consentI Do Not Consent to being governed by anything or anyone outside of my Divine Self.

I Do Not Consent to being labeled a racist because I doubt my country’s refugee politics.

I Do Not Consent to being called a sexist because I don’t vote with my pussy.

I Do Not Consent to be-lie-ving anything that doesn’t resonate with my inner truth.

I Do Not Consent to the water being poisoned, the soil being raped and the air being polluted with toxic thoughts and things in my Divine Space of Love.

I Do Not Consent to being manipulated by media that push me to focus my attention and syphon my creator energy, in order to bring about the agendas of certain groups.

I Do Not Consent to having to stick to my yesterday’s opinion; when my Now changes, everything changes, in an instant.

decreeAs the I Am presence That I Am, One with the I Am presence of All That Is, on behalf of all humans in alignment with this:

I Declare my freedom to choose love over fear, wisdom over knowledge, abundance over lack.

I Decree the purity and clarity of my Divine Space of Love, as far reaching as my energy field expands.

I Declare the sovereignty of my True Divine Nature, and my right to express unity in diversity, in whatsoever way my energy flows, guided by love and consciousness.

I Declare that I acknowledge and transmute all shadows within and around that come up for healing in my space, and love and embrace them home into the Oneness That I Am.

I Decree that no power outside of my Self – terrestrial, extra-terrestrial or inter-dimensional – can ever use or harvest me again for anything that doesn’t serve the Greater Good; of My Self, another Selves, and the One Self that unites All Beings.

All contradicting permissions, no matter in which reality given, are null and void, Now and Forever.

I Am free to self-responsibly choose what I cast my attention on, how I respond to input, and how I master my energy field.

I Am Here Now.

Written for Gaia Scenics’ View

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