fairytaleIt’s not so much that we need to (or even can) get out of the matrix, the developmental-cultural-historical lens through which we have come to perceive what we call “reality”.

Instead, to begin to see it clearly, in all its nuance, subtlety, and dream-like luminosity. How am I imagining myself, others, and the world? What is the myth in which I am living, through which I am seeing? What is the story I’m telling, who are the gods and goddesses I am traveling with?

Am I willing to take the risk to dream a new dream? To differentiate from the voices I have inherited from a world that has forgotten the mysteries. To listen to the new poetry as it pours out of the stars.

While we may never be able to fully step outside the matrix and report back as a neutral observer and “detached witness” (another fantasy of modern consciousness), we can play within it, dance inside and around it, allow ourselves the freedom to hide and seek, and the imagination to get lost and to be found.

We can get messy, fall apart, be vulnerable, fail well, fail with heart, forget and remember, dissolve and come back together. And set aside the fantasy that one day we’ll come to some safe, secure, knowing resolution to the wildness of love and its contradictory, untamed, and relentless activity. That one day we’ll become a “master” at life, wiggle into some invulnerable/ untouchable state, tucked away and protected from the reality that the rug can and will be pulled out from underneath us in each unfolding moment.

To allow others to matter, to allow our hearts to break (and maybe even not be mended), to practice embodied intimacy without becoming fused, to fully participate in the dream without falling into trance. And even if we fall into trance, to dare to see it, too, as none other than the beloved in disguise.

It’s really like being a character in our own fairy tale, with all the mythical and archetypal beings by our side, curious as to what the crazy love-struck boy or girl is going to do next, in awe of the human form and the inseparability of matter and spirit.

About Author

I am a psychotherapist in private practice, working with individuals, groups, couples, and families. My practice integrates developmental, relational, and contemplative perspectives/ approaches to psychospiritual growth and healing.


Shared with gracious permission. Original at: A Healing Space

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