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Solaris Modalis: An Inappropriate Rainbow Spectrum

One day in August of this year, I took a drive out towards the country here, and as I went up the hill that delineates the rural part of the county, I noticed the sky looked absolutely amazing.

The striations of high frequency, cloud-like whysps (1) filled the sky as far as I could see, coming from the ocean heading inland.  There is a major high frequency portal off of the west coast here, which is constantly pouring energies into the coast off of San Francisco.

These in-pouring energies move eastward with the wind as clouds.  But in the higher frequencies, they emanate in both directions.

LOL I’m laughing because once in a while, yes, this does happen, the “clouds” move opposite the wind direction.  That’s always interesting.

So anyway, I pulled over at a huge turnout and started clicking away.

I had the feeling I would see something awesome, and I scanned the skies, using my intuition to know when to click.  I looked for objects or interesting shapes, but the fact is that often I have the feeling to point at a certain direction without knowing what is there, or why.

I could see the rainbow, though, with my eyes.

It was a rainbow sitting up in the sky – on a patch of cloud.  I have started seeing these frequently in recent years and months, and I think of them as “daytime rainbow ships”.

For me, they indicate a lightship presence.  You may be aware of the rainbow ships you can see at night in front of stars.

Well, now, here they are during the day in cloud formation.

This time the rainbow was right up on a cloud “next to” the sun (from my vantage point), and it was awesome.  It was big, and bright and showy and glorious.  Combined with all of the energy formations in the sky, it was a wonderful epic photo shoot and experience.  I was laughing and laughing because I can feel the energies playing with me.  I think sometimes that they like the attention, also (wink).

One other thing on the featured photo, reprinted on the left, if you look closely in the blue sky to the right of the sun, you will see faint but very large outlined orbs and concentric circles of energy patterns.

There is a lot of transmitting of energy going on this day, a lot of transmitting the frequencies to earth and mediating of the frequencies by galactic lightships and celestial presence (many as “formless beings”) in the sky, which then re-transmit the frequencies to this planet and to humanity.

While showing this photo to my friend Alex, who has a science background, she pointed out interesting aspects of this rainbow that someone with her training would notice.  You can read her thoughts in her own words, below.

Observations on an Inappropriate Rainbow Spectrum, by Alex Clark

1. First, the rainbow spectrum is in the “wrong” order. The rainbow starts with yellow – and this is not something that you normally see in a rainbow in our skies. Rainbows are the diffraction of white light through a crystal into a spectral pattern. Human eyes can see infrared as the lowest vibration, which appears as red to our eyes, and as high as ultraviolet which appears indigo or violet, depending on our degree of color vision.

2. Rainbows always follow the same color sequence: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. In these photos the colors appear to start with yellow and then move into red/pink and then green/blue, which does not represent the normal spectral patterns for light.

3. The rainbow repeats without spacing. There is no separation between the repeating rainbow colors, the entire set of rainbow colors simply repeats again.  This would usually be seen as a “double rainbow”, or two separate and distinct rainbows, but in this image, the rainbow is continuously repeating.

4. Parts of the rainbow have almost no separation between colors, and the colors are distinct yet appear to blend.  Usually, there is a separation because there are colors below and above the range of vibrations we can see. The light refracts through the crystal/water and spreads into spectral colors–there would typically be more colors in the range but we can’t see them, causing us instead to see a space between colors.  These colors completely blend.

5. Part of the “cloud” reflects pure sunlight, and then the rainbow abruptly starts.  Generally, a cloud interacts with the sun by diffusing the light through it, or all clouds would appear rainbow patterned. The cloud remains white or subtly colored in nature. When conditions for a rainbow are perfect, the light diffracts through the cloud, it is split into various spectral rays and this does not start or stop. The rainbow would be evident through the entire cloud, especially one as small and thin as this. Here we see bands that begin, even though we can clearly see the sun shining through the cloud just as strongly in other areas.

6. Are we starting to see colors we haven’t seen before?  Some animals can see above our range, some below–would be interesting to see them all–we can’t even perceive them–like, what could they be? LOL.

I hope that you enjoy Alex’s commentary as much as I did!


Solaris & Alex












(1) whysps – I feel that these striations represent a consciousness or an element that we do not yet have a name for but is able to interact with us and our environment and is affecting our world. One day we may understand this consciousness better so that we can create a description that more accurately identifies them. For now, I use the term whysps, because these look like wisps of cloud, but are something more.

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