my twin flame dreamMy Twin Flame Dream, or, How Do We Recognize Love in the Moment?

Maybe You Should Open Your Heart More…

Last night I had a dream, about Love, about a man, and this morning I felt the pull to write about it.

Because I woke up with these words in my ears:
“Maybe You should open your heart more”.

And, yes, it was a message from my twin flame, and he was joking with me, because I had just asked him, once again, to “Please just tell me it’s you!”, when he is in my dreams. In fact, I commanded, “Make an announcement, please!”

Then I imagined him striding forth, waving his cape over his chest, holding his heart, and announcing his presence….you know what? I would not be attracted to that!

That is when he said, “Maybe You should open your heart more”.

I turned red just a little bit.

Until I remembered that he loves me, unconditionally.

Forgetting Love – in the Forest of Mental Chatter and Ego

After years of meditation and energy practice, still, at times, I do not recognize him in my dreams.

I do not recognize, Love.

After he suggested I open my heart more, I have been thinking and thinking about this wisdom.

Because, I abashedly have to admit, this seems like the way that I will recognize his loving energies.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Love recognizes Love.

Here’s what I dreamed:

There is a man. There is the thought of Love. There is activity, and lots going on, and a good feeling.

He is a plain man – a big man, but a regular looking guy. And he likes me. A lot. Actually he is REALLY INTO ME. And, of course being a man, he wants to have sex with me, to merge and to combine with me, I’m just going to say it. And I was, well… reticent, a lot.

So, instead, the man kissed me and I found myself kissing him back.

And as I went to kiss him I was thinking thoughts there were along the lines of, that I hadn’t brushed my teeth, that I wanted to get more dressed up and look good, that was he really enjoying this, did he really love me.

And I was beset with how could I Trust, how could I trust that Love would be True, and Real? That he would treat me well? That this wasn’t just a passing feeling. Could I really trust enough to open my heart to Love? Was this Love real? I worried.

No wonder I didn’t recognize him.

With all honesty, I was thinking, would I really like kissing that plain, big mug of his? I mean, he was rather plain. Rather normal. Rather hairy. Probably rather sweaty-manly. Hmmmm. I’m re-considering.

It was hard to enjoy anything about kissing him at all, with all this brain chatter going on, yet he still wanted to see me again.

Part of me was thinking, what a pain in the butt to have a big stinky man around. I mean, what if it all went awry?

And I was thinking about kissing him. I couldn’t feel anything, in the moment. Would I really enjoy it? And yet, I wanted to kiss him again to find out.

I was utterly distracted by my mind and my ego.

In the dream, the man asked me if I loved him – and I got the message, sent straight into my energy field, no words, just feeling, that he was totally into me.

That is when I should have realized that this was my twin flame.

He wanted, literally, to merge with me, and he wanted to know if I would say yes.

And I knew that he was coming over again. Soon.

So I said…. “I will have to get to know you better.”

Are you laughing at myself as much as I am laughing at myself right now?

Ha ha!

Remembering Love

I awoke, thinking about that man in my dreams; a loving, haunting presence, on my mind, wound into the fabric of my feelings.

And finally, I got it.

This was my twin flame energy.

And so I reconnected with the dream, and I said to him, sitting there, in the corner of my mind, floating over the essence of my being, I said: “Hey! Next time please just tell me it is YOU!!!!” Because, then, you know, I could really enjoy it. Being with him. Kissing him.

And that is when he said;
“Maybe YOU should open your heart, more…”

Did he mean open my heart to him? Or did he mean open my heart to myself?
I was embarrassed.

So I went into the kitchen.

And my friend texted me, just then.
And said she was giving up the dog I have been walking for her.
Who I love.
And did I want him?
(She asked me first.)

And I thought, ‘do I really want a big, stinky, incredibly loving, big goofy doggie dog of a dog, running around my new apartment, with his clicky nails, because I have New Wood Floors!’

And then, I wondered.

If this dog was a gift from Love.

If this dream was a gift of information from my twin flame.

Because I love that big dog.
I love his doggy smell.
And his big dog goofiness.
His presence warms my heart.
And I love to scratch his big mug.
And I love his I’m-ready-to-go-for-it-if-you-are-there-also energy.

So, I thought, ‘maybe I could buy some carpets.’

I cannot stop thinking about him….the dog, you know….
…sitting there, in the corner of my mind, floating over the essence of my being.

I am so excited to walk him, again.
To hug him.
To scratch his tummy and to kiss his big mug.

Couldn’t he just tell me if he is already mine?
If bringing him into my home is in the best good for everyone?

And Billy Joel is singing “I know you have doubts, but for God’s sake, don’t shut me out”.

And I could hear my twin flame, whispering, what if you opened your heart, just a little bit more, to include this big sweet doggie?

Now this, I can feel.
In my heart…
Feels wonderful.

So I said, Okay.
Okay I will take him.
I asked, “Are you sure you don’t want him?”
Because I could feel the mind and the ego starting….
And I have decided to Trust.
Trust that Love will connect us, and bring him to me, bring him into my home, if this is what is in, the highest good of us all.

Oh, and I got dressed up to go out today.
Because I could meet Love at any time.
And I want to look good.
Even though, Love would be totally into me, anyway.

And I hope that Love doesn’t mind hiking shoes.
Because of the big, happy dog, you know.

And, maybe, Love will lay down with me.
On the carpet.
Once I open my heart.
Just even
a little bit more.

Original source link: Susan Lacerra

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