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It’s 11-11 again! Honestly, to me, every November is a reminder of gratitude, simply because it has (in the US) Thanksgiving in it. In this case, though it is synchronous enough to note, it’s not what I’m talking about when I speak here about the 11-11 passage today.

Many people like to talk about certain dates with double numbers and so forth and give them the value of passages or portals. They are often used as markers for particular gateways or timeline shifts or as mass meditation events. Sometimes they are offered as warnings of the possibilities of false flags too.

What I’d like to suggest is something a bit different. I’d like to suggest that the very best use of the date of November 11th in this year of 2019 is to focus on gratitude.

It’s a simple task and it doesn’t need to be fancy. It could include ritual or not, meditation or not. Light worker, grid keeper, gate keeper (or crasher), whatever you tag yourself to be, or just plain ordinary you, none of that matters all that much in my view for this particular form of blessing.

The blessing is all about how to focus on what there is to be appreciated and what value it has. Like I said, a simple task, a humble one. The reason I suggest it is also very, very simple.

Gratitude is, in my estimation, the ‘highest’ vibrational frequency right now on planet Earth which is available to anyone and everyone, regardless of who they are or what condition they may find themselves in. It’s my go to for keeping my attitude in the right place every single day, since I know without it, no matter what I may have, I have nothing. Gratitude is acknowledging value, right here and right now.

The ability to appreciate is grossly underrated. Everything that is, is enhanced by the love appreciation brings to it. Try it and see. Try imagining how different our shared realities would be if everyone were to practice this simple act each day.

It’s an act of mastery and magic to bring value and meaning to our world through the simple acts of appreciation and gratitude which are always available, if we only choose them.

Many blessings to all on this magical day of 11-11-2019.

With gratitude always,

Andrea Scully

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