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Yikes! The very mention of pandemic is enough to scare the wits right out of anyone.

I believe this is what I’m seeing now, and it’s not that big of a surprise either. Rolling out the narrative on this subject is a hair-raising and anxiety producing fear-fest. Not all that difficult to understand it. It is what it is.

And so… I have been alerted. Like I said, yikes! Ok, then, what can I do now?

Well, first off, I can put the fire out in my hair. LOL. Running around screaming with my hair on fire isn’t going to be helpful (or smell good, or anything else productive or useful.)

I’ve read through every bit of reasonably written well researched information on this virus (so far) that I can get access to. The common sense approach for most of us is to wash our hands.

Basic remedy for this pandemic? Basic hygiene. The pandemic nature of the spread of this particular ill omen is just this simple. Yep. Soap and water for 20 seconds is the common sense approach for eradicating the pandemic possibilities here.

Any kind of soap is good. With either hot or cold water, or even without soap. Yeah. Wash with water! Barring this possibility, use some alcohol or alcohol based (at least 70%) hand sanitizing instead. Keep hands off face in the meantime.

Oh, and it seems like a good idea not to french kiss everyone I meet. Ehem. Ok, I added that one myself, but honestly, folks, this is not really rocket science here.

Wash your hands and stay away from others, if you feel ill. Stay away from those who feel ill too, unless you are caretaking them. Either way, wash your hands frequently.

Anyone who is not already ill is not at that big of a risk here. This much is clear from what data we have so far. Unlike some other viruses out there, this one mentioned in our current pandemic is not targeting children or young and healthy people. The risk is mostly for those with already challenged immune systems, whether this be because of illness or advanced age, or environmental causes.

My common sense suggests to me that a worst case scenarios for most of us might be a bad chest cold. I’ve lived through these before and I will again, if this happens.

I think this world pandemic of 2020 is going to go down in history as the toilet paper apocalypse. For some reason, it is not yet the food supply that is threatened, but the supply of paper to wipe up the proverbial caboose. Go figure…

We might ask, what happened to common sense? Did it fade of the collective mind set somewhere along the way? Like some faded scrap of paper lost in a jacket pocket and sent through the wash cycle?

It’s been a toss up between the media fear-fest (quasi) reports trying to spin out political agendas and just plain panic, and the videos chronicling the rush on toilet paper in the markets. You just can’t make this stuff up!

And hey, we’ve been encouraged for years now to stock a pantry for a few weeks, in case of, (gasp!) a need to go a short time without essential items, like food and medicines.

I was personally raised to keep a pantry stocked anyway. It’s just common sense. Or at least, it used to be!

The world is pretty crazy right now, this much is clear. I believe the biggest hit in the USA around this pandemic is going to be measured out in the economy and not in the death counts, as the numbers compared to the statistics on other related maladies just don’t add up, not to the level of abject terror being pumped up about it all right now.

Something else is afoot here, and there is a lot of various speculations on what it is. I have my own ideas, like you probably do too. This all simply reeks of political and world financial systems agendas.

Is this a ploy to force regular peeps to pantry up for other reasons? Is this a smoke screen for economic collapse or controlled demolition of current world systems? I can’t say, but I’m watching all this with increasing interest to savvy what it really is all about.

I guess we’ll see how this rolls out. Like I said, it’s sure to take a toll on economies world wide. Like the opportunist I am, I’m focused on what good may come out of all this, both on a personal level and on a collective one.

What I hope to see is the true values rise to the surface to be consciously acknowledged during these challenging times. Those being the human values; home, family, and the value of human life over all.

In the meantime, please, for goodness sake, just wash your hands and use some common sense. It doesn’t cost anything, so it is the most cost effective measure anyway.

Stay healthy, as always. Protect the vulnerable, as always. And, for the greater good of all in these times, don’t fall for the hype and spin out in a panic. There are going to be enough challenges to deal with without that.

We all know when it is time to be reasonably concerned about ourselves or our loved ones. We do all have equal access to common sense. Let’s use it wisely.

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