thank youGaia Scenics’ View has been online since mid-March 2016. This is 6 months now, though in some ways it seems like much longer.

This makes makes us so happy that we’d like to announce the creation of a page to serve as a testament to our formal thank yous to those who’ve taken a founding hand in making this blog come to life.

We understand that it is gratitude that is key to keeping in alignment with Divine Principles, and also to keeping us in the highest levels of frequency during these challenging times. In acknowledging this gratitude formally, we’ve made this Divine Principle of Gratitude a part of our foundational structure.

At the bottom of our homepage, located at the bottom of the footer are the words ‘Thank You”, which link to this special page. It will be there as one of the cornerstones of our blog from now on.

Like everything that has gone into our forum and blog platforms, everything given and co-created has been done with love. With sincere love, we honor you right back.

Thank you, Lovers!

Thank You Page

Written for Gaia Scenics’ Viewgaiascenetipjarwee

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