rantIs There Something Wrong With Me?

Is there? Apart from confusion, I do not seem to be able to take the advice of developed souls for more than 30 seconds.

I read the wisdom offered by the Ascended Masters, Galactic Guardians. I watch the offerings on YouTube. I read the News for confirmation that things are progressing as they should be. Channels seem to read each others posts for inspiration. Lets not even think about the people who cut and paste for internet content, ‘cos I feel guilty…

I am blessed with a myriad of supportive energies disguised as people. Yet, I yoyo between the whole gamut of belief, anger, despair, hope; and I seem to have left my discernment in a plastic bag somewhere. This is NOT depression, it is frustration, in spades.

Deep down I know! Things will improve. The abysmally poor will be given back their dignity, full stomachs and a warm bed in winter. Those who caused this grief will be brought to account. Dammit, when?

No one is here just to make up the numbers, so, why me? I have to feel useful and loved. My drive drove off, intermittently. When it returns, look out world, I am good to go, so I do, equipped with a full tank of enthusiasm!

I have unseen friends who I am privileged to feel their presence. (Wish I could see them.) Maybe they are the cloud faces (not Microsoft) that are there with the other denizens of the cloud zoo appearing through the Kitchen window or the Windscreen.

Now to the topic of abundance, just ask and duck, it is that quick. Oh, yeah? In whose dream? I’m not a cynic, but dammit, when? Perhaps it is necessary for the suffering to peak before the right ones inherit the Earth.

Speaking of Earth, Gaia is cleaning out the cupboards and presenting evidence that she is doing a renovation on her body. We however, still persist in digging, dumping, exploding and worst of all denying. Profit is, it would seem, still good.

Ok, rant over, I really am glad to be here at this pivotal time. Just stop the lies to me and trust me. I’m a grown up, so secrets can stop also. Whew, done now!

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