Heart's Frequency

Align the Heart’s Frequency with the Wisdom of the Soul

We are already the masters of frequency. However, the question is: What are we doing with that power?

In some ways, we have contributed to the chaos of third dimensional reality.

It is easy to point at the cabal and blame them for all that has gone astray. They indeed have generated a great deal of chaos and pain. Our contribution comes from the frequency generated by our personal behaviors. Behaviors done, for the most part, unconsciously, to protect and defend our sense of safety, our thoughts and our belief systems.

Over time the frequencies of a lower vibration have become ingrained in our individual psyches. So, they manifest unnoticed most of the time. But, we can gain insight into how we each have, and continue to contribute to the old way of doing things. As we do, we can transform our personal experience.

How often is it, that our guts churn because someone lifted an eyebrow in disapproval, or have we internalized another person’s emotional outburst, and wondered if there was something wrong with us? How often have we ignited this reaction in another person?

This kind of communication can go on unnoticed dozens of times a day, contributing to our moods and outcomes.

The solution begins with the realization that every emotion, thought, word and gesture is a frequency. It is crucial to recognize and identify any aberrations within our field. We can examine this without taking it personal, or finding fault or blame in its cause. Because, whatever the cause, it has come to deliver a message. All frequencies carry information.

It is imperative that we take responsibility for what frequencies or messages we hold inside of ourselves and what we project into the world.

As we do this we become empowered. We learn to identify with the observer-self rather than the reactive-self. As the observer, we become conscious of our creations and can recognize that what we experience grows out of the frequencies we choose to engage.

For example, we can observe when a frequency like depression or sadness arises from thoughts and words of blame, shame or self-doubt. Rather than sink into those harmful energies, we can choose to heal them.

In our relationship with others and with ourself, we begin to see that reactive behaviors are generated by frequencies. We realize the fear, jealousy, anger and hatred we witness in the world are also frequencies.

We can see that frequency is not a reflection of who a person is, but is a reflection of their state of being. This recognition helps us to stay out of the reactive behaviors that tend to escalate conflict. And when someone close engages us from within one of these toxic states, we do not have to take it personally.

By understanding the nature of frequencies, we can see how a person can get caught up by what is happening around them, or can change or transmute a situation by transforming their personal frequency.

As we deepen this exploration, more is revealed.

Judgements and criticism, whether coming from outside ourselves, or conducted by our own thoughts, often reflect that which we have hidden from ourselves. This process, of self-revelation, becomes an opportunity to heal aspects of our shadow self.

So, when experiencing the frequency of attacking or feeling attacked, judging or feeling judged, etc., we might examine that inner phenomena which causes the need to ensue, or feel within this range of frequencies. The inward journey may bring up a childhood, or past-life trauma that needs to be transmuted or healed.

Through this process of observing and taking responsibility, we fine-tune our capacity to clear and transmute aberrant frequencies before they lower the field of our existence and the tenor of our emotions. As we master this process, we increase our capacity to hold and transmit frequencies of elevated choice.

Engagement with each other is a necessary component of self-discovery.

The feeling or frequency, whether projected or received, is no more than a call to understand and transmute the internal causal point. The outer experience or exchange with another one is really a gift, an invitation to identify and heal our hidden wounds, misperceptions, old belief systems and/or patterns of behavior that no longer serve us.

As we become capable of processing these exchanges with speed, grace and gentleness, we achieve greater mastery over our personal frequency. As we gain the capacity to hold our elevated frequency, we are thus able to contribute more constructively to the unified field of humanity and of our planetary mother.

We can think of this process as like the weeding and pruning of a garden. The garden of our soul.

It becomes a way of life that can more effectively sustain the energy field from which we create, as our imagination and inspired actions flow and flower from the ground of this frequency.

As true masters of our frequency, we naturally manifest a transformative experience of life.

Written for Gaia Scenics’ View

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