knowledge and knowing

The mind has knowledge, the Being has knowing.  Knowledge is based on facts, knowing is based on vibration.  Knowledge needs proof, knowing needs resonance.

The other day I had a talk with my teenage son who ticks very rationally and depends on knowledge.  Without proven facts, he’s restricted to belief or doubt;  be-lie-f is off his list of desirable traits which makes him an ever-doubting Thomas.

Internally I praise him for being a space holder for duality in our family which doesn’t prevent us from discussing fiercely at times.

My son says, ‘I don’t believe anything as being possible as long as it’s not proven’.
I say, ‘I believe everything’s possible unless I’m proven differently’.

Would it surprise you to hear that the kid thinks his mom’s a space-cake?

But it kind of clicked in him when I explained how my position is an open one and his is closed.

A thousand years ago, people believed things that only nowadays can be proven true.  The fact that there’s no proof for something doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.

Belief and Doubt

Also scientists believe or doubt something; they put up a thesis, and then work on finding proof for or against their thesis.  With proof found, believe and doubt become obsolete, they’re being replaced by knowledge.

Knowledge is a feature of the linear mind.  But there’s so much information out there we have no knowledge about, thus the mind is not the one to ask for answers from beyond proof, believe or doubt.

Only the Being truly knows.  Knowing flows through the heart which evaluates information from body, mind and spirit.

The being knowsThrough the heart, we access information from the personal and planetary library stored in our cells, information that descends from our universal Being-ness, and information that comes to us from the outside.

The heart discerns truth from lie by inner resonance.  With an incoming information or a perception it goes either ‘Ah, yes, true for me’, or ‘Nope, not in my world’, or it stays neutral in ‘I don’t know’.

I Don’t Know

‘I don’t know’ is a gorgeous position to be in.  The mind can’t stand it though, it’s unbearable, thus this identification needs to go.

Experienced through the heart, ‘I don’t know’ is an adventurous journey.  The more knowledge I gain, the more I realize just how little I know.

With this, the need to understand and explain everything fades.  Every idea I have about reality can only be a small fragment of what actually is true.

My perception is defined by my state of consciousness; when my consciousness expands, my perception of reality shifts.  According to what I can perceive and integrate at this point of time, my linear mind defines concepts of reality which allow it to come along with me on my path.

As long as I remember that my concepts are not based on ‘eternal truth’, but on my individual truth at this point of now in my soul evolution, they support my path. When they become a limitation, I need to throw them overboard.

Thus I teach my son to keep an open mind when it comes to discerning on the reality of things.  He’s not yet consciously aware of his heart’s capabilities to check on resonance with unknown incoming information.  But he can learn to relax with ‘I don’t know’.

Believer, Atheist, Agnostic

He calls me a religious devotee and is proud of himself for being an atheist.  In essence both are believers, one believes that God exists, the other believes that God doesn’t exist.  Both don’t know and take position either for or against God.  (Exchange ‘God’ for everything you don’t have knowledge of, and see the patterning of the mind^^.)

I challenge this young man in my family to take the position of an agnostic.

Admit that you don’t know and stay neutral, then you have no need for believe or doubt.  If you feel invited to explore what you don’t know, move with an open mind, and the knowledge you gain will trigger the knowing from your Being.

Neutral is a fantastic place to be in.  It opens a multitude of doors, and it’s fun to walk through them.

I wish for my son, as well as for all humans, to easily and smoothly move from the dependency on knowledge to the freedom of knowing.

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