I just came in from digging in my garden, sharing in a love affair that I have always had.

Since I was a wee little lass I have loved to get my hands into the warm dirt of spring.

To feel it crumble, moist between my fingers, full of live things.

Full of dead things.

Smelling of leaf mold and deep dark places.

To many, soil is synonymous with dirt and dirty, but to me it so far from that.

It is potential.

Like money, it is full of energy, nurturing, life soon to come and life long gone.

Soil: When I put my hands in it, I connect with our primal mother Gaia, the goddess of the earth.

She is the earth, and we share her body.

Gaia delivers to us all the physical manifestations of our body, through the elements, kingdoms, organic chemicals, ancient minerals and ethers.

What thought conceives in the way of life, Gaia provides for us.

We simply ask and receive her support and blessings.

What is also so wonderful about soil is its eternalness.

It is a substance unto itself, but not made by itself.

It takes in the leftover, cast off remnants of millions of plants and animals long gone and recycles their substance, releasing their energy for new beginnings.

It takes in the dust of rocks that were once mighty mountains, the clay from deep in the moist banks of the shore, sea minerals, metal ores, ancient water from hidden aquifers and repurposes them anew for growth.

Soil takes it all, and overlays the earth with its bounty and says,

Grow here, come and be warm here, come and sprout strong roots, and grow to the light …

come and make your beauty known, out of my deep dank lovely depths …

come and open to the world …

and enhance it …

Wherever there is soil, light and water, drop in a seed and it will grow.

No matter what else is around, no matter what anyone says; on the sides of a highway, in abandoned back lots, in a prison yard, soil says Welcome!

Soil has its own agenda.

Soil has its own destiny.

It says,

grow, live, feed …

I am here …

Lowly to some, but one of the most powerful things on earth to me.

Why wouldn’t you love to get your hands into that soil?

That mother of all life on earth.

That mother of all nourishment here on earth.

That final, though temporary resting place of all that have died on earth.

That keeper of the seeds and home of the worms.

Oh, the energy of it.

The promise and beauty of it.

What a wonderful and eternal blessing from our mother Gaia.

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