Energy Flows

Energy Flows

Yes we are living in a 5th Dimensional Reality Timeline!

Since it is not quite what we expected, you might be wondering, what kind of reality timeline is this?

We have chosen to make this leap on behalf of all of humanity. So perhaps we are witnessing the side affect of bringing all the knuckle-heads along with us. You know, the side of the family that we don’t really talk to or socialize with, because they are inclined to bring our energy down, down, down.

In addition, most of us are still crapping out our own past indiscretions, misunderstandings and archaic belief systems… What a hot mess!

Not meaning to be judgmental or cruel, but the current state of American politics makes clear that much of humanity still has a long way to go… not to arrive in the 5th dimension, but to realize that we have made it to a different timeline than where we collectively might have ended up.

Timelines? Most of our brethren don’t know from time-lines to basketballs. Yes they are that clueless. The thing to consider, however, is how clueless are we? The ones who presume to know it all. My guess, we are also pretty much clueless about the fullness of this present space-time reality.

We each have our point of recognition. For some it is the state of nature and the possibility to talk to, much less hug our trees. Others connect to the elementals, gnomes and fairies hidden just under the cover of our spectrum of vision. While others listen to the angels and guides and speak their words into consciousness.

We each have something that helps to indicate that life on earth has changed. If you haven’t found your something, keep looking and listening, it will show up if you make space for it.

But what now? How much difference does this all really make in the quality of our lives, in the most anticipated transformation and so-called ascension of humanity.

All I can say is, this must be what ascension looks like… utter chaos intermingled with sublime synchronicity, chronic boredom and a feeling of powerlessness that leads one to surrender to an almighty wisdom much greater than our own.

And here is an important key. Any resistance to this surrender is the stuff of suffering. I have found, that to let go and cease to push forward, is the most coherent path to restoration and rebirth.

What do we let go of? Mostly it’s about letting go of the fear. And when we cease to push forward the door opens to magic and alchemy. And it is here that we discover in recognition and remembrance the fullness of life in the Divine world of IS-ness.

And what ever we choose to do and experience, births in harmony with the natural rhythm, ebb and flow, of creative expression.

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