judgmentIt is true, November is a thief. I have proof!

Somewhere in the Universe is a big pile of energy stolen from all of us humans.

I haven’t asked Tree, because I don’t want him to let go whilst he has a grandpa nap. Winds are gusting fiercely.

November stole my get up and go. It got up and went to where ever it stashes stolen stuff.

Normally, I have a certain energy that helps with washing, cooking, cleaning and doing important (in my mind) Scenic activities.

I grew my own jungle, where I used to have a (ha ha) lawn, it worried me that the Fairies and the Elementals who live outside would be at risk of getting lost in the undergrowth. Then, I fell asleep again.

So, you ask where is my proof? Tired, exhausted, weary, unable to string two thoughts together, memory – a thing of the past, and that is you! I was ten times worse. I suffered, did you?

People who did not know about flairs (not wide-legged jeans) had all the stuffing taken out of their mojo. They told me in no uncertain manner, they were tired of being tired!

Mind you, November was fair, it left things to replace my get up, it left the ability for all electrical, mechanical (or is that maniacal?) equipment to take on a mind of it’s own and go to sleep in concert with me. However, it only happened when I wanted to use it and had some get up and energy…

One special thing I learned, DON”T eat, it weighs on the eyelids, and of course, I fell asleep AGAIN!

Those entities claiming to know these things, with hand on heart, swear that December will be a bigger thief, so it’s under the bed for me whilst I search for that energy stockpile.

I beg you, dear brothers and sisters of the Light, if you see or find a huge pile of energy, some of it will definitely be mine, send it home, please, I miss it. Scruffle around in the pile, some might be yours too.

As I do not like to mix with thieves, November 2018 is cancelled, and replaced by the Month of Alex. I have spoken, and so it is!

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