contrastI’ve come to the conclusion (if there truly is any such a thing, as it infers an ending) that gratitude is the key to moving into the highest vibrations available right now on this planet.

We may tag it with slightly different words, but without the ability to appreciate what is, then, of course, we missed it. Awareness is the magic solvent and our awareness is on a steady rise.

I’m also not inferring that I’m completely focused on the appreciation of what I think I like and want to the exclusion of what I don’t like and don’t want. I’m not, nor do I seek this in my experiences. I’ve learned through my lifetime to appreciate all of it equally, whether I like it or not.

What I’m saying is I’ve learned to appreciate and to be grateful for the contrast that allows me to have clarity, deeply and intensely clear, beyond the vague platitudes.

I get the awesome opportunity to know exactly why being out of alignment with my own Divinity doesn’t work. It hasn’t worked in my life, and it doesn’t work now. It never will, and the contrast has shown this to me directly. This contrast of being out of alignment, in denial, in avoidance, in victimhood, trying to sidestep my most authentic integrity in exchange for conformity, for acceptance, or because I was just lost in the illusion of survival.

My journey to this key discovery began in my mid-twenties, when I made a recovery from what was diagnosed as terminal cancer. In the recovery process, it was a necessity to ruthlessly ditch all my anti-life thoughts, beliefs, and habits in order to live again.

Within this contrast, between focusing on life and focusing on death, is where the understanding of the primary importance of appreciation, aka gratitude, came into my awareness and seated itself as the King of keys to my kingdom. In this extreme contrast lies the greatest blessings imaginable for me in my life’s journey and it’s stuck with me.

What I didn’t have was the capacity to appreciate before this dubious great fortune of terminal cancer bestowed upon me the awareness of this magic key to my own life. It is contrast which has been a necessity for me to achieve the greatest understanding of all the subtle and not so subtle, and ultimately the wisdom to live in my fullness.

Instead of living in avoidance of discomfort, I’ve come to understand that something far more fortunate than chasing only pleasure and avoiding pain is happening in the process of living. All along this life trail of mine, there’s been the richest variety, and the magic of discomfort to show me just where and how I’m not in alignment with Divine Principles and the highest good, not only for myself, but for all the rest of Creation as well.

I’ve stopped hating the contrast of what I don’t like and feel like I didn’t choose. On closer inspection, I’ve nearly always chosen the contrast of what I don’t like on some level. I’m learning to appreciate this more and more as I gather more experiences that reflect this wisdom.

Without the discomfort to highlight these details for me, how else would my attention be directed to this form of appreciation? To the appreciation of what doesn’t serve me and my desire to be here in my mastery as a representative of Divine Humanness.

I’m still learning to appreciate my discomfort and the clues it gives me. Clues that don’t show up in moments of bliss or happiness, or even in moments of peace, except in contrast. My levels of gratitude for these hints which lead me into the places where I’ve not been present in my awareness grows and grows each time they appear.

In my quest for mastery as an empowered human being, my ability to expand my awareness into shadowed places in my own life has been simply the greatest and most incredible help to me. Even severe illness, yes, I consider these supposed misfortunes to be my greatest good fortune.

It’s also true that the more I’m capable of being in gratitude, the more appears to be grateful for. Is this a promise of only getting what I prefer in every circumstance? No, it isn’t. But life just keeps on producing what I need and to exceed my expectations as well.

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