black and whiteSome time ago, I posted on happily being a representative of a white German national minority on our Gaia Scene forum.

I’m one of many representatives of minorities, cultural and racial, in our Safe and Sacred Space, within a majority of white Anglo-Saxons (often with minority traits): North Americans, Australians and British.

As synchonicity often plays out, right after this post I stumbled upon a video on Facebook.  It so much represents my view on Oneness in diversity, expressing in racial, cultural and national differences that, at the end of watching it, I was all tears, all ‘yes, yes, yes, so true, so easy’.

Hence, I bring it here for you to see… and hear… and feel… and, with your love-consciousness, bring healing and transformation into all racial and cultural challenges …

Prince Ea: I Am Not a Label

Published on Youtube Nov 2, 2015
These Labels were Made Up to Divide us. 

Download this Spoken Word piece here
or here

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