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Our Mission

The mission for this blog platform is to provide a public space to highlight the human element and human mastery in the current paradigm shift on planet Earth.

Welcome to our space of love and community sharing. This space has been lovingly constructed as an invitation to community to share what inspires and empowers us. The highlight here is the empowered human being and what that’s like in its beautiful diversity.

This blog has been born of a love-fest in a private community forum currently named Gaia Scene. This forum is the core of the blog you see here and it always will be, representing, in part, that portion of our private communions that we’re pleased to share more publicly.

It also represents those shares from a broader community that aren’t necessarily forum lovers, but who are sharing inspirational and empowering material highlighting the experience of being a human form expressing our Divinity at this time.

Our intent in building this blog platform is simple and direct. It’s been built to provide a place to highlight the human experience in these times of change. The experiences which we have, and which we hear about at this time from our peers, are reflecting changes in perception that are beyond what any of us have imagined would happen, how we thought they would happen, or what we thought could happen even a couple of years ago.

Much of what’s being experienced is difficult to express, nevertheless, we’re moved toward communal sharing with a longing for what we forgot along the way. We forgot our own wisdom, our own power and mastery. We’ve been rediscovering first-hand how sharing our experiences may bring ourselves back to ourselves again.

We look to what inspires us, what is uplifting, but also what’s empowering. Not all of what’s empowering is uplifting, however, what’s at the foundations of our realities is coming to the surface to be transformed. We’re ready to acknowledge that we’re the ones who have the right stuff to do this, and that the shifting is happening from the inside ‘out’.

As a awakening community, we love our diversity and we explore the ways diversity holds the key to our human wisdom, our evolutionary movements as a species. From our perspective, it’s this same diversity which hold the keys to personal and global solutions.

We practice finding these solutions together by relating to one another in respectful and tolerant ways. We find, in this process, that we have much more in common than that which would separate us artificially, be that religion, race, nationality, or any other dogma out there, whether it’s traditional or otherwise.

This blog platform is the culmination of a long-term dream. The dream has come from the hearts of myself and from the Gaia Scene Community Forum in support of this dream. We dream with each other to bring into being new ways of bringing love into our now and therefore to ground love into our collective future as well.

For so many of us, there’s been a feeling of being alone and isolated in this world. Many of us have felt this way all of our lives. The dream is one that wishes the feelings of isolation and abandonment to end here.

It’s a vision we share to provide a place to share authentically that which inspires us and empowers us, a place to share our unique perceptions and wisdom, a place to allow for others to know us, and to know we’re not alone, a dream that allows for our diversity and our commonalities to be honored and appreciated.

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