Now-moment newThe Now-Moment

The ancients said it, the Company of Heaven says it, I’ve ‘known’ it for long, but it’s never been as palpable as now: every Now-moment is New.

Fresh.  Vibrant.  Alive.

Everything in me sings: I Am Here Now.
Nothing else is needed.

As a collective, we’ve walked the long stretch:
From there to Here. From then to Now.

The old can’t come with us. Yesterday does’t fit into tomorrow.

Now, when I want to create something new, go for an enterprise, I can’t do it from the old fear-based consciousness anymore. Every step I take in this space drains me. In case I don’t realize this quickly enough because I’m busily pushing, I run into a brick-wall. Remember Road-runner cartoon? Boom!

The old ways of doing things don’t work anymore. Or, more precisely, what’s beneficial and vibrant from the old transmutes with us, and what’s dead and out of alignment crumbles apart.

Ever tried to push a river? Thousands of times, I bet.

I did, thousands of times, whenever my will was out of alignment with divine will. I pushed through, in order to get things done the way, and at a time, I wanted them to be done.

It’s exhausting. I realized this already twenty years ago, thus I have it a bit easier right now than most of my friends who report that ‘pushing the river’ doesn’t work anymore.

Gaia Scene crew experienced this energy shift when creating the blog; and also before, with the creation of the second Gaia Scene forum, after the first forum got lost during the time of shifting to a new server and into sovereignty.

Whenever we push for something whose timing hasn’t yet come, or go about in a way that’s not in alignment with divine principles, we come to a full stop. Instant energy depletion occurs, or a brick-wall apears; writers block, connectivity and server crashes seem to be the all time favorites for existence to tell us ‘not now’, or ‘not yet’, or ‘not like this’.

We’re in completely new territory. Unchartered territory.

When before I could take a look beyond the fence (into the future) and anticipate what’s about to come, I now only know that a divine drop has ‘fallen  from the sky’, but the path in which it’s going to move to ground and how long it’s going to take is not in my hands and, actually, none of my concern. The only thing that’s certain is that I’m going to be here to receive the drop when the time has come for it to touch my head.

When in the past my path was laid out in front of me, a bit in mists at times, but with landmarks as guide posts, I’m now walking as if in thick rich air, and the path forms right at the time and place where my feet touch the ground.

When before I could go against my inner guidance and let my ego’s tricks push through, I now instantly meet a stop sign that forces me to look at this trickiness and allows me to transmute these issues in the light of my awareness.

It’s all about allowance. The now asks me for trust and surrender.

Can't push riverIf my intent is in alignment with divinity and my life plan, life responds in perfect timing, by sending me a river to move me along my way. If I allow.

Until the river comes, I wait, but not impatiently anymore. Impatience is of the past, it belongs to an anticipating thought; ‘I know how it could be, and I’ll only be happy when it’s become my reality’.

Nope. I’m happily being alive and present, if the river comes or not.

The Now is perfect. The next moment of Now is also perfect.

Now is always fresh. Every time I’m present in the Now, everything I perceive and experience is new.

The moments that I Am present Now, right Here, are increasing by the day.  It blows my mind! This exquisite freshness, this breeze of now, which, in the past, had been a rare perception of expanded consciousness states, is becoming my new ‘normal’.

Some hick-ups here and there remind me of places inside me that need my recognition and loving attention; and also these quickly transmute in this new energy – what used to take months just five years ago, may now only takes minutes.

This new territory that’s been laid out for us by Divine Grace can only be traveled in the Now-moment. Only when we are present Now and anchor Here can we create something New.

And for me it starts with welcoming my Self every morning and greeting the new day.  After a night of dwelling in the Divine Mother’s lap, I’m refreshed and new.

I Am Here Now.

This carries me throughout the day. A hundred times in daily life I may fall out of the now, but the freshness and new-ness I’d tasted in the morning quickly reminds me again.

Every moment is New. Now is New. And it’s fun, I can’t tell you how much fun it is!

In the now, I can even eat the same dish every day in a week, and nothing is boring about it, every time it’s new because I Am New.

The Now is a happy place to be. My friends seem so much happier these days. Gaia Scene forum bubbles from celebrating the recognition of something having changed, perceived by many. The new has become palpable.

Did you look into the world and thought that nothing has changed?
Look anew.
Look inside.
Everything has changed.

Everything is new, in every moment.

Written for Gaia Scenics’ View

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