I was standing by my compost pile here in my Divine Space of Love and the Carolina Wrens that were scolding me for disturbing their foraging were concrete proof that everything is connected.

Nothing in this world shows those connections more strongly than a compost pile, if you really look deeply.

You see, we put kitchen scraps, dead weeds, old leaves and branches in a big pile and end up with compost.

Compost is the black gold of the garden, filled with newly freed up nutrients and building blocks for soil.

The Right Ingredients For a Recipe

Seems simple enough really, but the process is complex and without interconnections it does not happen.

Place some dead leaves in a corner of the garden and leave them alone and a different process occurs. Over a couple of years the leaves break down to leaf mould as fungus breaks down the carbon and creates a soil conditioning amendment that is certainly useful but not the same as compost.

Put a bunch of newly pulled weeds into a bucket and leave them alone and they will certainly rot down to a mucky goo that smells disgusting as bacteria and yeast act to break down the tough cellulose cell walls and free the nutrients up for their own use. After a while methane will be created and remind you to get rid of the bucket.

When we combine things more mindfully though, the amazing process of hot composting occurs and transforms the dead into the living and finally life-giving.

Even things like cardboard and paper can be transformed in a hot compost pile. Nestled within a pile of green matter, which is rich in nitrogen, the carbon fibers easily give way into the process of composting and transform into something entirely new.

The Right Environment

The right environment: Carbon, Nitrogen, Moisture, Oxygen and Volume, naturally draw the appropriate animal, insect, bacterial and fungal organisms to the space to happily begin munching away and transforming matter into something new.

Small mammals and birds pick through the matter looking for seeds and the insects drawn to the pile and they drop their own fecal fertilizer into the pile which activates it. Their activity also breaks the bigger pieces into smaller ones and the act of turning materials to look for food brings oxygen into the top levels.

Insects and worms swarm to the pile in search of food, shelter and areas to lay their eggs and raise their young. The larval or instar state of many insects do the heavy lifting of the compost pile, breaking down the material into smaller parts and further fertilizing the pile with their fecal matter.

As materials are broken down into much smaller parts and moisture creates the perfect interface for exchange, molecules are digested and combined into something new by the soil micro-organisms.

Going Without in Our Universe

We have just witnessed matter and energy come into form, through form and out of form in the compost pile. This energy construct is a constant in our universe.

Matter is neither created nor destroyed. It is simply transformed.

Without connections though, it generally stays static.

Without interplay, the world is limited and the energy cannot be shared.

Without one energy particle connecting to another at the quantic level, elements could not form.

Without one chemical element being attracted and connected to another, compounds could not form.

Without one catalyst creating the right environment between two chemical compounds, chemical reactions could not occur and the building blocks of this earth would not exist.

Without the interplay of the biology and chemistry within the microscopic organelles of the cell, connecting and providing support and nutrients for each cell, biological organisms, even at the one-celled level, would not exist.

Without the differentiation of roles and support connections at the cellular level, higher life would not exist.

Without a brain cell, a muscle cell is a mute point because it cannot receive direction via electrical impulses of the nervous system.

Without the cardiac muscle cell, the circulatory system would be irrelevant, as blood could not be pumped through its miles of vessels, thus feeding, watering and breathing for the trillions of cells on the frontiers of the body.

Interconnections exist within individual body systems and out into the natural ecosystem as we have seen with the compost pile.

Without the connective interplay between the earth, time and Gaia’s wind, weather and storm, there is no rock dust and sand that forms the basis of sub soil that provides a rooting home for plants.

Without the connection between plants and solar energy, animal life could not exist.

The Connectivity Dance in Our Natural World

Most natural fauna interacts and is connected with its environment, serving a specific role that supports the whole.

One of the most widely publicized examples is the European Honey Bee which was imported to the US when foreign seed crops were not yielding harvests.

A pollinator and a plant grow together in a specific dance of interconnection. The plant evolves to attract the pollinator and offers host habitat for its young. Without each other, neither could exist.

Native plants have native pollinators and foreign plants need foreign pollinators. The environment supports the native connections naturally through the ecosystem in perfect balance when left alone, but the foreign connection takes far more work and energy to support.

Natural connections tend to flow and be supported by feedback loops, creating more connections at both higher and lower levels.

Forced connections tend to eat up resources and break connections at all levels.

In a native plant community, the plants use solar energy to create sugars and starches which they use to feed themselves and produce their seeds.

They filter these sugars down to their roots and secrete them where soil fungus called mycorrhizae eat them and in exchange they give the roots access to soil minerals and nutrients.

They also create vast networks of fungal connections with other trees and thus all trees in a forest can theoretically be connected, share resources and communicate via this root and fungus connection.

Support Goes Both Ways

Symbiotic relationships abound in the natural world, and these beneficial relationships serve all levels, both up and down the natural grid within the ecosystem.

The plants also provide forage, habitat, safety and breeding locations for all manner of insects.

The insects provide forage for birds and mammals, but the tree also provides food for many higher vertebrates and nesting sites as well.

The higher mammals and birds provide food for the predator levels in this interconnected web of life that is the ecosystem, but the environment in which the plants exist, the terrain, provides shelter and nesting sites for these animals and birds as well.

They all, in turn, deposit their waste and eventually shed their bodies within the ecosystem which, along with the leaves and autumn shed bodies of perennial and annual plants begin the process of nourishing the soil with nutrients transformed by the smallest members of the ecosystem.

Humanity is a Part of the Connection Dance as Well

Life is supported through these connections, and human life is no different.

We are connected at every level to the web of life, but many have simply forgotten. Without the connections at the micro- and macro-level, we could not exist.

Without our connection and support to the natural world, we would not have oxygen, water or food or habitat or raw materials.

Without our connection to the community of other humans we would be hard put to provide for ourselves on an individual survival basis, truly, but we would also suffer emotionally, as humans are meant to be connected and interact with other humans.

From birth, an infant is connected to its mother and exists only because of that connection and care.

Its smile and ability to make eye contact are its first efforts to connect further to its own kind, and we see that the young of community based animals are always adorable with large eyes.

Those animals that play no part in the raising of their young in community are generally not cute, as they do not need to attract other members of their kin. They are self sufficient based on instinct, but they are still connected to their environment, and without that connection cannot survive.

In community, in connection we thrive. Separate and isolated, we fail to reach our potential.

The Spiritual Connection

Even at the level of spirit and soul, we are connected as individuals to All that Is at the higher self and source level.

We represent a single point of perception and consciousness reflecting back our unique experience of individuation to the universe.

We play at being alone and separate while everything on this earthly plane is connected together to support us and every other life form.

We play at being in relationship, in partnership, in groups, in community, in nationality and culture, learning the ins and outs of connection in both small and large ways.

We yearn for connection because it is the natural aptitude of our biology to be in community and the natural tendency of our spirit to be in unity with other individuated incarnate souls on planet.

As Below, So Above. We are all connected.

As beloved children of the universe, we are connected, and through those connections, from the level of Source all the way down to the sub-molecular quantic level, we and all other beings are supported and nurtured and loved.

Gaia’s Dance of Interconnection

Through this web of interconnection we exist.

All exists on this earthly plane through communion and connection, and I bless in deep gratitude our dear mother, Gaia-Sophia, for this support through interconnection that allows us to thrive on our individual paths forward.

Without the building blocks provided by Gaia, and all the connections made within the earthly plane, there is no possibility for physical incarnation on earth.

Without the connection between the celestial and the earthly, there is no physical existence. Without the connection to the physical building blocks of matter, source energy could not find a home within the incarnational plane.

I bless all these seemingly infinite connections that led us into this physical creation space and I honor them, knowing that each is vastly important.

If one connection at any level was not made, imagine just how different life would be, or even if it could be here on Earth?

It’s amazing what working in a compost pile can bring through in Gaia’s Garden!

Written for Gaia Scenics’ View

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