I wonder if our concept of abundance is a bit skewed. The concept, or actually the paradigm of abundance, seems to have been hijacked by a limited and linear view in which abundance is somehow conditional, and predicated upon worthiness.

I’d like to share my thoughts and feelings and experience about Abundance with a capital ‘A’. And I’d like to expand the concept into the truth of Abundant Life.

The planet is teaming with life in all of its glory on all levels and on all dimensions.

The elemental kingdom sings praise to the Earth as the trees come into bloom after a long winter rest, and they begin to bloom and stretch their limbs. They have sluffed off the dead branches -those parts of themselves that they no longer need.

We might see what looks like dead branches lying on the ground. But, we might stop and ponder, for just a moment, that the tree was renewing itself and ready to drop its branches and let them go, just as humanity renews itself in the Spring and ‘spring cleans’.

Spring is the reality of renewal – the change that comes with the birth of the new. We are given the opportunity to let go of that which does not serve us any longer and bless it and send it on its way.

We can see Abundance in the life of plants, animals, minerals and humanity. This life is our birthright. We are surrounded by Abundance in the exquisite diversity of Gaia.

Look at the abundance of plants and animals. Look at their utilization and how they serve Gaia. Humanity is life too, and does the same. Humanity is the microcosm of the macrocosm. Humanity in its beautiful diversity is called to lead the way.

There is no lack except the lack that is perceived in a narrowest meaning of the word. Lack is the perception that there is not enough, or that there is not enough of what is needed or desired.

As we clear that space within our self, when we come to realize that a concept or an idea is no longer viable, or no longer works in our life, we have the choice to release it and let it go, and clear a space.

Clearing a space within creates a void. This void has the potential to be filled with ‘the new’, with Life Abundant.

When we are open to receive the new, invariably an opportunity or an experience appears to us. I’ve found that the opportunity has appeared according to my life path. It’s something that I need to know, or to integrate or to look at again.

Is it possible that we do not hear the call for renewal or change? Is it possible that we do not hear the whispering of the higher essence within that there is more? Can we let go of what no longer serves us in order to receive the new?

I’ve heard many people say that they are having feelings of anticipation, that something wonderful and exciting is on the horizon. Those feelings of anticipation are felt within, are they not? If we are in a space of expectation, and listen within for the gifts that come from that expanded perception, then we are ready to receive and accept the gift.

We are not here to experience lack or limitation. We are here to experience and realize Abundant Life – life in all of its manifestations – beautifully and joyously.

Abundant Life is the true nature of life. It is the realization of the community in unity and the diversity within the collective consciousness. We are being called to see and experience the new paradigm as the collective whole within Life.

As we come in sync with the elemental kingdoms, we tune in to the frequencies of expanded consciousness and the knowing that all life exists in peace and harmony.

We are that peace and harmony, because we are not separate from anyone or anything. When we think we are separate, our concepts and perceptions do not allow the new to manifest.

We are at that time where the realization of being here ‘now’ is close at hand. As more and more realize the Abundant Life that surrounds us, more individuals will step into these collective energies.

Abundance is energy. Money or currency is energy. Food is energy, shelter is energy. We are surrounded and infused by the energy of potential, which is the potential to co-create all that is good, all that is whole,  all that is complete within our lives and the lives of all life on Gaia.

Be in this moment. Listen for and allow the ‘new’ to manifest with in you. See the abundance within you. Know that this Abundance is Truth, it is Simplicity and it is Love.

Become a living prayer of goodness, kindness, compassion and wholeness by desiring that it be so. Allow the blessings to flow from the center of being and be at peace.

Written for Gaia Scenics’ View

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