Many in the spiritual community have been intuiting that instant manifestation is on the horizon for us all, as the energies on planet increase over time. The opportunity to instantly manifest our desires is a built-in feature of the energetic creation construct, but it doesn’t come without practice, and understanding how our human concept of time comes into direct opposition to how time really works universally.

Additionally, as noted in my sharing on getting comfortable with the space between what we want and our highest good, if we have indeed aligned with Divine Will and our highest good, certain things will not manifest, because they are not in alignment with our soul path.

Upgrading The Law Of Attraction

Many folks, myself included, spend some significant amount of time mired in the rules and regulations of the Law of Attraction, which has a basic formula of:


That recipe seems simple enough, but doubt, faith and patience come into play, significantly.

These high energy times on planet offer us an opportunity to get a lot of practice in when it comes to instantly manifesting our desires. I have found, consistently, that when we address the universe in a playful manner and team up with it to create joyfully, it loves to play the manifesting game.

I have also found when we don’t get stuck on the outcome, things flow much more quickly.

Well, you ask, then it is not instant manifestation, because it doesn’t come right away, and it isn’t what I asked for!

Upgrading Our Understanding of Time

Generally, in this plane of density, we roll out time in a linear fashion to accommodate the brain, which is a data point mapper and a difference engine that has been fashioned perfectly for our existence here in body.

Since time is not actually linear, but the brain uses a linear construct to get its work done, we come to believe, because our brains show us evidence through the way it works, that things are not being manifested.

They are, in fact, manifested the moment we create them with our intention. They are there, energetically swirling and getting ready to come into form at the perfect time, when WE come into energetic alignment with them. That is the attraction part of the Law of Attraction.

Faith in Manifestation Related to the Natural World

We have no issues with this when we look at the natural world. A person plants a cherry tree because they want to taste sweet cherries right off the branch in their own space of love. The person does not then demand the flowering cherry tree to provide a juicy cherry right then. No, the being knows that the cherries are coming at the perfect harvest time, because they have faith in the cycles of nature and are willing to be patient and abide by this cycle. There is a perfect delivery time when the ripe cherry and the person will come into alignment with each other. To force this time, as anyone who has ever eaten unripe fruit knows, can create significant discomfort.

So, why do we tend to apply different rules for different types of manifestation? Well, nature is one thing, it has its own set of rules, but the universe is quite another.

The Universe Plays The Same Way

No, they both have exactly the same set of rules. Alignment in nature and alignment with the universe related to delivery of manifestation are the same thing, because nature is a wholly enveloped sub-division of the universe and plays by the same rules.

The trees know it. The flowers know it. The birds, animals and bees know it. They live in a constant state of trust that the universe will absolutely support them and deliver to them what they desire at exactly the right time. If this were not so, then they would not bloom, migrate, makes nests or drop leaves in their own gently flowing cycles. They must have complete faith in order to flow in this manner. Granted, things have become a bit sticky when nature comes into direct contact with humankind, but we can and do adjust to the best of our ability.

We must learn to be patient and trust. We must also fully understand that we are supported by the universe in every single moment, and that all the raw materials for our divinely chosen soul path will be offered at the perfect time.

Higher Dimensional Concept of Time

Speaking of the perfect time, the universe works on Universal Time. This concept is hard to get our heads around, because the brain does not work this way. Remember the linear time thingie? We might not, from our human perspective, have a very good grasp of Universal Time, where everything is happening at once, but we can understand a few basic things.

First: The higher dimensions have a perfectly good grasp of the concept of Universal Time, but they don’t always have a good grasp of linear time. This is quite possibly why channeled information that mentions dates rarely pans out. They are dealing in multi-dimensionality and eternity in the broadest sense of the word, and focusing to the minute level of the earthly plane sometimes gets lost in the mix.

Second: We can come to a metaphorical understanding that everything happens in the Now Moment, because even our linearly timed brains can agree that things happen one moment at a time, like individual photographic snap shots. The brain then strings them all together seamlessly to make up the memory stream of a life. So, everything happens in the single now moment of our perception.

We can kind of get our heads around that right? Practice for a moment and see:

1. Take a breath and do something — I took a sip of coffee.

2. Breathe out and do something — I swallowed my coffee.

3. Take a breath and do something — I put my coffee cup down.

4. Breathe out and do something — I put my hands on my keyboard.

So, we have a linear list of four now moments. Every single thing we did was in the now moment. This is the action point for humanity. This is the place where we can do something, but it is also the only place we have power. Anything that happened before this now moment is a memory and anything that is slated to happen after this now moment is simply probability. The powerful moment for both action and intention is simply always NOW.

Ah yes, but not everything happened at once you say? The universe says otherwise, and we just do not yet have a broad enough perspective to fathom that.

Keeping the Faith

There in lies the concept of faith, my friends. We must have faith that all is unfolding according to Universal laws and we simply have a smaller view of it all. We must have faith that the universe is working on our behalf at all times because we are simply beloved children of the universe.

When we develop this faith, we can then work more intimately with manifestation and really get our flow on.

I am excited to share two different manifestational stories that show both nature and the constructed world are responding much more readily to manifestational energy, or is it that I am having greater faith in my abilty and flowing into alignment more quickly? I feel it is a bit of both.

As I mentioned above, the universe adores to play and be joyful. I have also found through long experience and review of the pathway to manifestation that the universe can, indeed, bend over backwards, and twist itself inside out to deliver to us what we are in alignment with, when we set our intentions and desires.

Monday Morning Quarterbacking to Build Faith in Manifestation

There is another tool that we can indeed use to build faith in our own abilities, and I call it Monday Morning Quarterbacking.  Since time is happening all at once, it is easy to go backwards to find evidence that will build our faith in our manifestational abilities going forward.  Cool how that works, eh?

Whenever anything manifests into my life, I sit with a moment of gratitude. Everything that manifests is, of course, a miracle and I am in gratitude most of the time, but we as humans tend to look more closely at the unique manifestations.

I sit with the creation and I trace the pathway backward to where I set the intention. We can generally find it rather easily, and we can also usually note that we didn’t have a lot of emotion or specific use of process related to the intention.

In fact, we may find we had set an intention for something quite specific and different, and added the caveat, ‘this or something better’, or ‘in my highest good’.

We may also have simply had a passing thought…’wouldn’t it be fun if’…  Or, we may have made a passing declarative statement…’well, we are going to win the door prize, so we may as well go to the fundraiser’.

By the way, we did win the door prize, a big-screen TV, many years ago, and that was my first inkling that the universe was really listening and liked to have fun playing with me.

Two Delightful Delivery Stories From the Universe

This past month, I was reviewing our financial situation and feeling pretty confident that a number of specific issues were responding quite nicely to consistently paying a little bit at a time. I won’t go into our family back story, as it is scattered all over my writing already, but suffice it to say, we have come a very long way over the last decade, and most of that was accomplished through baby steps and a great deal of faith that the universe always supports us.

I was sitting in a space of gratitude, where I noted that the money elemental had indeed provided for us at every point, but that sometimes we had to shift things around from stored abundance or future abundance to make it all work.

Sometimes in that shuffling, the fun things were put on the back burner, and so I simply said thank you for the support, and added: ‘wouldn’t it be fun if money fell from the sky, and rained down onto our divine space of love?’,  or something to that effect.

Years before, a friend in Rhode Island had relayed a story of a bank truck in an accident and money was raining down from an overpass in their city and everyone was scrambling around trying to get some of the fluttering bills. I thought about that event a number of times over the years, just imagining how all those people felt in that moment.  I didn’t want to work that hard, running around and all, I wanted to play with the money elementals and have the cash come to me.

Three times. Yes. Three times in the last month, money has literally done just that. No way to ignore that level of confirmation!

The first time, I was walking to the mail box after a big rain storm. Right in the middle of our drive way was a twenty dollar bill. It was soaking wet, but it drew my attention right away. I couldn’t have missed it. I smiled and picked it up and thanked the universe.

The second time, I was going to the gate to retrieve the garbage cans. I was facing the house and I saw a five dollar bill in the leaves in front of the fence. I smiled and picked it up and thanked the universe. When I went to get the garbage cans, there was another twenty dollar bill and another five right next to them.  Gee, this game is getting fun!

The third time was the charm, that made me really feel the joy that the universe and money elemental were having with me related to the money raining down from the sky game.

My daughter had a family friend who was visiting and they were getting ready to leave. We stepped outside to say good night, but it was very windy, so my daughter and I stepped into the open garage for our final goodbyes. All of a sudden, there was a huge gust of wind and into the garage flew another twenty dollar bill in the middle of the night!

We asked if our friend had dropped any money and he proceeded to count his bills and they were all there. The winds were whipping and the universe had targeted a 10-foot wide garage door to sweep a twenty right into our space of love! We both explained the game to our friend and thanked the universe and asked for more!

The next day, I was roaming in a shopping center parking lot and I was looking for more money. I didn’t find any, of course, because I hadn’t set the intention to do so. I had said, ‘rain down on our divine space of love’.  So, I giggled and expanded the intention. Allow money to rain down on me in any way it chooses, at any location and time and announce its arrival clearly to me! Thank you, more please!

Who wants to waste time looking for things when they can announce themselves to us? I have every faith that more will come my way at the perfect time.

I have always had a deep connection with rainbows, and the number of experiences I have had could fill a book, but the other day I played with nature and manifestation, and the response was instantaneous.

It was a clear day, and all of a sudden a huge storm blew through, with tons of wind and rain and flickering of lights. I was busy working on my computer and heard the ruckus. I sent some love to all the beings and quanta within my space of love, and continued on with my work, as the storm blew itself out and calm returned.

I went outside after the storm and looked to the western horizon, and saw the sun peeking through the clouds, though the sky was completely black in the opposite direction. I said that it would be lovely to see a rainbow after such a wild storm.

I went inside to do something, but I felt a call to go outside again. I have learned through long experience to always follow my intuition. I went outside and there, on the eastern horizon, was the perfect arch of a full rainbow. I ran inside to get my camera and take a picture, and as I was snapping the pictures I said it would be great to see a full double rainbow.

I set about looking into the sky for the double rainbow that I felt was there, but I had a meeting scheduled, and so, I thanked the rainbow for its beauty, and for coming to me, and I went inside to make my meeting.

After my meeting was complete, I went onto social media for a few minutes, as my work entails, and within two minutes up pops a photograph taken by one of my daughter’s school friends, not a mile away from my house, and not five minutes after I went inside, of a perfect double rainbow.

Universe and Nature Mic Drop! Boom!

I got exactly what I asked for, and the universe delivered it to me by bending over backwards and having me see it online.

The degree of twisting around for delivery was amazing, since I simply was scanning my news feed for a few minutes, which could have presented literally millions of other pictures and posts in that short time frame, but I got my double rainbow from a young woman who’s posts I do not regularly interact with. I jumped up and down with laughter at that one, and thanked the universe for playing with me.

An Open Invitation From the Universe to Play the Manifestation Game

I invite everyone to practice this instant manifestation game joyfully with the universe, and I am sure all will note fun results as they really get into the space of playfulness and wonder. The universe is always up to play games and contribute to our wonder on this earthly plane.

Not only is it simply a whole lot of awesome, but it helps us build deep abiding faith that we are indeed listened to and supported by a loving and benevolent universe, that enjoys playing with us if we simply open up to the miracle of it all and become a willing partner in the flow of creation.

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