longing for belongingEveryone’s story is different; and similar, a feeling of desperation, striving for the unknown. What! Not quite belonging, and yet, following the accepted social path to a form of success.

Then one day, when you want to go and kick something hard, you find yourself solidly shaken and dumped into a light-globe moment.

For a magical second or an hour; a day, time is slippery, a path with evidence presents itself at your feet, between your ears, or in your heart space, but somehow it arrives and the work begins. The lessons are many and range from joyous to trust.

Formal aspects of the spiritual life and growth may result in you having to twist like a pretzel, yoga-like, or in trust that the feelings you have are not proof of incipient madness. There will be many friends and relatives prepared to confirm THAT theory. Your wheels are spinning.

You may also have a pile of religious books, and your hands are holding Tarot, Runes, Numerology and confusion.

Then what? You have more theory than you can poke a stick at, you don’t see angels, your sky is not full of UFOs and Galactics. and the feeling of pressure to DO something is building.

A seed of doubt, oh no, not you! Doubt should have no place in a Spiritual Being’s development, but.. still and all, how come, you think, ‘I seem to be the only one swimming upstream…’?

Then another light-globe moment, you find a blogsite that resonates with you. The writers seem knowledgable and compassionate, whilst holding space for you to ask your questions and to receive many points of view. Nobody says ‘your wrong, I’m right’, and the light-globe has a key word, Love!

Now you are all warm and fuzzy, with perpetual grin on your face, and life is good. You climb out of your 9 to 5 glass box, and really go for it.

Now you understand. You never stop learning or Loving, life can be a series of tests with the answers within.

You know about boots on the ground, as Warriors for Gaia Force. Your weapons are basic; Love, Light  Trust and Laughter. Oh yes. Don’t forget the Devic Kingdoms, they are brilliant and fun.

That’s me. Done for now, bless you and may we meet on the Journey!

Written for Gaia Scenics View


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