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After 2012 What Happened

For some time, people were asking what’s really going to happen after 2012? Now that 2012 has come and gone some people will see very little change.

That does not mean that nothing has happened. A lot is occurring behind the scenes. Specifically, we now have a new type of energy flooding the universe and it is having an effect on many people. You only have to look around you to see how many changes are now taking place in the world.

 Unfortunately, even though much has been written about the coming times, there are more questions than hard information as to what all this means. Some people write about how we must become or conduct ourselves. All good stuff. Others write about the end of the Mayan calendar and the translations of the Mayan tablets.

Still, the deeper questions remain. What can we expect to experience? How might changes in humans come about? Are bad people going to suddenly become good and recognize the light in themselves? What are these new energies that people talk about? How might individual people be affected? Is everything going to change overnight?

This discussion could easily fill a book, but I can provide some answers. The coming changes are to be the result of a specific alignment of the planetary stars, which is of course related to numerology and time. More important is the new energy which is now coming in as well.

Will all this affect everyone? The short answer is yes. However, everyone will not necessarily be affected in the same ways. If everyone were to suddenly become ‘clear’ and then became exactly the same, with the same knowledge, it would mean that we humans would loose much of our individuality.

That is not going to happen. With the new energy people will start feeling different. Many will become uncomfortable. Others will start to feel very peaceful and blessed. Many people will begin experiencing knowingness or psychic abilities. (If they are able to recognize them when they do begin to occur.)

For example, one person my have prophetic dreams, while another may find that they can read some other people. Someone else may start seeing spirits. And it will not all happen at once, but will occur with increasing rapidity over a period of time. This process has already begun for some people.

Is this something everyone will come to naturally? No. Many people will fight what will be happening to themselves. Their families might tell them that they are becoming unhinged or crazy. And they might well believe that.

Take a moment and think about this. If a person begins having experiences which are contrary to what they have been taught and believed all their lives, there will often be problems. Especially if the experiences are counter to what their church teaches.

Some people will try to ‘turn off’ the new abilities – without success. Some will resort to counseling or medications to stop the experiences. It’s not as if God is going to suddenly appear before everyone and say, “Do not fear, everything is alright.”

The good news is that many people will come to understand what is happening to them. They are the ones who can help the others through the time of change.

This process we will be undergoing often is called The Ascension. The Ascension is the direct result of the new higher frequency energy which is now flooding our planet. This Ascension has been long planned and involves the help and participation of a vast legion of angels, ascended masters, E.T.s, galactic organizations and others, such as the Elohim.  It will be a process for most people.

The information I have been given indicates that the Ascension will occur in waves. Not everyone will be affected equally or at the exact same time. Each person who is affected will be offered certain choices. Those choices will differ, depending on the level of the person’s advancement and openness, which determines how high their vibrational frequency is.

For example, let’s look at how two different ascended masters might respond. The first might choose to ascend to the other side and leave the Earth plane for good. He may decide to accept a position working on the other side to help the Ascension process proceed successfully. He might also become a teacher. Maybe he will elect to ascend to the highest level that matches his vibration at that time. If he ascends ‘up’ several levels, he would loose the ability to interact directly with the third dimension.

The other ascended master might elect to remain on the Earth plane for a period of time to be of direct service.  He would transition between the elevated third dimension and the higher dimension (sometimes called Heaven). Maybe his assignment would be to help educate and train the humans who remain on this planet to understand how they can evolve. Initially, there will be a great need for such people, until such time as everyone who wants to learn about the Ascension and the options it offers has been taught.

When people are ‘opened up’, they will be downloaded with a great deal of new information. That information will also include what choices they may have.

The thing to know is that different people may have different sets of abilities initially. Not everyone will be an ascended master initially at the point of their ascension.

The good news is that there will be many people who will simply know that they have changed, and things have changed. This means that these people, from around the world, will realize that we must come together and find solutions to those problems that have separated us for so long. No longer will they feel the fear or anger towards others that they have been conditioned to feel for so long. That will indeed be the beginning of a new world order. It won’t just happen. We will have to create it.

What about those who don’t, won’t, or can’t get it? Those entities of the lower vibrations, who are often referred to as the ‘grays’. They will become more firmly polarized in their positions. Many will become sick and will die (as will a lot of good people). They will be unable to function in the new energy. But, while they remain here, they can be dangerous, especially if they are in positions of power and influence.

As many of you know, there is much information contained in our DNA, which, for the most part, has been unavailable to us. Much of this information is history. Other information is how to ‘unlock’ our psychic abilities and tune in on what is known in the ‘higher planes’ of consciousness.

As the new energies come in with greater strength, they will begin activating our kundalini energies and that will begin the process of unlocking our DNA. Everyone will respond in one way or another. Those people who begin to open up and experience their psychic abilities will not necessarily have a choice in which abilities to experience, although additional abilities may be developed if desired.

The coming times will be truly wonderful for many people. They will know that this is the time they have been waiting for. This will be their opportunity to truly be heard and to make a difference. Those who open up and stand ready to have this experience will be the vanguard to humanity.

With this new information comes responsibility to use it wisely. One additional side effect is that we will have much revealed to us that may not be currently known. This will open the way for us to develop new technologies, new ways of dealing with sicknesses and new ways of educating our children, just to name a few things.

The Earth is going to Ascend. Things will change. Everything will be affected. This Ascension has become necessary in order to make it no longer possible for the entities of the dark to remain here and continue creating the vast amounts of negative energy they have forced us to live in for so very long.

We will again be connected to our ET friends and welcomed into the Galactic Federation as equals. Their technology will be shared with us. We will evolve to live under a completely new social and economic model.

At some point, certain ascended masters will be directed to recover the seven huge crystals which have been long hidden around the world. They will again be activated. These crystals were an essential part of the grid which surrounded the planet. These crystals contain all the information about the history of the planet and about humankind. Each crystal is unique and contains specific information. Collectively, they provide the history of the planet’s development, how our DNA works and such information as how the planet came to be created and colonized.

The future is ours to create. How it looks will be up to humankind. Of course, we will still have the help from our celestial friends. The difference will be that it will become much easier for us to communicate and interact with them after the Ascension process.

I, for one, am excited and feel honored to be born in this time, to be able to witness and participate in these wonderful changes. We all will have much to share as we move forward. So, let the new world begin.

End of Chapter 13

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