disclosureHumanity, kept in ignorance for millennia, and the beauty of that is you think you are normal!

Church and State didn’t want us to learn to write, it meant we could read as well.

Control freaks had a ball and don’t argue, you’re dead, often as an object lesson to your social level. Ruled by fear and awe of Authority, from the beginning of Homo Erectus to just a few years ago.

We discovered a marvellous word… WHY?

Old habits die hard with Church and State , and now the Media is valiantly protecting us from knowledge.

Imagine 200 people watching a Starship only to be told, no you didn’t! Pictures, what pictures? So much for cell phones.

Imagine genuinely gifted people delivering messages of hope, peace and love, placed in state care, They cannot be allowed to tell ‘ordinary ‘ people these truths, they couldn’t handle it.

Simple solution, kill the messenger, and we did. By the way, we believed those cover stories!

What has changed? Not a lot, those who care for our mental welfare still don’t want us to be burdened with truth. They bravely continue to protect us from those who would have us believe God can speak directly to each and every one of us.

People from other races and religions are always the bad guys and we are perfection personified… and if you believe that, well, you’ll believe anything!

Although in this day and age every attempt is made to retain the historical powerbases that help keep us in ignorance, it just ain’t workin’ no more! We have learned to put our foot down and demand an accounting.

Secrecy is a way of life encouraged by Ignorance Departments, and sadly, to maintain an aura of relevance, lies, damn lies and lost documents are used to ‘prove’ they know what’s best for us.

We do however, have some very powerful friends who don’t give a damn about Authority and who are very concerned about our continuing state of ignorance.

The Boss (AKA God or Source of Creation) sends forth those who clean up the mess, help Gaia to breath again, and open the window for fresh air to blow through. It was, and is, a heck of a struggle.

We use a timeline, they use a now! So telling a fixed date for an event wasn’t going to happen, it couldn’t, and created a frustration that still is glued to us. Are we still kept in ignorance by our powerful friends or do we use a different clock?

Observe though, truth and verity is sneaking out of cupboards all over Gaia today. They are not burnt at the Stake, they are called Whistleblowers and either denigrated, incarcerated, or loved and revered.

So-called arcane skills are once again arising from the depths of basement dungeons and astrology, psychic channelling by truly talented people is taking a recognised place in society. Shamans arise!

Watch out for the fakes! The internet has a whole chapter on its own. Secrets last about 20 minutes and window cleaning is in vogue, so we can see through the sparkle.

Life is fun, I wouldn’t be dead for quids (1), as they say in Aussie.


(1) I wouldn’t be dead for quids meaning: to be very happy and well; have too much fun.

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