I have long beaten the drum of following intuition. It’s how I always roll as an energy reader, and for a while I think people just nodded their heads and smiled that smile that simply says, “We get it, that’s your way, but you are different from us and we have our way.”

As the energies become more chaotic, and the path forward less concrete, I will beat the drum again, as many have come back to inquire again just exactly what I am talking about.

We All Have it

That nod of the head and certain smile indicates a deeply entrenched belief that there are some people who have intuition and some who don’t. I do not resonate with that in the least. Some folks certainly have a more well-developed grasp of energy and a stronger intuitive muscle, but that is only because they have used it over and over and have many examples of it being correct. When we line up all those examples and see the results, we begin to develop trust of a skill, and this trust leads to ease, and ease leads us down the path to acceptance of a skill we can then put in our spiritual toolbox.

It’s All Energy

The truth is, we are all comprised of a spirit, a mind, an inner child and a body, but the body isn’t just physical, it is also energetic.

When we think of the body, which I have spoken of many times and which I bless as a full partner in the construct that is ME, we generally think of the physical part and not the energetic part, as if they could be placed under a microscope and truly separated.

While the body is indeed comprised of physical parts and cells, it is also comprised at the smallest level of quanta, just like everything else in this universe, and quanta is conscious energy. When we build out from this smallest fractal of the conscious universe, into cells, organs and finally the body, we understand that it is all made up of energy.

There is a lot of information, both ancient and modern, written about the energy of the body and its pathways. Some call it chi, some prana, some focus on the chakra energy center system, and some speak about the different layers of the energy and etheric body. The ground floor of all these teachings is blessed quanta.

We are all comprised of energy, therefore we are energy and can interact with energy.

Our Energetic All-Access Pass

So, there is no separation, truly, between the energy of the body and the energy of spirit. It is all comprised of the same thing. True, many would differentiate it as a different ‘type’ of energy, or an energy at a different frequency or vibration, but at the end of the day, it is all energy.

As humans incarnate, we are especially blessed, because we have access to creation through both celestial energy and the energy of our blessed mother Sophia-Gaia, the Earth.

We, as well as all earth plan incarnate beings, are the connection point between the energy of spirit and the energy of earth.

Without incarnation, and I use this term very loosely, because many don’t consider Elementals or Devas or Mahavidyas incarnate, though they are very real, incarnate in their own way and exist within our plane, we don’t have direct creational access to both streams of energy. We are the conduits of both divine and earthly energy and in the crucible of our heart space we alchemically create the bonded energy of incarnation.

In simple terms, we fulfill the following equation: 1+1=1. We create something entirely new by bonding the two energies into union through our being.

How cool is that?

In other words, as incarnate divine beings, we get the best of both worlds: The celestial and the earthly, which makes the universe twice as nice, once we realize this and own the exponential power of it.

The Basic Model is the Same but We Choose the Options

There is not a single incarnate being who is excluded from this equation. We are all spirit and body, all divine and earthly. We all have the same raw materials and the same bells and whistles, but for various reasons they might not all be set the same, or all turned on.

This may be due to our soul choices, made pre-incarnationally, whether for the souls evolutionary path, a family soul contract, a collective contract or for a specific role on planet.

I know, for me, I came in with a very different energy set up this time around, with extremely strong protection and a limited ability to connect outside of my higher self/soul.

I have come to learn that as an energetic being devoted to service and unconditional love, I was far too easily distracted by things occurring in the ethers and would drop my mission in an instant. Soul said, no go this time around, and I was created in a much more insular way so I would stay on track.

There are many reasons for our different expressions here on planet.

I liken us all to individual ‘Jenga’ towers, with some pieces taken out and others stacked a different way, but all created to be beneficial to our growth from a soul perspective.

Just like finger prints or snow flakes, no two are exactly alike, but all identify as ‘the same’.

Tuning In

We are energy incarnate. We have the ability to read both celestial and earthly energy to varying degrees. Some of us came in fully turned on.  Those I would term empaths or energy readers, come with a whole different set of issues, which I will leave for another sharing.

The vast majority came in just like a brand new radio, waiting to be turned on and tuned in.

When we take a radio out of the box, we know we have to do a few things to make it work. First, we have to either plug it into an energy source, or we have to put batteries inside it to make it work. We could also have one of those nifty new solar or crank powered renewable energy source radios, but I digress.

Second, we have to turn the thing on. We know that the energy source will indeed power the radio and make it do what it was supposed to do, which is to draw radio waves into its workings and then provide a sound translation of those waves to our very precise audio receivers, also known as our ears to sense and send neural signals to our brain for interpretation. Thus, we hear some noise that we perceive as a song or some such.

Third, we have to tune the radio into a frequency that we prefer. Some may tune the radio to the news or weather. Some may wish to hear a talk-radio show. Others may wish to listen to a symphony and still others may wish to rock out to their favorite heavy-metal band.

The radio, therefore is an energetically powered receiver and translator of vibration that can be fine tuned to deliver preferential information for the enjoyment of the user.

Newsflash: So are you.

So, What Does All This Have To Do With Intuition?

In a word? Everything.

There is not one of us who would say we don’t have preferences. There is not one of us who would say we don’t tend to favor our own preferences. There is not one of us who could truthfully say we would be satisfied to listen to elevator Muzak when we could listen to our favorite band with the simple turn of a dail.

If we can agree that we have preferences in life, and we can agree that we tend to favor our preferences, then we begin to see how we are each tailoring our lives to those preferences.

So our lives, our path, are not beyond our control (as many fear), but have been consistently fine-tuned in the direction of our innate preferences.

Additionally, sometimes we are led in the direction of discovering new things that we enjoy, or losing interest in things that we no longer enjoy and we refine our preferences accordingly.

Many will say that their path forward has been willy nilly and they got to where they are with little or no conscious choice, but reflecting back on the choice points that have been made due to preference will show that the path is not at all random, and many specific forks were taken in order to stick with what we resonate with.

There are of course variations to this basic set up, and many will point to strong life lessons, energetic bridges and cliffs that detoured them from their preferences into territory that was indeed not preferential.

But there it is.

They knew it.

They felt it.

They could tell the difference.

They weren’t awash with the unknown at all.

They absolutely knew it did not feel good.

Bodily Evaluation of the Now Moment

When we are already in a situation, experience or energy, we can easily judge whether it is resonant or dissonant to us, because our brain is a miraculous difference engine and compares the situation directly to our previous experiences and preferences. Our bodily responses and emotions immediately give us feedback on the situation based on the brain’s detailed evaluation and we can easily determine, usually within a split second, if we like or dislike where we find ourselves at the moment.

Pull the blankets away from a warm and comfy sleeper on a cold morning and they will immediately recoil. Offer something bitter to a person with a sweet tooth and they will spit it out. Place a gardener in a vacant city lot and they will long for a meadow.

We generally don’t doubt our senses or our ability to determine ‘in the moment’ whether we like or dislike an experience, because we have built up a strong trust in our ability to gauge situations from a lifetime of trial and error. We know pretty well what we like and what we want to experience, and our body lets us know rather quickly if we are in alignment or dis-alignment with our preferences.

It is easy to see how rapidly we are able to receive information from our brains, based on our senses and evaluate whether the situation is preferential or not. It is also easy to see how rapidly we can alter our path or experience, through our action, to get back into more likeable waters.

Getting an Energetic Preview

The information for making these preferential adjustments is not only available in the current now moment, to our bodily senses and our brain. The information is broadcast to us in the form of energy prior to the final manifestation of the experience.

Just like a radio would be unable to tune into a station just in time to play your favorite song, if energy was not creating the radio waves and broadcasting them out to be received, translated and manifested into sound for your ears to hear, nothing could be created without it first being broadcast via vibrational energy.

Everything that has ever been created, is being created, and will be created in this universe, begins with an energetic construct at a high vibration, too fast to be seen or interpreted by the senses, but not too fast to be felt by our energy reading senses; what many would call our sixth sense.

Most of us are aware of the recipe for creation: Thought, Focus, Inspired Action, Creation. This is a simplistic, linear expression of a beautifully dynamic and intertwined creation recipe. We will take co-creation and collective creation out of the loop for the time being to easily demonstrate how we can make choices based on our intuition in order to foster preferential experiences.

We are all equipped with the ability to come into direct contact with energy constructs, because we are energy. There is no separation between or delineation within the particles of quanta within this universe at the most basic level.

We come into contact with these energy constructs all the time, but we don’t consciously realize it. A thought pops into our head that we consider imagination. We reflect on a future experience and it gives us a chilling feeling. We walk through a strange area and the hair on the back of our necks stands up. We plan to meet a new person and we get an overwhelming sense of joy or a strong feeling of dread.

All of these feelings are examples of our energy field coming into contact with the energetic constructs that are precursors to our now moment experiences.

We are gifted, as beloved children of the Universe, with the ability to interact with these constructs energetically, read them,  and evaluate whether they are preferential or out of alignment with our chosen soul path. We are given a preview signal, through our innate body reactions and feelings, of how we will eventually experience that moment.

We have all had these feelings, and while some ignore them, discount them or do not trust them outright, many have experienced them enough times to develop a strong faith in them.

Just as we trust our bodies to tell us in the moment whether we like or dislike something, we can develop a trust in our intuition to guide us in the direction of moments and things that we prefer. The more we open to practicing with this concept, the stronger it becomes and the more aware we become of it as a tool to fine tune our soul path.

In These Energies, Simple is Best

As the energies of change swirl strong and fast through our lives, there is so much to distract us from our path forward, and we often lose trust in ourselves and our own knowing.

In these moments it is easy to ask others to tell us what to do and how to think and feel about things. Seems easier to simply go with the crowd and do the same things that others you identify with as part of your group are doing.

But here lies another hack. We are not all doing the same things and we do not all have the same roles, even within a closely identifying group.

Some on the spiritual path may swear by specific teachings and practices that completely resonate with them, but will not resonate with you.

Meditation comes to mind for me specifically, and if I were forced to have to meditate I would lose it.

How can I say that? How do I know that?


I simply focus on the thought of an experience or thing or practice, or truly anything, and then I tune into my body and feel the response. At the simplest level, one of two things happen.

If what I focus on is resonant with my path, my heart opens and I feel various levels of happiness, joy or inspiration. This feeling is centered in my heart space, in the middle of my chest and localizes to what many would call my high heart chakra. I literally ‘fall in love’ with what I am evaluating through my thoughts and perceptions and then I know it is for me and destined to be a part of my path.

I may also feel a concurrent expansion in my solar plexus chakra, which is at the top of my abdomen, just between my rib cage. This energy center resonates with spiritual power and trust. Depending on the situation, I may also feel a frisson of joyful chills up my spine, at the back of my neck, which corresponds to the Alter Major chakra that connects to divine energy.

So, as I fall in love, open to power and trust and get a giddy sparkle from my soul, I know I am focusing on something that is in alignment with my soul preference.

If, when I focus on something, and I feel my heart close down, or I feel sick to my stomach and a contraction in my solar plexus, or I get cold chills up my spine, I know that what I am focusing on is not preferred and is something that is best blessed and left at the side of my soul path.

The Intuitive Recipe in its Simplest Terms

Focus>Heart Open>Feeling Powerful/Trusting>Sparkly Feeling= Resonant with my Soul Path.

Focus>Heart Closed>Feeling Contraction/Fear>Distrust>Feelings of Dread=Dissonant with my Soul Path.

For each and every being, the answers to these equations will be entirely different, because each of us has a unique soul path.

Just as with rather earthly things, we don’t expect everyone to like Liverwurst and Wes Anderson movies, so why would we expect everyone on the spiritual path to resonate with exactly the same things?

Product Disclaimer: The Outcome of the Recipe May Vary

Well, this is all well and good you say, but I followed my intuition and I didn’t like the outcome.

That doesn’t mean that the experience wasn’t meant for your path.

After all, how to you entice an old soul to evolve if they have been around the block a few times and can easily read the trail signs?

Easy. You put blinders on them.

There may be soul contract agreements that are strong, and could easily be avoided by a seasoned intuitive, but avoiding them would only bring them around again much more strongly until they are experienced and integrated for the soul’s evolution.

In the end, everything that is experienced on a soul path is perfect and should be blessed for the evolution it provides. The simple truth is that using intuition can lead us down the path in a more direct manner, and eliminate a lot of looping through lessons that we could experience and integrate the first time around.

I invite you all to play with your intuition and develop a deeper trust in its miraculous ability to fine tune your journey forward on your soul path with infinitely more ease and grace.

It is, after all, your choice, and you have all the tools necessary for you to decide. You can use them, or not. Again, your blessed choice.

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