Our Family

Welcome to the Gaia Scenics’ View Family. Here is a list of our regular contributors.

Andrea ScullyAndrea Scully

As a co-owner of the Gaia Scene Community Forum, I’m a community servant and have been doing this work for about 5 years or so. It’s an every day task of great devotion and love.

The forum work consists of sharing authentically in a private forum format, holding space for others to do so in a safe environment, encouraging us to honor our differences and appreciate our similarities.

I’ve been a devoted volunteer in the Lightplayer community in other ways as well, having served on a charity committee and as a managing director of a popular blog for nearly two years.

I sometimes write articles for a more public and formal presentation. Some of these have been published on popular blog platforms of various types, mostly of the spiritually-based variety.

I have my own personal blog called The Notes From the Center of the Spiral, which has evolved into a depository for the many months of channeling material I produced through the practice of automatic writing, done in the style of question and answer.

I’m a cancer survivor, a recovered drug addict, a pagan priestess since 1983, and a self-taught mystic and shaman, remembering myself along the way here to be among those who are walking a parallel path to mine in human mastery at this time.

I’m guided to be a space-holder here for Gaia Scenics’ View, holding this space for a greater gathering of people interested in sharing what it’s like to be within this process of Ascension, as well as for those who come looking for validation of their own experiences in the shares of their Sacred human and Divine peers.

Anyone interested in finding out a bit more about me can hear a personal interview at InLight Radio called The Brilliance Within – Women Reclaiming Their Power.

Deva profile picDevapriya

Growing up as an Indigo during the mid-sixties in a chaotic family situation in Germany, awakening was a pressing survival issue for me. Being a natural empath, wherever I looked I only saw lies portrayed that didn’t match my perception of what’s really behind people and situations, and made me aim for truth already in early childhood.

Age 12, I started asking myself, “What am I here for? What’s the purpose of life?”, and began studying various religions; they didn’t provide me with an answer, but I learned that they basically all believe the same, only using different languages according to cultural background, and the essence of them is an all uniting spirituality.

After I learned about the Illuminati and their power games at age 16, I moved into fighting ‘them’, in order to rescue the world, a state that most people initially move to in the course of their geopolitical awakening.

My reality turned from ‘out there’ to ‘in here’ when I met the Indian Mystic Osho around the time of the Harmonic Convergence in 1987.

I instantly understood Osho say “You’re not here to save the planet; save your Self. Be the Buddha That You Are. Be a Light unto your Self. Light is contagious; it sets the light of everyone around on fire, and ten thousand Buddhas will make the whole earth green.”

Ever since, my life’s been dedicated to embodying unity consciousness. When Osho left his body in 1990, he handed mastery over to me, returned the Buddhahood that I’d projected onto him back to me, and I’ve never again felt tempted to follow anyone but Self.

My upbringing left me without a real home, which eventually lead me to realize that I Am Home mySelf. It also left me without a real family, and lead me, thanks to the internet, to finding soul family all over the world.

After thirteen years in India and one year in Hungary, I returned to Germany in 2003 and now live in the north.

On my path, I picked up quite a few insights and tools that I enjoy sharing; my most beloved venues are communing and communicating on our Community Forum and writing for Gaia Scenics’ View, as well as my service as a homeopath and energy worker.

I’m a co-founder and administrator of our Gaia Scene Forum, which I happily tend to every day; in it’s previous form, a Yahoo mailing list, I’d been a moderator since 2012. We’ve created a safe and sacred space that allows people to open up and share their heart and being, and it amazes me every day which treasures each one of us carries, and how wonderfully we flower in an environment of mutual love and respect.

Gaia Scene Community is transitioning once more these days, going with the flow, our new platform is now ‘Scenics’.

Gaia Scenics’ View is the face and voice of community in the world; an invitation and welcome to all of us people to share on how we live what we are, how we walk the talk, and how we embody our divinity.

Spirit’s not something out there, far beyond the veil; it’s here, it’s us, it’s now, and it’s fun to share being it.

alexandbess3Alex Clark

I was born in Brooklyn to immigrant parents and raised on Long Island, New York, where I currently live with my husband, two daughters, a cat, a garden full of green and two parrots.  I hold a Bachelors degree in biology and adore blogging on the miraculous natural world. My professional career, before becoming a full time mother, writer and textile artist was in advertising, marketing and sales promotion.

I was born into a family of empaths, intuitives, prophetic dreamers and energy readers, but didn’t realize until much later in life that this type of connection to the energy around us was not the norm. I have always been deeply connected to the Divine Mother, even after transitioning from a Catholic upbringing, in order to follow my own strong spiritual guidance. I feel a profound connection to our beloved Gaia and all her kingdoms as well.

My spiritual path has been eclectic and wide ranging, intermingling with my healing journey related to Lyme Disease, and leading me to work with chakras, palmistry, yoga, auras and crystals in an effort to open joyfully to a balanced, healthy and harmonious life. In 2010 I began to actively pursue a more spiritual path and frequented many blogs and information sites where spirituality was discussed.

As a child in an internationally blended family, I realized early on how important a wide world view was, and have always endeavored to see the many facets of  situations that present themselves as one-sided. As my children grew, I expanded into traditional food blogging and ran a successful site called A Moderate Life before retiring in early 2012 to pursue a career in web site design, social media management, content research and creation.

I was blessed to come into communion with both Andrea Scully and Devapriya in early 2012 when we worked actively moderating the spiritual communications forum that eventually became Gaia Scene. I feel deep gratitude to be a founding co-owner and administrator of this dynamic, new paradigm communications platform.

I have written extensively on new paradigm news, the natural world, biology, the empowered human and spirituality, as well as working with Andrea Scully as assistant manager on a popular spiritual blog platform. I look forward to co-creating and holding space within Gaia Scenic’s View and musing on the empowered human spiritual path.

lorrainelargeLorraine M

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away – as an impressionable teenager, I met a woman who knew a man who actually knew Edgar Cayce … back in the day.  The story that she told me sounded so fascinating that I went to the corner store and found a copy of his biography.

The discovery led to a seven year study group experience of “A Search for God” which then led me to The Light Center in Black Mountain, North Carolina and the teachings of James V. Goure – mentor and friend.  The Center is dedicated to Planetary Prayer and healing.  We prayed for the planet and traveled the globe anchoring Light in preparation for the “shift.”

During those years I was blessed to study and practice the teachings of A Course In Miracles, the Ascended Masters and the Eastern Masters – Yogananda, Ramakrishna and beloved Babaji.

Meanwhile ….. on another timeline I was gifted with raising a beautiful family and embarking on a career which included journey’s far and wide in the realms of Communication, Mediation, Mentoring, Coaching, Leadership and facilitating adult learning in the non-profit, governmental and private spheres.

My passion is observing how people integrate the spiritual journey and expansion into our lives and sharing it with others through facilitated gatherings in Unity Consciousness, a.k.a. adult learning in communication and leadership and peace making ……. connecting the dots.

In 2012, I began to connect with the Angels in the expanded Light holder communities around the world and knew I’d found a home – where service is the menu of the day and personal and planetary transformation occur simultaneously.

I’m honored to be a space holder in the Gaia Scene family forum and a Moderator in the Nova Earth Community Forum – Council of Love.

susan lacerraSusan Lacerra

I am Susan V Lacerra and this is the part where I’m supposed to tell you the story of how I got here…  How I went from being in investment banking, flying around the world and pushing my way through life and business, to smashing up against a reality that showed me that I wasn’t in my heart, that I couldn’t feel, and that success would mean I’d have to change my life.  A reality that showed me I’d have to use my smarts and analytical tools to heal myself so that I could have a better life, be a better person, have a better business, create a better world.

Basically, I was doing something that was fun, and exciting.  It became something that felt wrong for me, because the way I was acting, didn’t feel right, didn’t feel sustainable… so I decided to change, because I knew I was risking my health, because I was deeply unhappy, and because it seemed like this wasn’t how life was supposed to be, this wasn’t how life was supposed to feel.

It wasn’t so much about the field I was in, which was finance, as how I felt I had to conduct myself to get ahead, to keep up, to stay employed, to be worthy.  You can literally be in any career and feel this way, because it’s what is inside that I am talking about, and this feeds our external expression.

I have been on a wondrous, roller coaster journey ever since, one that I would love to share with you.  I can feel again, I can feel love in my heart and I can feel my passion. I am connected to my Soul and I know my purpose. My new life is filled with deep gratitude and awe over this miraculous journey.

To change my life, to expand and heal, I created and used my own tool sets.

They are based in my business experience; interviewing hundreds of executives, analyzing dozens of business structures and hundreds of companies, and developing and implementing strategies.

And these tools sets also come from my spiritual side; in my deep studies of quantum architecture and mechanics, utilizing my intuitive nature and gifts working with energy, from divine and spiritual guidance, and from my practice of mindfulness and meditation.

My fields are sacred geometry, quantum and interdimensional physics, business structure and strategy, and energetic healing of the person and planet.

What if you could connect with and manifest your deepest wish for your business and your life? What if you could take action steps that create the real change you want? We can change the world, one by one. Together. In the highest good of all. This is my heart’s desire.

We live in an abundant universe, one that will share infinitely with us, if we allow it, and if we open to the possibility that life can be better, and that love is available in infinite supply.

If you’d like to read more of my writings or contact me my websites are Susan Lacerra , Solaris Modalis and Inspired Strategies.

DawnDawn Bellamy

My name is Dawn Bellamy. I was grabbed by the scruff of the neck and despite my best efforts to escape spiritual responsibility, things happened. I was born in Lancashire, England, at a time when kids could play in the street without fear, when the neighbours were extentions of the family, just as it is here in our Gaia Scene community.

I enjoyed school, although illness was an unwelcome curriculm item. I’m not into pain and that hasn’t changed one bit. I’ve done the cancer route and trust me, avoid it if possible.

Spending 9 years in the Australian Army gave me a good grounding in Supply Management, and (dear to a womans heart) how to spend lots of money. I became a Public Servant on discharge, and resigned from that to breed and show horses with some success. I taught Purchasing and was a Purchasing Manager with local government.

Underlying all this was a question we all have, who/what am I? Eventually, I was introduced to a Spiriualist Church and wondered what I had gotten into; people ooming and healing, and listening to people I couldn’t see via a person I could see.

Learning was interesting, and I discovered I was somewhat of an empath, but you don’t tell anyone in case they think you’re a nut. There is no turning back and I was hungry for more ability to help others. Reading, Listening, Taroting, Runeing, more books and other things were happening for me. I found stuff on the Internet and that included this Gaia Scene site, I went from a tortoise to a racehorse with an incredible learning curve.

There are Fae people at the bottom, middle, top and elsewhere in the garden, Gnomes and Elementals working their little socks off for us, and the plant kingdom has learned to put up with our management style. Talk to the trees, I do, it costs nothing. So thats Me, Dawn AKA Sunrise in love, light and Laughter and so it is…

Ron KalvinRon Kalvin

I have spent most of my life attempting to understand what true spirituality is, beginning at the age of fifteen. Over the years, I have investigated many things, learned a great deal and had a lot of fascinating experiences. Those experiences have included channeling, doing some readings of people, communicating with animals, predicting future events and doing energy work.

I have been a hypnotist for over forty-five years and I currently am a certified clinical hypnotherapist licensed to practice in Washington. I have found that there are many ways in which people can be helped to heal themselves. I’ve come to learn that energy is at the basis of our lives here on Earth. Understanding how energy manifests has been an interesting journey.

I have been blessed to be able to communicate with the Archangels, who have supported and helped me many times. They have always been direct and honest with me, although there are times when they will not answer certain questions I ask either because of security reasons or because the complex answers would not be understood.

My team of Archangels have directly saved my life on one occasion and have directed me to take actions which also saved my life on several occasions. They have a wonderful sense of humor and have occasionally played practical jokes on me.

For a very long time, I have been compelled to understand the larger picture of how our universe functions and how it was created. The information I’ve been given sometimes seems to be at odds with much of the commonly available information today. In reality, it is often just more advanced and complex. I have learned that I must be willing to accept new ideas and to work at verifying what I’ve learned.

Unlike some people today, I see duality as being both good and bad. My mission is to explain what that means and how it is affecting us all today. My frustration is that very often when I receive an answer to a question it creates even more questions which must then be explored. And so it goes …

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