Empowerment, Susan V LacerraSelf Worth Comes with Empowerment

Moving into empowerment came after I came to truly know my own worth, at a deeply personal physical and spiritual level.

I say at a physical level, because knowing my own worth was an intellectual concept for me, until I could own this feeling as an innate part of my being – at a cellular level, at the level where my own energy streams this out to others that meet me, in a confidence that can only come from deep within, powered by my own heart and Soul.

How I Came to Know My Own Worth

Two things helped me realize that I am precious, worthy, deserving. These were:

1. Connecting with my twin flame energy, and having an amazing realization about this energy.

2. Connecting with my Soul, and coming to an understanding about what this energy is.

As I moved in to an understanding of how much I am loved, and valued, by both my twin flame, and my Soul, I moved into valuing myself and my being, just for who I am.

I needed a guide, a pathway for self love.  And my twin flame, and my Soul, were the perfect models for me, showing me how to bring self love in to my life.

No accomplishments, no proving – I am worthy just for being born, just for being right here, right now.

It’s been a long time coming, to be able to embody this feeling of worthiness.  To know I am deserving, just because I am alive.

Putting Everyone Else First

My habit for a very long time had been to put everyone and everything else first in my life.  I could list the reasons why, but if you resonate simply with the title of this section, then you are there or you have been there, and you already get my meaning.

First in the corporate world, meeting deadlines and goals, then as a wife and mother, then as a sensitive person and an intuitive, the list goes on.

Eventually, it Came Down to Fear

I had stepped away from the essence of who I am, most of my whole life.  It starts when you have to find a job and have a career, just to make money, that isn’t really who you are.  Yes, this career can be exciting, and fun – it can be exciting to step out of who we are, into something new.

Eventually, the inner dissonance ringing within creates dissatisfaction and discomfort, and we long for the feeling of “home”, and of love.  What I found, was finding these within myself, makes me a better person, and a better companion in the long run, also.

Making the Shift to Empowerment

It has taken a long time to fully get that I am deserving, that I have a right to be here, to follow my inner guidance & let that unfold.

It helped a lot to see friends, and examples of others – teachers, and so on – who made it out of this entanglement onto the path to wholeness.

And, the laughing feels good once you get there, too, lol.  It feels good to laugh at the situations that used to be a source of drama and distraction, for me, maybe because I can see how far I’ve come, and I can see from this vantage point how I entrapped myself in others’ energy, and how I distracted myself from my own truths, in so many ways.

These situations are my teachers now, about having compassion for myself, and for those still wrestling in the struggle to become self-empowered.

Then, there is the “wishing they would change” aspect of relating with certain people.  You know what I mean, don’t you?  But, I have found, “it” is never about “them” – there is always an inner shift required, by me, to more & more fully owning my own territory, setting boundaries, claiming my space, and allowing myself room to grow.

We take our power back from people and situations, ideals and causes, that we gave it to – by empowering ourselves and owning who we truly are.

Moving the Focus From the Other Person, Back to Me

Taking our power back also means becoming self-responsible.  This means owning our mistakes, while being kind to ourselves, and owning our shadow, that hidden motivation and action coming from the subconscious state.

When I started to move into taking responsibility for everything about myself – even my thoughts, my feelings, and especially my actions and my responses, I came to realize that other people were not at fault, to blame, and so on.

In every interaction, I started looking at how my thoughts and feelings were responsible for and related to my responses, and my initiated actions.  And then, I started to question the underpinnings of these, to see if they resonated with the truth of my being.

Empowerment Feels Good

Silence and not needing to react are powerful tools for self empowerment.  Taking a step back to reflect on what outcomes my heart desired, before speaking and acting, put the responsibility squarely on my own shoulders.  But, it means that I own the rewards, also.

I’m talking about inner rewards that change our lives like self-satisfaction, knowing I “did the right thing”, being comfortable in my own skin, self-confidence from being and acting aligned with my own heart, and so on.  These are rewards I can build my life on.

In the end, I’ve come to feel, that this is what being alive is about.  Moving from an unconscious and unawakened state, into awakening and self empowerment.

And I feel good.

~ Susan V Lacerra

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