Not being a lawyer, I have a major problem within one area of the art of manifestation.

Where this arises is via the advice given by well meaning light workers, Galactics and our beloved Angelic partners of all ranks.

Be careful what you ask for, because what you receive may well be NOT what you really meant.

We are lovingly advised to most carefully describe the manifestation required, almost like the wording of a legal contract. No heretofors in here, whereas the party of the second part, etc, is also missing and not part of the requests.

Clarity of description, ‘I want some money to help people,’ could result on a 20 cent piece to prop up an unstable table leg. See what I mean?

It would appear that rather than legal wordage and attitudes, accounting would be more useful to the thinker of high thoughts.

Only you know what dream you are chasing, and that dream may be needed to manifest for you personally, family (perhaps extended), disadvantaged people, animals and aspects of the environment. These might make your heart beat faster.

Do your homework, research location, costs, real need, not assumed, effect on other…

An example is, pray for rain in a drought and it comes over days, weeks and downpours, washing out plants, fences, killing agriculture and wild creatures. Making communities homeless and farmers bankrupt (and oh, horror, water in the beer) is all part and parcel of no boundaries on the request, so over abundance just happened (ummm).

Which brings us back to the question about specifying. We are all powerful, we can think up a storm, we can do enormous damage or be of very little help. Or change the world for the better.

We have been told this is so and they wouldn’t lie to us, would they? NO, they just assumed we would remember the guidelines.

What guidelines?

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to take my own advice and do some research.

I am still not a lawyer… heavenly or otherwise. Or an accountant, but I am a Scenic, nuff said!

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