so you can acknowledge and feel the pain and then you can then release the karmic energy. There are no shortcuts here. The angels can tell you what you need to do, but they can’t do it for you. They can and will assist with releasing some negative energies, but only if you ask for them to help you.

Angels have said repeatedly that they are here to help us. That means all of us, you and me. That means anytime.

It is not an imposition on them to come to our aid. And it’s certainly not a matter of whether we are deserving enough. I really want you to get that. Helping us is what they were created to do. They do so gladly and with divine love.

After working with angels for a while, you will most likely come to have some idea of what kinds of things they can help you with immediately and which things may take a while to manifest. You will also come to understand what things require some effort on your part as well. If you are not sure, then just ask. They will tell you what you need to do and even offer suggestions on how to get it done, if that is called for.

An example which illustrates this is, if you were wanting to change jobs they would tell you that it is up to you to get your resume updated and out there in the job market. The angels could help with such things as inspiration to write the best resume, creating a favorable climate to interview in, or helping a prospective employer see you as the best candidate for the position. They can also help you to discern who would be a good employer for you and who would be the wrong person to work for. But, you have to ask them.

Now, that’s a pretty nice edge to have when going into the job market, isn’t it? As an aside, I will share something important I have learned. In my case, they helped me to get the perfect job I was looking for. It was a great job for several years. Then things changed for reasons I won’t go into here and the perfect job became a terrible job.

Could this have been anticipated? Maybe. But we should keep in mind that our future holds many options and what ultimately manifests is dependent on many variables outside of our control. So, understanding this, I did not suggest that I was in any way misled. Eventually when things changed, as they will, I simply had to deal with them. That’s life.

Angels help us all the time, even if we don’t know it. Angels, along with guides, can make our lives far more meaningful and productive. They are especially good at helping us to grow on our spiritual paths.

As I’ve said, sometimes they will even step in and save our life, although we may not know that is what happened at the time. That happened to me when I was fifteen years old. I was a passenger in the back seat of a car being driven by a teenage friend. There were five of us in the car. The car’s speed was exceeding 100 mph on US 101 near San Diego in California, which was a very busy freeway. We all asked the driver to slow down, but he continued to ignore us. The driver was weaving in and out of cars and driving very dangerously. Suddenly, while passing a car on the left, another car pulled out of the right lane in front of us. It was driving at the speed limit which was 45 or 55 miles per hour. The driver of our car slammed on the brakes and lost control of the car. We spun around and went off the road down an embankment, rolling over three times. Each time the roof hit the ground, it was pounded down into the car some more. I can remember seeing the roof of the car being mashed down each time it hit the ground.

Aside from being shaken up, everyone walked away from the accident without so much as a scratch. And this was before cars had seat belts! I was held firmly in my seat, when I should have hit my head on the top of the car when it was upside down. This would have likely caused me serious injury. We were saved from any injuries. None of us had so much as a scratch. Why was that? Well, the angels wouldn’t tell me that when I asked. They only confirmed that there was an intercession. It was many years before it even occurred to me that we may have been ‘helped’ by angels in this accident. But, when I did think about it I knew with certainty that an angelic intercession had occurred, even before I asked to confirm this. Later when I did ask, I was told that, yes, they had stepped in and that it took five angels to protect all of us!

Each of us has a life plan. The angels want to help us to achieve it. If that means they occasionally step in and keep us safe, then they will do that when it’s called for. Isn’t it nice to know that we have this wonderful team of angels and guides looking out for us? It’s so nice to know that we can also call on them for help when we need it. No matter how we might feel, we are not alone. All we have to remember to do is to ask and then say thank you.

End of Chapter 9

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