As we approach the Equinox, no matter where we are on the globe, we are instinctively drawn to a change in the light within our sphere of existence and the way nature beautifully adjusts to these changes.

Our blessed mother Sophia-Gaia takes the light into her kingdoms, and each in their own way flows with that light and the available energy in their now moments, to seamlessly move into the new with ease and grace.

The light intertwines with matter in an ancient dance where each player instinctively knows their dance moves.

Trees in the north begin the migration of chlorophyll from their leaves into their trunks for storage, creating a beautiful shock of color across the landscape, while their brethren in the south burst forth in flower to greet the sun and present themselves to pass down their eternal molecules of DNA to future generations.

The air gets chilly and some prepare for hibernation, while the air warms and some set out in a long migration. Each to their own and all based on the light.

The kingdoms do not follow a calendar or receive announcements about the energy present. They are not sent updates about what they should be doing based on the time of the year. They are disconnected from time as we know it, and completely connected to the ebb and flow of seasons, intuitively responding to these shifts.

They simply know within their beings that change is evident and they adjust to that change immediately, for not doing so would indeed be detrimental to their survival.

Humans are a generally a bit more separated from experiencing their survival instincts in such a striking fashion, but the collective feels these shifts in a profound and often unconscious way.

The light shifts and we may not attribute that shift to why we are more aware of the powerful changes in the world and in our lives.

One moment we are chugging along on auto-pilot, and the next we may feel directly confronted by an overwhelming fear of the tremendous changes being presented. We can also experience a strong desire to try and control the flow or intensity of these changes.

We, as humans and dreamers of the empowered dream, have the opportunity to observe the natural kingdoms and take their gracious lead related to change.

They simply know. They simply trust and they simply flow.

We can be like they are, for we are them.

We are all beloved members of the blessed earthy kingdoms, and as such we can all access this ancient wisdom and trust, for it is a gift to us.

It is our birthright as human beings.

That which we resist, persists, and this has always been so.

No exceptions.

So, I invite you to trust and drop the struggle, moving courageously forth into change and mighty forces will come to your aid.

For going with the flow of change, centered in our own heart space with the sincere knowing that as beloved children of the Universe we are fully supported in all moments, is the most empowering place we can be as we ride out the intense energies at this time.

Blessing it all, loving you all at the Equinox and intending for the highest good of all beings to unfold perfectly as we flow into the new.

Written for Gaia Scenics’ View.

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