all of you

I want all of you, because you are me. I want the good, the bad and the ugly, because it is all me.

I want the shit you wallow in, because in sharing it, it is released in you, as it is in me.

I want your pain and sorrow, because it is mine as well, shared and anchored into the fabric of lifetimes, archetypes of change and introspection and indicators of energy not meant for our path any longer.

I want the masks you hide behind, because in seeing them, I see the masks I have hidden behind, and I can take them off, because the masks are not me.

I want your struggles, because they are my struggles. In sharing them together, the burden is lighter. In seeing them, I see other ways over the mountain and my range of options expand.

I want your fear, because it is my fear. In seeing it fully, holding hands together, we can recognize it is not made of strong stone, but of ether and self-professed lies, and it can be released. When it is released, we are all lighter.

I want your secrets, because they are my secrets, buried deep in our collective consciousness, a joint effort, that we believe we carry alone. This is not the truth, and it never was, for we are one and we share the burden together.

I want your rage, because it is my rage, and in facing it together we can recognize it was never ours to carry.

I want your loneliness and isolation, because it is mine as well, and in sharing it we realize we are not alone, but we are one.

I want your filters and the unique way you see things, so I can more fully appreciate the you that is me.

I want your perceptions, because they are not my perceptions, and without them, I cannot fully understand the me that is you. In seeing your perceptions, my perspective widens and I understand more of what is possible for me.

I want your feelings of rejection, division and misunderstanding, because in sharing them, we realize acceptance and unity and understanding, and we are more able to embody the one that we are.

I want to see your shadows and darkness, because we must have light to see, and in shining light on those dark spaces, we see they are just an unexplored land that is a part of us. A part of you and me.

I want to see the room where you hide all your disappointments, all your betrayals, losses and broken dreams. I want to sift through the wreckage and honor them all, and then I want to open the door to all the things that replaced them, so you can realize that your path is perfect and those stops and signposts were never meant for you. You had to let them go, in order to make room for the real and true stuff to come in.

I want you to stand before me, as I am you, and remove your vestments that you have used to hide behind. I want you to drop your hands and reveal the scars and the wounds you have been hiding, those inflicted by others and by your own hand, and I will show you my scars and wounds.

Together, with love, we will heal them, because they are ours and because they are done.  They are only remnants of a past completed and they need not travel along with us anymore.  They are not us, for we are perfect.

I want to know your secret hiding place, so I can better know my own, and I can more fully understand how we have created these safe spaces to protect our sacred hearts and our divine innocence from all the challenges that we, ourselves, agreed to experience in order to evolve.

I want to know the times when you have looked away from yourself, so I can let you know that I have looked away too, and gently and lovingly invite you to turn and face forward again. What you are looking for exists no where but within you. I know, because I too, am within you and I too have looked elsewhere.

I want all the ways you have belittled yourself, deceived yourself, sacrificed yourself and betrayed yourself. I want to share your original wound in the full light of consciousness so we can together unravel the misunderstanding that is anchored when we forget who we really are in order to incarnate.

I want to know the ways you are different and distinct from me and share my differences with you, because it affirms that all experience is valid, and you do not have to be exactly like me in order to still be me.

I want your trust, because it is my trust, and without it, we cannot meet ourselves fully and flower into the wholeness of our divine innocence.

I want your joy, because it is my joy. I want to know what inspires you and makes you happy because your happiness is my happiness.

I want your love, because it is my love. It is what we are made of, and without it, there is nothing.

I know what I want, and you may not be ready to give it to me. I know how very scary it is to reveal yourself fully, and own yourself wholly, because I have been there and faced it myself.

But, there is a moment in this journey when you will be ready, because there will be no other way forward without sharing and accepting that we are not alone.

There will be no other way forward without seeing all of ourselves. It is then that we open the door to self love, because we cannot bear another moment or another breath without it.

It will shake things up, certainly. It will cause earthquakes and tsunamis with its in rushing power. It will dislodge all that is not you. It will toss up all that cannot come on your journey forward. It will tempt you to step back from its mighty power, but go forth you must, because the pathway back has disappeared and the only way out is through.

Through self love all things are possible, and with the love of our own heart, we can begin to share our true selves with others. That leap of faith, that first tentative foray into trust, in self and in others, is the gateway to transformation.

For it is in trusting the witness, and allowing them to know our story, that we fully declare to the universe. I am ME and I am whole and I am of the ONE.

So, I will reaffirm, that I want all of you. I will set the sacred space, and continue to make the invitation. I have no expectations because I already know what I want and I know it will be delivered.

I want all of you, because I want all of me, and you are me.

And we deserve nothing less as the divine child of the universe.

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