lightLight globe moments, we’ve all had them, when cause and effect, ignorance and understanding click together smoothly, like a well oiled lock and its key.

Light globe moments may be the harbinger of acceptance in advances in technology, matters of the spirit, a neighbour’s attitude, and the reason for one’s own bad habits. As you can see, they can be both comfortable and disturbing, but they are all ‘Illuminating’.

One thing they don’t or cannot do, (sigh) is tell the time, and so, 2 am is as good a time as any to be enlightened. This happened to me.

When I was a 4 year old, I was hospitalized with Rheumatic fever. Hospital discipline was hard in the days of starch and ‘yes, matron’.

When I was taken into the hospital, I remember seeing/feeling myself on a trolley being pushed around a walkway high up in the ceiling space. Below was a trolley/table with 4 people in doctor type clothes working frantically on me.

I was not concerned, because I hurt too much, all over. I was curious, though, what were they doing?

I do not remember going to sleep, just waking up in the ward, in a bed next to a little boy who had just accidentally wet his bed. Drama? You ain’t seen nuthin ’til you see a nurse changing a wet bed. I was terrified, in case I had an accident like my next door neighbour.

Life goes on, and eventually I was healed of my clicky heart (thanks to the rheumatic fever), and I joined the Australian Army. The military takes your brain, washes out all prior teaching and fills the empty space with Army stuff. Everyone is your boss, until you climb the ladder.

I discovered all sorts of things about myself, and I was not unhappy with my findings. I didn’t realise I was a sort of victim in my mind and was usually not guilty, just a victim of unavoidable circumstances.

Then the light globe happened. 2 am is not a good time for introspection, so I didn’t have time to dwell on the revelation revolution whatever, I just felt GOOOOD.

Yes, I realised that I had been play acting all my life, and I had even fooled myself. Not any more do I feel the victim, the wronged one, the perpetually overlooked. I have a spark inside me that is a gift of the Creator.

I am equal, I love and am loved. Thank heaven, I paid the electricity bill, or the light globe may have been a torch.

I can only say, fellow scenics, may you all have a 2 am wake up call, if you haven’t already. Hugs to all!

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