That’s all it took.

Two words to change me.

It wasn’t love you.

Though fine words they are.

These two words cut deeper.

And came to me unspoken.

It’s easy taking people for granted.

Turning that around takes work.

Does it?

My son is close to 12.

He’s a good person.

I can moan at him like a bitch.

A bitch with a sword.

This sword is two sided.

While I cut with one side.

I often cut myself with the other.

In quietness, I often hear advice to not be so harsh.

Easier said than done.

I often worried my harshness would create a wall between us.

I have to remember he is my son.






I was using his phone.

In his contacts I saw myself.

Two words.

Two words he used to reference me.

A label.

Two words that changed how I see him.






Lovely Daddy.


My logic kicked in.


Does he really see me like that?

How can he see me like that?

I don’t see me like that.

Is he delusional?

Am I delusional?

No comment.


I’m not easy to live with.

Not as bad as some.

Often days I feel quite balanced.





I’m not going to be so critical.

Of myself or others.

It’s bitch ass tiring.

I know.

I’ve done it all my life.

So thank you.


And remember, son.

Never forget.

I gifted you with life.

But you gifted me with this.

It only took your two words.

To change my life.

Thank you.

Taken with permission from Gaia Scene forum

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