Twin Ray

Although I’ve been doing energy and healing work for almost three decades, during the past few weeks, I’ve learned a lot more about personal energy management. Now, as this learning has settled and integrated, I’m ready to share a few bits of it with you.

It started out with the question on why I felt drained for hours, totally wiped out, after communicating with a dear friend of mine.

It’s not about this friend’s intensity – mind you, I’m a Scorpio, I can well do with intensity and totality. It’s not about exhausting blah blah – can’t go with such for more than ten minutes. It’s also not about my friend playing obvious victim games or anything else that drains the energy of everybody involved.

It took me quite a while to get what’s going on here.

Energy Exchange

All people, when communing with others, unconsciously leave aspects of their energies, and sometimes even energies of other entities working through them, in another person’s energy field while picking up some of theirs. Like this, we easily stay connected with people even when we don’t communicate; and at times, depending on our consciousness and mind-set, we even feed on them.

Empaths ‘do it’ a bit more than the majority of the people, as we commonly have weak ego boundaries. My friend’s an intuitive empath and so am I, thus it’s no surprise that we leave and pick up more energy and this happens easier than with most folks.

With the help of friends I realized that, on some level, I’d given permission to be ‘tagged’ like this. It was time to clarify my own boundaries and to do another round of canceling old contracts and vows, and again declaring my Divine Sovereignty.

My ususal routine of energy field clearing, breathing liquid light for a few times the day, wouldn’t do. I had to find new ways of setting clear boundaries, in order to stay capable of deeply communing with people, but afterwards being alone at home again with my Self.

Crisis as Trigger

Energy Management

Then my lover moved into a crisis and said something that shocked me so much in my etheric body that it manifested as lower back pain the next day. For days, my energy field was disturbed and I felt unbalanced.

Again, I realized that I must have given permission for it and haven’t clearly set my boundaries.

Something had to change. I’m not anymore willing to take such shocks, and I’m also unwilling to carry other people’s energies in my field, no matter how close they are to my heart.


One night, in an expanded state of consciousness, I, as my I Am presence, started talking into my inner kingdom:

“I command that all energies XYZ left in me, and all energies that were placed through him in my field by other entities, which don’t serve my divine plan and greatest good, from this life time and all times, places, densities, and alternate realities, be Now removed and, transmuted by the Violet Flame, returned to their origin.”

For a few seconds, my energy field was in chaos, some things left and others got re-arranged. Then, I felt lighter and more at ease.

The process moved on:

“I command that all energies I’ve left in my lover’s field, in this life time and all times, places, densities, and alternate realities, that don’t serve his and my highest good and Divine Plan, return to my entirety, transmuted by the Violet Flame. Now.

“And I command that all energies placed into him by other entities through me, in this life time and all life times, that don’t serve his highest good be Now returned to their origin via the Violet Flame.”

Blissed Out

Bits and pieces came flying towards me, I felt like an egg of light which collected these returning colorful pieces on it’s surface and, within seconds, absorbed them into my Oneness.

The biggest aspect coming home to me was my ‘inner man’. I call him twin ray (some people call it twin flame; I take it that there are various twin flames but only one twin ray, and not everybody is ‘split’ in twins ); he is my ‘other half’ who’s not incarnated this lifetime but holds the light for us in the higher frequencies.

twinI had projected him onto my lover and he’d merged his consciousness with him in intimate moments.

When he suddenly returned and anchored in me, it almost flashed me out of my body while my kundalini rushed up to my crown.

If I had surrendered into my natural feminine mode, I would have just let go and left everything behind. Opted out.

One of my goddess sisters had, out of the blue and light-heartedly, told me that same afternoon to please not take the exit, that she needed me here. When asked for more clues, she laughed and said she was just kidding.

Well, her intuition knew that something was up, and her ‘don’t take the exit’ came right in time and reminded me.

I haven’t come here to go home, I’ve come to bring home here.  Heaven on earth, embodied Divinity is the game plan for this life time.

I was given a choice. Every choice was welcome.

I chose.

And instantly the process slowed down; I perceived him, as a representative of Divine Will in me, managing the energies in a way that keep me balanced and grounded in my body on this planet.

Going Collective

After some time, another step of the process followed. I repeated the commands in relation to all beings I’ve ever connected with, in whatsoever expression I’ve embodied during my soul journey. I returned their energies, called mine home, and many soul aspects and fragments filled many inner holes I hadn’t even been aware of.

Never before have I felt so complete, so much my Self. And it grows… Every time I repeat this process, more aspects of my soul mosaic return and complete me.

Without creating an imbalance, the light egg (my energy field) can only receive so much at a time, until it’s surface is fully covered. It takes some time, seconds to days, for all pieces to enlighten, be absorbed and integrated.

This process does not only clear the energy field from daily encounters. For me, it also replaces relationship clearing, cord cutting, aura cleaning, astral tag removal, soul aspect retrieval, and supports overall Self-empowerment.

Other People are also affected

A few days after I did this process, two men I know and love showed up in my meditation.

I had known for years that one of them carried my twin ray as a braided walk-in who talked through him to his friends, in some kind of Satsang situation. He called into my field, ‘Hey, what’s up, nobody’s here!’

This gave me a bit of a startle; I suddenly realized that my twin ray had served these guy’s Divine Plan and soul evolution, and I didn’t want to rob them of their support.

Thus, I asked my twin if he wanted to send back an aspect of himself.  He said, ‘No, I stay here with you now in 6-8d, complete, I’m not going to split anymore. From 14D onward, we’re One, and we can send them an aspect of our Oneness. It’ll be available for them if they choose to receive it.’

And this is what we did.

The friend who’d been aware of his walk-in being my twin ray, instantly received this new aspect, he seemed pretty happy with the upgrade. The other friend was in doubt, but it feels like he arranged himself with these changes in consciousness and frequency.

aspectMy twin ray made me aware that there are also other people who carried energies from me or Him, and now miss them as their support.

Thus, we did the same for them, too, consciously sent an aspect from our Oneness, for them to choose whether or not to incorporate it in any form and frequency that serves them best. May they be blessed, may we all be blessed.

Process Essentials

If you feel inspired to use this process for yourself, please make sure that you receive your returning energies through the Violet Flame which transmutes them to their highest Divine potential.  Having them return untransformed might turn into a bumpy road.

It’s also a good idea to set the intent straight before. If you happen to receive essential parts of your Self, the energetic impact might be huge.

If you use the spiritual path to frickin get out of here (which I did for two decades), chances are there, depending on your grounding and the free flow of your kundalini.

My intent had long been set to live as a Divine Human in embodied mastery, thus I received a reminder that made me slow down, and give space for integration instead of rushing through or opting out.

Therefore, intent is everything^^…

In case you try out this process for yourself, I’d feel honored and graced to hear about it on our Gaia Scene Forum. We are some fun folks in a Safe and Sacred Space where we enjoy communing in a loving and respectful way. May you feel welcome to share with us…

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