Highest GoodWe hear this a lot. It seems lately that everyone is holding the space for the highest good, but what does that actually mean?

As a long time walker on the spiritual path, I thought I knew what it meant, and I also thought I was very good at it.

I mean, I am a whiz at setting intentions and invoking energy to move in a certain way. It feels so powerful when I do this, and certainly, from personal experience, things seem to work out for my good, and the good of dear friends when I do this.

The truth is though, that I have recently learned a very frustrating and valuable lesson about space-holding and invoking the highest good, especially in these increasing energies.

You see, even though I feel that I have a glimpse of what the highest good should be, it is always seen through the filter of my own perceptions. I can evaluate what may be the highest good, but only in my own personal world and dimension. Everything else is out of my league, and so it should be.

I am also learning that the highest good is not a static thing, but ever flowing and evolving.

That is the tough part, isn’t it? We all have an idea of what the highest good would be, but much of that is based on the hope of an outcome that would make each of us personally happy. Is our happiness and what is in the overall highest good compatible? It certainly should be, but most of us are looking at outcomes and that is where we get mixed up.

As most of us feel happiness and joy when things flow nice and easy and everything is in its appropriate place, we tend to believe that the highest good should feel the same way. In most cases though, the traverse from where we are, to where we are going, in the direction of our highest good, may cross a significant portion of ground that does not feel good.

Oh, and the human desire, deeply ingrained and reinforced by society, to avoid discomfort, places a significant road block in our way. We innately, as biological animals, seek comfort and pleasure and move away from discomfort and pain, but these very things that we avoid are often times the only things that make us grow and evolve.

For without contrast, there is no choice. Without testing, there is no growth. Without seeing exactly what is running in the background, or buried deep within, no change can occur.

So the highest good often involves discomfort and pain and fear and unease. Society teaches us from a very young age to avoid these things, and so the default habit and hack is to go into denial and compartmentalize everything.

There is no growth in this state. There is only stagnation at best and a swelling, throbbing, seething energy abscess at worst. For these things wish to come to the surface for release, and to deny them, resist them or actively fight against them, only increases the pressure with which they will push against individuals, communities and the world at large.

On a human level, with a brain that is the ultimate difference engine and atmospheric evaluator, we tend to sit in these moments that feel bad, and believe that the highest good is not being accomplished. This is where patience and faith come into play.

You see, the story is not yet over, nor will it ever be truly over as it is an eternal evolution. We tend to judge where we are as an end point, and not as a point on the path to the highest good.

And again, if the highest good is always evolving, shifting and changing, how do we even evaluate if we are on the right path? It gets tricky my friend, and frustrating to say the least!

Surprisingly to me, and another knock on the noggin about knowing what the highest good is, my service work lately has involved a significant portion of the geo-political awakening in the collective consciousness. This diverse group of awakening beings fills a heart-soul connection with ideas specifically focused on shifting the direction of American government to a more transparent and supportive focus.

Their goal is to create a future we can all believe in, and they have some very solid ideas on how to accomplish that goal. My work, within the group, is one of energetic support, cheerleading, which is of course my forte, and holding the space for the highest good to unfold perfectly in divine timing.

The intent is pure; when I reflect on it my heart flies right open. The goal is admirable; when I connect with the energy of it, already created and waiting for us to come into alignment with it, I feel intense joy.

The path, which in my estimation should be smooth, because so many are in alignment with the destination, is surprisingly rocky and the obstacles many. The work is at once elating and frustrating, but this too is perfect.

So, I sit in quiet reflection on all these factors. The joy and heart-opening indicate strongly that these energies are indeed welcome in my personal energy field, my world, my dimension, my timeline. They are a part of the evolution and destiny I came here to support. This is a future that I resonate with personally, but I can only evaluate based on my own energy field. I can only know my own unique and individual perspective.

Applying my perspective to the whole, and forcing, through my personal will and intent, completely discounts the higher perspective, the sovereign free will path of others and indeed Divine Will.

It is like being a jigsaw puzzle piece of a vast and breathtakingly beautiful vista. It all fits together to create the magnificent view. It is all created out of the same stuff and interlinks perfectly when placed in a certain order.

When we open the box and look at the pieces, we have no idea what that order is or how long it will take us to accomplish that order, but unless someone did the puzzle before us and lost one of the pieces, we have every faith that it will indeed be completed perfectly at whatever pace we choose to complete it in.

As a small puzzle piece, uniquely formed and sharing its individual reflection of the whole, would it be productive for a piece of the sky to wish that all pieces in the puzzle were pieces of the sky? Are not the puzzle pieces depicting the rocky mountain side just as valid in the overall view? Do not the pieces that make up a distant lake add necessary dimension to the whole? Do not the pieces that splash colorful flowers into the foreground add to its beauty?

Are we able to even identify the whole vista by looking only at one puzzle piece or a small interconnected corner of the whole? Why even attempt the puzzle to begin with, when you can see the picture it represents on the box before you even open it?

From the higher perspective, Divinity can indeed see the picture on the box, all knowing and eternal, but what fun is that?

It is in the joy of putting it all together, one piece at a time, that the smaller parts of the picture come into focus. It is in this creation and reconnecting process that the Universe finds joy, constantly rediscovering Itself and Its infinite nuances. It is in the remembering of the whole that It all comes into perfect view.

From our Divine human plane, it is the act of putting it together, with all its frustration, discovery and effort that makes the puzzle in itself a worthwhile undertaking. It is in the engagement of the challenge, and its unknown road map to an already known destination, that we can experience feelings of accomplishment and success. We seed faith in our own abilities.

These feelings make us stronger and instill within us a greater ability to sit in uncertainty and have faith in the outcome of the highest good in perfect timing.

So, as a unique, wild and wonderful puzzle piece, I invite the future to unfold perfectly before me, before us, and I hold the space for the highest good of all, in accordance with Divine Will, and in perfect timing, knowing full well that everything is always perfect and all is indeed well.

I have faith that through my heart-centered knowing, I will contribute, as I follow my joyful heart’s intuition and inspiration, exactly what is needed for this Divine unfolding. I know deeply that all others who are called to contribute as well will do so through their own guidance and in accordance with their own path.

I have patience and faith in a supportive Universe that has the higher perspective and can see that beautiful ever-expanding and evolving vista as clear as day.

I release my very human and understandable need to know how it will all play out, or control it in any way.

No need to puzzle, when I am already a piece of the whole miraculous thing, doing exactly what I should be doing by focusing on the joy of my heart. As always, I am eternally grateful to be a beloved part of the ever-evolving whole. And so it is.

Reflecting in this way has certainly brought me to a peaceful place. I don’t know how it will all play out, but I am OK with that in this present moment.

I also have an inkling, that even though the Universe knows how it all turns out, it is also surprised by how it is evolving with all us unique and beloved puzzle pieces at play. After all, isn’t that a big part of the joy of it? The Universe does indeed enjoy being surprised!

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