skylovesusanlacerraI have been working with Gaia Scenics’ View on Financial Sustainability. It has been a rewarding experience, because this group meets everything that comes at it with love, and this group creates in love, with the Gaia Scene Forum as its heart. It is awe-inspiring creation.

I wanted to work with this group on financial sustainability because of my interest in conscious business. Contributing to the development of an enterprise that was grounding itself in consciousness and that desires to create financial sustainability is a wonderful opportunity for which I am grateful.

Seeing An Enterprise as a Toroidal Form

The first aspect of working on sustainability was to align around the concept of a business enterprise as a crucible, holding both its own ‘life force’, and integral to the life forces of the human beings involved.

For me the architectural structure of this type of enterprise can be described as a toroidal shape. A toroidal shape is essentially a particular spherical form with its basis in sacred geometry.

The toroid is fifth dimensional because we can envision it as a static shape, yet it is in constant motion. It is both still and always moving. These characteristics require a non-dual environment in which to function, which is why it is fifth dimensional. The energies flows from the center, out, and back into the center again.

As a former business analyst, I came to realize, while I was working at analyzing businesses, that I would use the concept of this shape to get a ‘sense’, or a gut feel, for whether a business was a viable entity.

I see the various aspects of the enterprise as points in the architecture of the toroidal form. These aspects include the typical components of business structure that make a viable business entity.

A toroidal form, spins, and an enterprise, operates. When assessing an enterprise, I basically see an energetic toroid in front of me, representing the business operating. I innately sense whether it spins, in a balanced and harmonious, way.


Working with Gaia Scenics’ View

It’s a unique experience working with a group that is willing to look at itself this way. I think that is because Gaia Scenics’ is coming from a spiritual perspective, and because all of the women involved understand the sacred geometries of life in this fashion, anyway.

My feeling, is that we are all, each in our own way, working with the higher dimensional principles of sacred geometries of life, and we are each applying them as fits for our lives.

To meet a group of women who see the world from this perspective, which in dimensional terms is probably 8th through 11th dimensional, and to work to bring these principles of sacred geometry into form together into this 3rd, 4th, and 5th dimensional world, is a fantastic opportunity.

Thus, my approach applying the principles of sacred geometries to business structure is as aligned with their views and experience, as much as the other way around… their approach is aligned with mine.

I think that I put spiritual and energetic words around business concepts, of what they already felt, and knew to be true. And I do drawings of images, in our time together, that are completely aligned with the divine principles they are embodying. I’m sure that meeting a person who was formerly in the financial realm, talking their talk, has probably been interesting for them, also. It has been wonderful for me.

Setting Divine Principles as the Framework of our Activity

One of the frustrations I have experienced in trying to bring higher dimensional perspectives to business conversations in the past, is that there is a limit. There is an interest, but then concepts have to fit into a very specific mechanisms in terms of how the business world operates. My internal question has been… isn’t it time to go beyond that?

The approach with Gaia Scenics’ View on sustainability is very different. And that is because the work starts with divine principles. This group, and the forum which is its heart, set divine principles as the framework for every action and activity, first and foremost.

This is very aligned with the path I have taken, which can be summarized as working with inner guidance to take actions, in personal life and in the outer life, in the highest good of all.

Why is this important? In the simplest terms, if we see life as divinely inspired, then wouldn’t we choose to be in alignment with divine inspiration in all we do?

If we see ourselves as aspects of the Divine, then developing a spiritual practice that includes connecting with the divine to receive guidance about how to be in this physical world, in the highest good of all, and choosing to act in alignment with this guidance, in every choice, in every moment, simply follows as the way to Be in the world, in all of our activities.

I’m not talking about religion, here, but about qualities that are Universal and that are high enough concepts that all of us can align with them. Qualities such as love, peace, balance, and harmony that are universally accepted as in the highest good of humanity.

How we translate those concepts into daily activity is the grist for the mill and our work of the moment.

Creating New Business Models

I see the enterprise as its own unique living creation, and as a sum of the total efforts of the individuals involved. Yet in this totaling of efforts, the enterprise also takes on a life of its own that becomes self-generating.

It is integral to the lives of those involved, and the work of those involved continues to be integral to its existence. The enterprise takes on a life of its own, as it sparks from an impulse, grows and evolves and becomes enlivened.

Yet, this aspect that of being self-generating ceases when the human beings involved are diminished. In this way, the enterprise can be compared to the human body, which is enlivened by spirit, yet the care of the physical body, still requires to be attended.

If this is the energetic structure of how a business actually functions, then the health of those contributing to the business, is critically important. This health can be personal well-being, including mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being, and since this is in relation to the enterprise, also financial well-being.

Because like fuels like, the healthier the human beings contributing to the enterprise, the healthier and more vibrant the enterprise should be.

Thus I feel that in looking at financial sustainability, we can move to new business models where the benefit of the enterprise and the benefit to the human contributors are aligned, so that the enterprise and the human beings have optimal well-being.

A Vision for Financial Sustainability

In the context of looking at our enterprise as a toroidal crucible, in a framework of divine principles, with a new business model, we still require financial sustainability to create and enhance a self-generating aspect to what we are doing.

One of the key features of this group is that they have set this blog up to be able to function prior to being financially sustainable on its own, to start. Thus, there is the space to develop sustainability in alignment with their principles. This is by design.

For financial sustainability, what we are doing is looking at a two-fold approach. That is, this blog generating revenues that create sustainability in terms of covering expenses and growth and creating a reserve, balanced with being a platform that nurtures self-sustainability for the individuals involved, without being the sole buttress, or the only bulwark, of sustainability for those individuals.

The beauty, the caring nature, the loving qualities and the gratitude of and for this approach, and the gratitude I have for working with a group that is stepping forward with courage and doing this in the world, participating with full commitment and courage to creating and to being a new paradigm in the world, fills me with joy and anticipation. That the future can be better. And that the future, is here, Now.

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