Nature always has a way of grabbing my attention with the beauty of her seasons. She asks me to stop and observe how I fit into the whole picture.

As I sit here and look out the window at the first falling snow of the year turning the tree branches into puffy traces of brilliant white, I know that my brothers and sisters in the Southern Hemisphere are watching the tender buds unfold and birds beginning to build their nests.

I know, no matter what, that somewhere on our beautiful planet, there is life and rebirth and growing, and there is also harvest, ending and resting. It is a complete cycle that goes on for eternity, but none of it happens at the same time or in the same place.

We are reminded that there is a time for everything and a place for everything. When we get into the flow of this perfection, we also learn that there is a place for us in it all. That we have our own cycles and our own need for growth or rest, depending on where we are on our sovereign path.

Our cycles and seasons in our own world may be very different from those of Gaia or anyone around us. We can only look to others for a reminder to look to ourselves, because deep inside, there is an ancient knowing of what we need at any given time.

Gaia never ignores these ancient calls. She simply flows with them, and I use her example to flow with myself and what calls to me.

As the center of all things in the natural world, she is the beginning and ending of all cycles that are possible. Without her lead and balance, nothing else can be in balance.

We are the center of our own worlds. Without our own internal balance and fulfillment of our own deep seated needs, nothing else can be in balance.

It is sometimes difficult to put ourselves right in the middle of things and honor what we need, but it really is paramount as we are each the zero point of our own universe and deserve to have our needs and seasons honored. Doing so with deep love for self really brings a level of ease and grace to life that is unprecedented.

In these chaotic times, I invite you to take a moment and observe the world quietly, the world that is you, and apply as much time and energy and unconditional love to yourself as you do to the world around you.

As we do this, honoring ourselves and our needs, we find that we have more to give to the world because we are taking care of ourselves first.

This is how it should be, for we are beloved children of the Universe that loves and supports us in every single moment and invites us to do the same.

Written for Gaia Scenics’ View

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