What is life, but an opportunity to cultivate an expansive joyful state of being, a chance to discover and experience ‘All That Is’ to the fullest extent of divine existence!

The human journey has taken us to the depths of pain and suffering… Suffering in the body and suffering of the soul. For millennia, we believed this to be the path to God and so we became our own tormentors, each submitting to the pull and push of a judgmental, controlling mind. A distorted mind that tore at the root of our essence and barricaded the flow of our heart.

We were dammed, cultivated and consumed, but no more, as the light has returned and we are still here to receive it.

We remembered the love and are learning to love again.

As the matrix of mind grows thinner and thinner, with each passing moment, our true being emerges through the cracks in the walls, wafting forth to our senses the dreams of a new beginning.

Our dreams; a balm to our aching bodies, minds and hearts.

Our love; the elixir and solvent of pain.

We hold on and wonder, when will the struggle be over? When will we be free to start again?

But in truth… We are already free!

The question is, do we fly through the open door or remain like Pavlov’s dog, in submission to our past conditioning?

The first step is to know the old rules no longer apply.

No more having to do or having to be, or needing to deserve or approve. Nothing ever is going wrong, as wrong no longer exists. So feel what you may, and feel what you must, to dispel old, clouded thinking. Do, or do not, for whatever reason or for no reason at all…

Trip, fall, get up again, skip, hop and jump.
Taste, smell, listen and see… observe, ignore and sleep.

The ups and downs and the twists and turns all serve to expand the ALL. So, dive into the light, it illumines, roll over into the dark, it deepens. Answer the rhythm and call of inspiration. Allow a natural pace.

Flow with the River of All-ness and Swim in its Waves of Joy

Joy is the wind that charts the course and delights in each new turn, transmuting misconceptions and birthing unique expression… an infinite fountain of life.

YES, Life is meant to be Joyful!

Whatever the desire, mission or purpose be guided through presence of joy.

Written for Gaia Scenics’ View




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