spaceMy Time in Space

If curiosity killed the cat, my 9 lives would be wobbly to say the least.

On Monday, I spent time in Space. Not the place where people in bulky suits go, not even the heavy traffic with the UFO’s.

No indeed, my space was in the filing cabinet where the remembers are kept. I didn’t need any special equipment or uniforms, in fact the first thing I had to do was, roll my eyes, then close them and r e l a x .

As you can imagine, it was tough going. Sitting comfortably, I was told, ‘Support your head….’ Cushions and a floppy body helped obey the quiet instructions. Close your eyes. Done. I’m really good at obeying instructions. Especially, when it is my comfort involved.

Then, the venture into Space arrived and as I was counted down in the preparation for watching my past. Lives that is, I felt mixed emotions, excitement, anticipation, concern about where the remembers I did have came from and were they valid or do I read too many books?

Who cares! I am participating in the greatest adventure I know.

The $64 question, stopped me in my tracks. “What is it you want to know?” DUH! Given the Questioners identity, I didn’t dare say, “Everything!” So, I fished through the things I HAD remembered, dusted off one and prepared to do the TV thing, where words gush forth and the music sets the tensions.

Ha, no TV ratings here, almost monosyllabic a squiggle in the back of my head, indicated I was, Lost in Space. My questioner rescued me, throwing an innocuous lifeline in the form of another question.

I was gently guided down into the depths of the memories and I was constantly reassured in that I was safe and in control. I felt very comfortable.

Eventually, I reached the point of return, where I was able to enter through doors to my past. I found myself sitting at my then Father’s feet, on b…dy awful cold cobble stones.

I was asked, what he looked like, his face, etc. My answer, “I don’t know, I am too little to see that far up without falling over, and he is so tall.” I was sitting next to his left leg and I could see his Caligula (boots) and the bottom of his kilt with the leather straps.

I loved my dad and I was frightened that due to him going to war, he may not return. I knew his rank was Centurion.

My guide and Questioner ask me to age a little. Nothing. I did, however, go to my teens and presented as a young boy. That ended the Roman adventure.

It wasn’t the end of remembering, because it got beautiful.

I found myself looking at a group of what I later described as Nymphs, gracefully dancing in a superb woodland setting. I was an old bearded man, dressed in robes and holding a staff, smooth, and I now remember it was dark polished timber. After I returned to insanity, I remembered without seeing, that there was a carved top on the staff. A ram’s head, I think.

The whole scene was one of joy, grace, beauty, light and laughter. I was asked, ‘was I wise or foolish?’ Without hesitation, ‘Wise’, I responded.

I lost that scene at that time, but I will NEVER loose the vision and memory.

From the woodland, I travelled in the file cabinet to accent Egypt, and watched a bunch of priests wandering around a Temple. Ten seconds, I watched. But I do know more will come.

I was asked if I wanted to ‘come back’, and as I was starting to be a little overwhelmed, “YES, PLEASE”, I responded. I have to admit a large part of me wanted to stay and explore some more!

So, with a helping hand, I climbed the ladder to the top drawer of the filing cabinet. Then, instead of speaking, I babbled, “Thank you thank you, that was… (pick the best good word you know).” I was not ready to go to the horrible lives, I am after all, a wimp. Furthermore, I am allergic to pain of any type.

I will go back. I will face the lessons I learned. I am a Scenic, and nothing can hurt me.

In love, light and myriad hugs wrapped in Blessings, my Elemental family cannot stop laughing.

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