gaiascenicstipjarbuttonWe’d like to announce our first step to opening to the inflow of income of Divine Abundance on this blog. We’ve put a tip jar on the side bar to allow inflow from readers, should they feel like participating with what we do here in this way.

We intend for the Gaia Scene platform, which is our co-creative space of love, to be abundantly supported and have its own energetic attraction portal for abundance to flow in and out, irrelevant of the energetic set points of individual creators. It is its own living energy, and thus has its own point of attraction. And so it is.

Allow me to share with our readers some of the thoughts that have gone into the decision to do this. I begin with some definition of what it is we’ve created in the Gaia Scene Community.

The Essential Nature of the Gaia Scene Community (Forum and Blog) Platform

These co-creations aren’t commodities or products. What they are is something else entirely.

They are spaces built to contain our Divinity, our creativity, and our attempts to move and commune in alignment with our inherent Sacredness. These are platforms built with the intent to invite community members to fill these sacred space with their authentic voices in safe and sacred environments. The focus here is on the empowered human being walking in mastery. We do this step by step, encouraging each other as we go.

These platforms are, in a sense, containers or vehicles. We build them as such, and we hold the energy for them to be viable long-term with all our hearts, our personal intention and life-force, our devotion and determination, our presence and our love.

These are the foundational and most important elements of these community projects.

Along this same line of thought, allow us to formally and mindfully state that we understand fully that the community itself is also a part of this co-creation process. Without community presence, energy and participation, none of this makes sense. This is the reason we do this work to begin and end with.

Also acknowledged is the understanding that the Portal to Divine Abundance IS community.

The flow of Divine Abundance is the energetic flow, both in and out of this platform, in and out of this community. This is a two-way flow and a revolving door. Therefore, we look to open the channels in both directions, attending to those places that we perceive any contractions that would impede this flow. We open to, and move into alignment with, the divine principle of Abundance in mindful ways.

Divine Abundance is here with us already in so many forms, and we address the monetary component of this here, making ways to openly receive the money elemental forms as a part of our evolving walk in mastery. We model our mastery by stepping into the natural flow that is the essence of Divine Abundance and its abundant forms of expression.

Though the highest value expressed here is ourselves and what we bring to each other, we recognize that monetary exchange may also be a form of love offering, just like the other ways we mix it up in loving and sacred ways.

Flow of Divine Abundance

The principle of Divine Abundance is a flow. It isn’t a destination or a goal, though the goal may be to step into this flow and to be in alignment with it vibrationally.

Its characteristics are free, fluid, ebbing and flowing, and may be changeable like water. There are natural cycles within it too.

First, let’s talk about the outflow.


The outflow, in this case, is energy (in all its different forms), from creating the content to post to the holding the space for the forum and blog to exist, including whatever interaction takes place in community.

This outflow is already set in alignment with OPEN(NESS), with LOVE, and with JOY. All this is a stream of freely given energy (equaling the attention, life energy and love of the creators and other participants on whatever level), and is the foundation of this project itself and all its components.

Therefore, on the basic level, this outflow is FREE in a consistently abundant fashion, aligning with the basic essence of all, which is love (at the core), and which is called abundance in this case.

This isn’t the same as isn’t highly valuable, so let’s be clear on this point. The outflow itself is already representing the highest value. The highest value, in that it contains the Essence of our Divinity, co-creating in love, joy and in service, with the caveat of ‘for the greatest good for all’.


We also wish to acknowledge the two-way street aspect of being in the flow of the principle and energy of Divine Abundance. By putting up a Tip Jar, we wish to acknowledge and invite the participation of community beyond the creation of content and the attention given by being present, if this is what they feel called to do.

We already know community is the portal to, and the wellspring of, abundance. This has been obvious, and acknowledged long-term within the Gaia Scene forum community, so we take it to a more public and broader audience now in this blog.

To Participate

Any time any of our readers feel moved by what we’re creating here to show their appreciation by tipping us, the tip jar may be found in the side bar of the blog front page, there will also be a tiny button on each post to click as well.

Clicking on it will take you to a static page, which has the content printed below, plus a button linking to PayPal. On the PayPal page is also the option to use a credit card instead of needing to have a PayPal account, as well as information on how to choose options that aren’t listed.

Feel free to email me at my personal email (listed on the page that clicking on the Tip Jar will take you to) and we can work out whatever options you’d like to create for yourself.

Consider Sharing Your Love and Abundance With Us

Monetary gratitude is gratefully and joyously accepted here. We see it as a vehicle to share with one another the true abundance, which is ourselves, our attention, devotion and love.

What you share with us will go to maintenance for the blog and forum, and to split among those who are devoted to the tasks that go with keeping what you see here up and running.

To tip here is casting a vote for what you see here to continue. In a very real sense, sharing with us your monetary abundance is creating along with us, so we thank you for your participation.

Or, click right here and go straight to the page.

Written for Gaia Scenics’ View


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