Yesterday I had an inspiring experience at the dollar store that reminded me to just keep loving.

You can get a lot of good stuff at the dollar store, but who would have thought you could get confirmation that being the love you wish to see in this world will come back to you in surprising ways?

I often speak about being the change we wish to see in this world. I am pretty sure that Gandhi was the one to anchor that idea into the collective consciousness, but it is a construct that really anchored in my heart when I heard it many years ago.

If we agree that we are magnificent creators, our vibrations help to create our reality and our actions that line up with our vibration give it an energetic boost, anchoring that creative vibration into reality. Then, of course, being the change we wish to see is going to show us that change out in the world.

I have been rocking that construct in my life for a very long time: being the change that I wish to see in the wide world.

What is it exactly that I wish to see in this world?

What do I want to assist in creating?

What do I perceive to be my role on planet at this time?

The answer is simple and it pops out at me in almost every breath I take.

I am here to be love.

I am here to share love.

I am here to anchor love into the collective and be a living example of that love to all beings I encounter.

Easy peasy. Love it is.

That’s easy to say when sitting quietly and communing with our own hearts.

It’s easy to disconnect from the current reality, get centered and feel the love, but what about taking that feeling out on the road?

Observing the wide world gives us plenty of opportunities to see ‘not love’. We may observe it in our personal relationships, our families, our friend groups and communities, on the news and on social media.

As magnificent creators, imbued with divine sovereignty and free will choice, are we meant to take our cue from these observations and simply follow their lead?

Are we meant to follow the crowd and go with the flow that points in the direction of not love?

Are we meant to follow the paths of others and decide how we are going to think and focus and be based on their example?

Or are we meant to follow our own hearts?

It has been pounded into us since birth that it is not in our best interest to decide for ourselves what is true, or what direction our sovereign paths should take.

As always I ask, who does that serve?

Is the discomfort we feel when observing not love and wishing for that to change simply hopelessness around what is, or is it an intuitive signal that not love is not a part of our soul path and a reminder to us to be more love?

For me, of course, the latter is true.

Whenever I observe not love, it is like a signal that reminds me I get to choose what I wish to create in my own energy field and I anchor love consciously into the fabric of the universe.

It is a reminder that I am a magnificent creator and I get to choose what I anchor into reality. It reminds me to double my output of love.

Like I said before, there are a lot of examples out there swirling in the collective, which is simply a melting pot of all possible timelines and realities, that there is limited love in this world.

We get to decide if we believe that or not.

I don’t need to believe or disbelieve. I get to choose that which I want to create in this world.

I choose to create, intend, anchor and be love, first for myself and then out into the wide world.

I choose to practice this all day, every day, in every possible way I can. I might not always get it perfect, but my intentions are clear. I am here to be the love I wish to see in this world.

So, what happens when we do this consistently?

Love comes back to us and says thank you.

Back we go to the dollar store.

I was on a mission to get some toilet paper, because we were almost out at home, which is never a good thing.

On the drive to the store, I was listening to music I love and observing the beauty of the day.

I got a great parking spot and I walked into the store, seeing all the cute seasonal stuff and being thankful for the dollar store, which provides a lot of high quality products at good prices so people can get what they need even if they don’t have a lot of money.

There were quite a few people in the dollar store walking around in their own worlds as I bopped around the store in mine. I had to wait at the cold food case for a woman who was wearing surgical gloves, for fear of germs I assumed, to finish in one section before I got in there to grab a few things.

As I turned around to go down another aisle, I felt some very strong energy and I heard two women talking excitedly. As an energy reader from birth, I am used to feeling and interpreting changes in energy and as this energy touched my field, my heart flew open and I smiled from ear to ear.

I came up to a Black woman and a Latina woman who were exchanging animated information about a local church. One woman was inviting the other to an upcoming prayer service and they were both openly smiling at each other and then they embraced.

The energy of love was so strong, I simply squealed with joy and they turned towards me.

I said this was so beautiful and walked right up to them and embraced them both in a group hug without a single moment of hesitation, doubt or self-consciousness.

They willingly enveloped me in their arms and we held each other close for a long time, almost jumping up and down in the joy of it.

We all started laughing and our hearts were over flowing with childish glee and unconditional love. They each turned to me individually for another full embrace and each kissed me on the cheek.

One woman asked me if I was in a church and I simply said I was one with god and isn’t it wonderful to meet earthly angels in the dollar store!

Huge smiles and giggles ensued and then the woman in the surgical gloves turned the corner. A huge smile lit up her face, but she had not even been there to observe the interaction or our hugs.

The other ladies looked at me and we all started laughing as I said to them, see what love can do? She wasn’t even here and she can feel it!

She asked me what she was feeling. I said she was feeling love and I walked right up to her, threw my arms around her in a hug and she fully embraced me right back, laughing and smiling the whole time.

We all just stood there for a minute as unconditional love coursed through our energy fields and our hearts. I smiled one more time, said be well my friends and moved on with my shopping while my body buzzed from head to toe with the marvel of it all.

Four complete strangers blessed to come together in a space of love we created with our open hearts.

I was high on love for the rest of the day and thanked the universe for blessing us, as beloved children, with the energy of love.

I thanked the universe for the ability to feel that energy, to receive it, send it and be it on the incarnational plane.

For while love is the energy of the universe, it is anchored here, on planet through the vehicle of our bodies and our hearts.

I thanked the universe for this experience, which is one of many similarly silly and vastly important life experiences I have had with other beings, that confirms for me, yet again, what my role is.

I really do not need confirmation though, because I have full knowing that being the love we wish to see in this world is one of the most important and powerful things we can be in this now moment.

How do I know that? Because it feels so amazingly good.

Try it if you like and I bet you will see exactly what I mean.

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