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Shahzada doesn’t name his paintings so everyone can freely choose what they see in it. But I can’t help it, I’m going to spoil it by spilling a juicy detail: he painted this one for his lover, in order for her to decorate her bedroom^^.





Nirav Shahzada

“Everything we see around us, the world that we’ve built,
is a creation of the serious and greedy mind.
However, Art is no serious thing.
It s playful, un-serious, such as existence itself is.
It doesn’t know any grave and goal-oriented approach.
Art is spontaneous celebration, a tremendous enjoyment
of being in harmony and alignment with existence, with life.”



nirav shahzadaMore of Shahzada’s paintings can be viewed on his website

Images of these paintings are the property of Nirav Shahzada. Permission to share images of the painting and this article with the live links to this blog and the live links to the artist’s websites included and intact only.

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